Gallery of photos stolen to perform romance scams

On this page, you will find links to our gallery of photos usurped by scammers to commit romance scam attempts. Indeed, with these pictures, they create fake profiles on dating sites. Or they attempt direct contacts via skype or facebook.

Photo gallery

We have on our website a list of photos stolen by scammers. This is built through the pictures you send us to progressively.

But we wanted, on the page you currently are, that you can directly access these pictures, sorted by people. Thus, you may find somehow the album of the person to whom these images were stolen.

Gallery of people unfortunately known to be the most victims of identity theft by the scammers

  • Johnny Sigal : Singer and actor originally from Venezuela. Very well known in South America and in the Spanish speaking world.
  • Josie Model or Josie Ann Miller : Beautiful female model having made many pictures in his youth.
  • Juan Soler : Former Argentine rugby player and actor in television series like telenovelas. Also wellknown in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Lia19 ou Lia Leah : This cute young lady and her sexy pictures
  • Marc Gervais : Speaker from Quebec. Wellknown in “la belle province” of Canada.
  • Marco Carrus : Italian Apollo with pictures having terrible succes with women
  • Mark Huizinga : Former Dutch judoka with a beautiful sharp body
  • Massimiliano : Beautiful Italian man, always smiling, with a catching happyness
  • Massimo L. : Other handsome Italian man. But one of the people with the most stolen photos
  • Raven Riley : Former female actress of films for adults
  • The “Toulousain” : Other unknown man to which we have given this nickname for the Rugby jersey he wears

This list is going to increase in the near future. So don’t forget to come back to check if new fake profiles appeared.

15 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. I was emailed by this person who says her name is Beatrice with an email address of> wanting to get to know me. As a cautious «once bitten twice shy» guy I done a google image search and came up with numerous names such as ; Tracy Morgan, Sandral Smith, jessica.willson.904, Kila Ess
    Got this one off of Zorpia =!salaseme
    Name used =
    email addy =
    IP Address:
    IP Country: Ghana
    IP Country Code: GHA
    IP Continent: Africa
    IP Region: Greater Accra
    Guessed City: Accra
    IP Latitude: 5.55
    IP Longitude: -0.2167
    Organization: Ghana Telecom


  2. Hey ladies…have you been scammed by this guy ?
    Stationed in Syria. Goes by Henry Webb or Webb D. Moralis. Phone # 628-500-6142. E-mail.
    No Military APO address. Wanted a care package for one of his many b-day’s ….!!!
    Likes to send Good Morning poems by Jill Eisnaugle. Texting only. Uses: I’m always happy to read from you my dear. Please reply if you came across him. Found out he is on many dating sites.


    1. Hi, I’ve any pictures to send to you: a man contacted me through pinterest and said that he’s an engineer of Boston, that works in Spain. He had a dead wife and a lovely son named Sean… After two days he said to me: “I love you, you are my queen and my world… I want to meet you soon and… We are soul mates”. All this happened a few days ago. I’m not stupid and I told him he was a scam but he didn’t mind and continued to write me with lovely and sweet words… I don’t believe he is true… he is real but I don’t understand one thing: when I told him that his mask was fallen, he immediately video call me (he should want to see me by the first day… I didn’t want because I’m Italian and speak English non so well) and I didn’t answer to his video call. So, right now I ask to me: “who I should seen if I answered?…
      The man in” his” photos is handsome, with kids (one of this should be his son)… a “winner man”… It’s very easy to fall in love with this kind of man…
      Now I ask you if I can send you his photos to understand who is the man in those imagines… Thanks for your help… I hope you can help me…


  3. Had a lady Raven Riley ( not her then name ) contact me. in fact the first photo you show was the one. After a couple if emails back and forth I began to have doubts so I did a scam search and sure enough up come Ravens photo. Immediately I stopped contact and reported it to the local federal police.

  4. here is a scammer on tinder , ” christophe ” claimed he had sick dad in tangiers, he is alledgedly based in marseille – i spoke to him on video call to check him out


    1. My aunt is giving money to this man and she said that they have been in a relationship for 5yrs now. He promised my aunt that he is sending her a package that contains jewelries, money, a lot certificate etc. my aunt is paying for the courier for 700$ weekly!! For 5yrs now. He also sent a certificate indicating that the parcel is real. But for me i’m stil
      Thinking that he’s a scammer and I dont know how to tell my aunt. Pls help me reveal this man.

  5. Hi need help son is 30 yrs old broad spectrum disorder talking to girl on instagram has him where she wants him believing all Romance Scam.Sold three gaming systems giver her money got him buy Steam cards $900 told him scratch back send numbers. then got him again recently sold his nintendo switch again for 300 same card thing again. believes its her and has talked to her she says suicidal mom sick money problems buy ticket to see him did notcome down yet says bought ticket still not come believes her. tried get him open account to send him 15000.00 from manager from quitting porn. now says try get 25000.00 keeps asking him to help. Official Sinderella on Instagram see her pics. has twitter too and google her Lord of Porn. need proof she is not good to get through my son. PLEASE HELP ME. Cant get through Instagram not replying and or Steam. Canada Fraud have hard time too aware of issue. PLEASE HELP.

  6. Model or porn actor, who establishes contact with you and begins to woo you so that you will soon identify him as a person who would be interested in you. Apparently he is living in Spain or Guadalajara, Mexico, but it is unknown where he really resides, he has pages on Facebook and Twitter in addition to Twoo, he establishes contact with you and after a while you find out that he is not only dedicated to Bodybuilding but also has Porn videos at OnlyFans, after a while she asks for your help because she has been the victim of a robbery or sick.

    He calls himself Erick Emmanuel Mendoza Zepeda or Oscar Márquez, watch out for him.

  7. Joe Just Arakan Takashi not sure if its his real name, works in oil rig in Scottland, stated that he is from San Diego California. He said he is half white, half Japanese. Yet he gives and excuse of not talking in Japanese. he slurs when he talks, like he keeps his spit in his mouth.

  8. I don t understand why certain women active on the internet are still active after 5 years of stealing money from people. Why can’t they be found. In my case i was contacted by a certain Marguerite Loupienne. This woman is all over the internet with pictures with other names. She contacted me on Facebook. She is also active as Solena Dupont . She will strip for you naked if you go to google chat with her. She wants pcs or other card codes in return for food or medicine for her grandmother. She said she lived in Nantes. But in fact she lives somewhere else i think. I fell i love with her and i did send her a lot of cards till she stopped showing herself on a videolink. When she asked for more money i blocked her I put her email address in my spam but she still tries to contact me. I tried to find out her real name but thats impossible. I hoped that a photo recognizer would help me but it did not.I have a lot of photo s and even videos from her. But i don t know how to act now

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