Webcam blackmail / sextorsion

Webcam blackmail or sextorsion is a variant of romance scam. It starts with a simple contact on the Internet and ends in dramatic blackmail for the victims.

The principle of webcam blackmail, also known as sextorsion, is well known and extremely effective. It starts with a contact on the Internet. It can be through a dedicated dating website or through a direct invitation of someone, for example on Facebook.

This person, usually a girl – as almost all victims of scammers are men – pretend to be hot and rapidly invites you to a sexual game via webcam. The game is about getting undressed each other or about playing sex through the webcam.

Men who accept, excited by this unusual situation, take their clothes off behind their webcam. They think they have found a hot but honest girl, who quickly finds herself naked in front of his computer

The trap has worked

Unfortunately, what ignore men who engage in this activity is that their striptease session has been recorded. On top of that, the girl they believed they watch live stripping is nothing but a tape. It was broadcasted by a scammer, in order to encourage victims to undressed.

webcam blackmail

Then, the victims rapidly receive an email asking to pay a sum of money in order to prevent their sex tape to be massively broadcasted on the Internet, on sites like Youtube or Dailymotion. Panicked by this blackmail, victims can easily accept to pay in order not to see their reputation, or their family, ruined by this embarrassing video!

Webcam blackmail is a very effective scam and many victims can be counted. Some victims have even committed suicide because of sextorsion !

Scammers operate far from western countries and thus act in impunity. In addition, victims often prefer to give money when suffering blackmail rather than having to face the shame of seeing their nudity revealed publicly.

Keep in mind that being nude in front of your webcam is like getting naked at the window of your house. Remember that you should NEVER show yourself in a compromising position on webcam. You never know what your contact could make with the images they receive.

However, if you are a victim of this scam, it is important to report to your local Police, despite the feelings of shame that you may have. Police knows this kind of scam and they will guide you.

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  1. this girl is used in several video chat and undress videos on skype by scammers
    has profiles on several date sites carmela,29, from Lille france on
    and as Estelle Martins from Namur belgium.
    classic webcam blackmail !! beware !!


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