Age verification scam

Before accessing a website, you are asked to enter an age verification process. Beware, this could be a scam

You were quietly surfing on the Internet when a page like the one below prompts you. That page asks to enter your bank account information to verify that you are above 18. It is clearly stated that the access is free of charge. This age verification process is just a formality and no payment will be made with your credit card.

If you enter this information, most of the times, you do have access to the contents of the website. Thinking you have just passed an administrative step, you quickly forget this short period of time (By the way, you have certainly mush more better things to do at this time)

A debit to my account?

age verification

However, some time later, you notice a charge on your bank account.

Indeed, it was stated in the general terms and conditions of the website with the age verification process, that the access was free for a limited amount of time (usually very short) and that the website would charge you if you didn’t unsubscribe after that.

The scammers use the fact that few people read the general terms and conditions. In addition, these conditions are never easily accessible or written in a way that they are difficult to understand.

Even in the case, that you noticed you had to unsubscribe, the unsubscribing process is strewn with pitfalls. Firstly the link to unsubscribe is not easy to find, but in addition, you may need to enter in a difficult process, such as entering a code that would be provided to you by clicking on a link, that coincidentally will not works.

In such case, the most efficient action is to block your credit card and stop further payment. Those websites with age verification process are only built to scam visitors, it is likely that scammers will continue to charge you if you do not cancel your credit card from your card provider.

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  1. This is not quite the situation I faced. I came across a site that was permanently free, but wanted a credit card for age verification and it would charge $1.00 and then refund it back immediately to check age. The site then charged $89.00 and did not refund it. I disputed the charge and goy my money back but was forced to cancel my card and wait two weeks for a new one. Have you come across this before?

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