Hitman scams

A new form of scam has emerged in recent weeks: The hitman scam

In the murky world of crime, scams take many varied and often surprising forms. One of the most recent scams to attract the attention of the authorities and the general public is the hitman scam.

The hitman scam scenario

Credit: Victoria_Regen

Hitman scams generally work as follows: One person receives an e-mail from a pseudo hitman telling that he has been commissioned to… kill that person!

The message may contain personal information about the victim, creating an illusion of credibility. The fake hitman claims to have been hired by someone to eliminate the victim, but offers an alternative: for a certain sum of money, he claims to cancel the contract and thus save the victim’s life.

The temptation to panic

Faced with such threats, many people panic and may be tempted to give in to the fraudster’s demands. Some individuals, in a state of stress, make impulsive decisions.

Fraudsters exploit this fear by putting pressure on their victims to act quickly, without thinking through the consequences.

Clues to detecting the hitman scam

It’s crucial to remain calm and analyze the situation before reacting to such threats. Several clues can help identify a hitman scam:

  1. Anonymity: Messages generally come from anonymous individuals, making it difficult to verify their authenticity.
  2. Request for payment in crypto-currency: Scammers often prefer to receive their payment in crypto-currency, as this makes transactions difficult to trace.
  3. Pressure to act quickly: Fraudsters try to create a sense of urgency by demanding payment quickly, leaving little time for reflection.

How to avoid becoming a victim

To avoid becoming a victim of a hitman scam, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Stay calm: Don’t panic, and take time to think things through rationally.
  2. Don’t pay: Refuse categorically to pay the scammer. These crooks usually disappear once they realize their scam has failed.
  3. Report the incident: Contact the authorities and provide them with all the information you have on the scam. They can investigate and warn other potentially vulnerable people.


Hitman scams are a disturbing manifestation of modern crime. Fraudsters exploit people’s fear and vulnerability to manipulate and defraud them.

It’s essential to remain vigilant and calm in the face of such threats. Above all, don’t respond to these messages.

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