Romance scam

Like many people, you are registered on an online dating site. But beware of the Adonis boys and the beautiful mermaids who ask you for money! These are romance scam specialists

Romance scams start as follow : One day you are contacted by someone on a dating site. This person likes your profile and begins a discussion with you, is very attractive, fills you with compliments, etc …

romance scam

After several exchanges of emails, a relationship is established and you are bound to that person.

Then during a trip abroad, a catastrophe happens. Your contact is in a critical situation! Difficult to resist this person calling you for help, some feelings now exist …

Then, whatever the reason your contact asks you to send money. Reasons can be illness, death of a relative, etc. If you agree, you will never see your money back.

Scammers operate by playing with the feelings of their victims

They establish here a relationship of trust with their prey in order to scam them when comes the time.

On dating sites, beware of the too nice, too innocent boys (girls). However, if you get seduced – handsome boys (beautiful girls) do not only hide scammers – run away immediately when it is about money!

Moreover, gentlemen, be aware that most of the time your beautiful lady on the other side of the screen is actually a man. This man have recovered a pretty girl photo, sends you sweet words. Lovely isn’t it?

How to indentify romance scammers

Fortunately some signs exist to detect a romance scam :

  1. Your contact falls in love with you after 2 days: Scammers have no time to lose
  2. Your contact owns his or her company dealing in import export business and must move a few days abroad: Start of a typical scenario for a scam
  3. His or her webcam never works: Hence, you do not see the scammer does not look like his or her picture on the dating website profile
  4. He quickly asks to go into dialogue on MSN or Skype : Indeed, he does not have to pay the subscription to the dating site and does not fear being excluded from it.
  5. He asks you for money in an emergency and you are the only person in the world able to help: Blaming and stressing are two techniques used to push you to send an amount of money

Finally, if you too have experienced a love story who revealed to be a romance scam, tell us you story.

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  1. I was scammed by a Frenchman going by the name Jean-Patrick Bonnet or Jean-Boris Halborn or Roland Lamar or Luvoic Weber Peron. He asked for money for an emergency for his friend’s operation. When I said No, he disappeared. This is when I discovered he had 4 names and lots of women attached to him. Women beware. He was operating on OKCupid

    1. Hello iv been contacted by a man called Jean boris. French. Says he’s aunty’s in morroco. Needs £1800 for her bill..hes had his account blocked from bank. Reports to be car salesman.. Uses his dad’s Name.. I met him on Instagram.. Iv told him my accounts frozen. As iv been scammed.. This sounds bit familiar..


  2. I was scammed by a girl from Cote d’Ivoire who goes by the name Estelle Doucet.
    She claims she comes from a village in France called Perpignan. She went to Cote d’Ivoire because her mom had cancer and died. She uses the pictures of Janessa Brasil when she sends her e-mails. She claims she has no Skype account, but I found one with the picture of Janessa. She never sends nude pictures, but sexy pics just the same, to entice you.
    After trying to call her on her phone, which doesn’t seem to work well, she asked me to buy her an IPhone 6+. When I refused and said that I would prefer to use that money to visit her she quickly asked for 300$ to buy a phone herself. Watch it guys, she’s good, but not good enough.

  3. She has been trying to scam me and I just mess with her. I know all the scam games out there. Yes she is gorgeous and sends pictures. I just refuse to send my pictures to her.

  4. I was contacted by a certain Michel Mathis
    53 years old, divorced, a girl studying rights in Switzerland
    job: construction city: Philadelphia
    he asked me to open a Skype account and since yesterday … pure happiness until I ask for a meeting … he evaded the question by claiming he wanted to know me better and that I had entered his heart, I even sent a photo on his email address, but I think his picture was stolen from someone because he has an African accent…

  5. John DaCruz, too good to be true, 40 years old, living in Sacramento, having a dog, met on Lovoo, a Portuguese entrepreneur who has recently settled in the US …
    It was a week ago that we were communicating via Fracebook, that he asked me “all my coordinates” “now, right now” and that’s where the red flag showed up. No possibility to see him by Webcam, new red flag. I spoke to him directly one evening because it had become too obvious, but he completly denied …
    I took a step back and tried to catch him … today he sent me an address that allowed me to call retired people living there who do not work at home and especially Who do not know Portuguese!

  6. Hi
    I think I am in contact with a scammer for 2 months. A guy invited me on Facebook and then started a chat with sms. He asked me if I could help him. He is a Car dealer in business trip in Italy. He had A 12yo daugther.
    Then he told me he moved to Nigeria to meet a supplier. I helped him because he needed money. I sent to him $1500. I was depressive at that time. He told me he loved me and he wanted to join me for life. He also send me a $6500 bank check. I am supposed to keep $1500 for me and send $4000 to him. Does anybody have seen the same story before ? For the moment I did not send anything but he keeps insisting everyday. I don’t know what to do. My bank doesn’t want me to send this money

    1. Just to let you know. That is money laundering.
      Which is an Interpol offense.
      Be very careful.

      1. Do not fall into the trap. He is 100% scammer. Believe me, that is the same trick a scammer pulled on me..Got away with my money equivalent to 6000 Euros. What you are talking with right now is BAD NEWS..Stay away please.

    2. These Scammers are so good. They really knowhow to talk, they are often very nice. However, when you feel something isn’t right. Then they begin asking for money fo this reason and other reasons. The one I spoke to would not speak on camera or on the phone, only by text. When they ‘fall in Loe with you’ that’s when this one really talked about money. Unless you are rich, don’t send it. Amazingly, they won’t send you money.

  7. Lina Pratt/white have come across her on Love thing profile says Accrington but she admits she is in Ghana she use to live in California but farther died mothers boyfriend abused her came to Ghana to live with her uncle works at an orphanage but wants to come to England to be near her mum and brother Tom live in London uses images from freckles 18 soft porn web site she needs money first to get a phone then she wants to come over and be with you then needs money for documentation to bring gold then has a car crash on way to airport needs medical expenses none of this was forth coming so she gave up but convincing uncle’s name is Hegan Nkrumah


  8. Another scammer. Claims he is an engineer, single dad and has sob stories every other week – where he is in financial turmoil and desperately needs money! The man in the picture is a victim too as his pictures have been stolen by crazy criminals pretending to look for love.


  9. I was in touch with a scammer – a blonde girl from Leicester called Laura Smith.
    She said she was up to her eyes in debt after helping several people who couldn’t afford things themselves.. real sob story from a beautiful looking curvy girl.
    She will not message via apps or webcam, so you take a gamble if it’s actually her – or if she will turn up.
    on several occasions, if you watch out for her, she gets out of another mans car, and walks to your meeting place.
    Sadly – she is a one in a million face to face scammer – expensive meals, nights out and in the end you don’t get any romance or any “closeness” maybe a peck on the cheek if you are lucky.
    Then you find out she has a string of guys she is doing the same to.
    When you talk to her, she says some raped her – and after you help her out, she completely stops talking or chatting to you.


  10. i know him from tagged,name jerry moris a germany but working in london.An oil engineer.Know him just 2 hours and he says,he loved me so much and wanted to be with me.And the day later he asked my full name,address and phone number.He said have shopping for me some stuff such as cellphone,earing,necklace,shoe even ask my shoe size..later i have to pay malaysian ringgit rm4000.00 for him send the item to me,i did not pay the rm4000.00 and i say to him,a scammer.He got mad at me and thank god i did not pay the rm4000.00. He is a scammer


  11. met this guy through Facebook have been talking now for about six weeks, says name is David Murphy, says he was an orphan has no family except twelve year old son in boarding school in Maryland, does not show his picture, has not asked for anything, after a few days of talking he is madly in love with me.
    on Saturday sent me a box via Savannah Delivery Service, sent me a picture of the box, which is full of money, says he is stationed in Afghanistan, with the Un and cannot talk about it.
    cant call because of secrecy now says he is retiring and will be with me soon, needless to say i have fell for this guy but cant get any info on him. will someone please help he gave me an email address but wont use the military using personal address. i supposedly am getting this package which he says is retirement pay and as soon as i get the package, he will be coming home.

  12. This guy found me through FaceBook and asked to communicate via WhatsApp.
    He loved me dearly under the name of God and ready to die for me. He said he was born in Scotland whose mother is Caucasian and his late father was a Malaysian. Gained my trust and begged for money because he got a government contract in Malaysia and got trouble with cash flow. On the other hand, he gang up with a fake shipping company and fake banks to deceive me for money.


  13. I was scammed by a girl who come from Ukraine. Her name is Marianna IVANOVA. She was supposed to come to me. I paid for her tickets and I send her money.
    Her phone number is +380983764612
    Her email is

  14. Name David Delone. On in Aug 2018. British man, claimed to live in L.A. California area. Never would met before he went to London for business. EVERYTHING that could happen did. Bank locked him out of his account, owed money for hotel, attempted to leave country to fly home and was arrested, mother in hosp, no place to stay, ECT…. This is apart of a large group of scammers. Money was sent to London. They will do Moneygram, Western Union, Wire transfers into your bank account so you can wire money to another account


  15. My scammer was Thomas Edmond Potter – Instagram name Edmond Potter.
    Phone 463-222-2074. Wanted to move to WhatsApp right away. Engineer on an oil rig in the North Sea (Denmark). Wife Mary died 7 yrs ago in a “tragic accident” and his son, Smith, was in a boarding school in NY. Born in Romania but grew up in Houston and now lives in Albany NY. His credit card and online banking has been frozen because he is out of the country and he cant fit unless he can be present in a Bank of America to sign papers. He needs $2500-$5000 to get home for Christmas for his son and to see me, his “soul mate” and “wife”. I’m his reason for breathing. Blah blah blah


    1. Hey lovely. After a night of being a psycho we finally found this man above was catfish. He has been talking to my mam for 2 weeks and has given the exact same informtation as you have recieved. However he never asked for money and he did in fact video call with her and asked to video call with me… have you heard anything else from him?

      1. I’m in contact with this man I video call with him too. Please tell me if your mum still in contact with him and what happened if she is not?

  16. She calls herself Emmanuella Jay. Form lyon but now she is on Cote D’Ivoire. She wants to have your baby but she is helping her grandmother. She loves ypu but she need money. When you want video she has the camera damaged. Always asking for money, and then she threatens you with mafia publishing your fotos and videosand ruining your life.


  17. I was contacted by someone who clams to be a miss chrisstaine samb who was in the ivry coast she told me that she was there to take care of her family inheritance after her parrace were killd inan accedent and she needed money to unlock a vast fortune which her father add left for her she then sent me copies of bank documents which i still have in my posesion iwou’ld like for this person tobe invvetigated and would be happy to help with the ivestegation in anyway possible im still in contact with her at the moment andwould be happy to pass her details to the authority

  18. A relative got scammed bad by a man going by Hans Fernberg. He does to exist anywhere in the world and he even has a fake business website of some kind of international construction company. Please contact the FBI immediately. He will use a New York or USA phone # then claim he lost his phone and used a South African phone #. He will have extravagant stories of his business money accounts being frozen and will ask for money and false promises of returning home to the US.
    This is highly dangerous scammer/criminal organization, beware and contact your local FBI office immediately.

    Here is the fake business website


    1. I too have had contact with Mr. Hans Fernberg. It began 4 days ago with a message from someone named Frank, on the dating site. He claimed to be an employee of Mr. Fernbergs. He said he was contacting me on behalf of his boss who had happended to have seen my profile while Frank was on the site. He said his boss was smitten with my looks and asked me to please contact Mr Fernberg via his email address. He said his boss was very handsome, owned a construction company and was a widower. When I went back to review Franks message to me, it had been deleted. Red flag # 1.
      I emailed Mr Hans Fernberg anyway. I received two messages from him which were different from one another in that his choice of wording seemed to differ and in one email he would capitalize words in the middle of a sentence. Red flag # 2.
      He asked me questions such as, how old was I, If I was on any other dating sites. Had I dated anyone from etc… He said he lived in a town about “42 minutes away from me.” I told him in reply that in fact I had spent many years in that town and knew it very well. I have not heard back from him at this point in time. He typically sent his emails between 8:30-9:30 am. I Googled his company name, Fernberg Construction and found it strange that his website had very little information on it. Red flag # 3.
      Thank God my gut told me something was very wrong. Through further investigation I discovered this page. I believe I was dealing with a criminal organization and not an individual. The email address he used was I was lucky, no crime was committed. Please be aware these criminals are very smooth operators. They prey on single older women. Lesson learned!

      1. I have been involved with him since July 2018I spoke to him today 2/27/2019 and have voicemails from him and his number in South Africa and New York . I was getting ready to send him a large amount of items to a address he gave me, I received two valentines messages on my gmail from him on Monday. I’m sick and emotionally broken-hearted. I loved him. He said he loved me. We talked everyday since July 2018. He has rang me all the time, Please do not involve yourself with him , he knows how to manipulate, I did not want to believe this. Recently as Tuesday my calls with him started dropping. Another voice not sounding like him begin to speak, I knew it might not be him, I did not want to believe it. I truly was in love with him and I want to believe he loved me as well, I know now this is not true. My heart is broke, please fo not fall for this mystery man Hans Fernberg, I never sent him money but I did engage with him intimately over the phone and he loves his soccer and attends Mass on Saturday, I got the name of his favourite cologne to liking John Legend, this is unbelievable, we spoke today, if he does not hear from me after afew days he will call me. I truly was in love with him .yes this must be a group. This will now come to an end.

    2. Alguien conoce a este hombre. En Facebook aparece como Phillip Chan. Con número de teléfono de Alemania. Dice ser ingeniero y estar trabajando en Italia. Enseguida pasó al WhatsApp y me pide fotos.


  19. My scammer is Basil Aleksander Raymond says he goes by Alek. Divorced had 2 young girls and the ex won’t be a problem. We’ve been talking for about a month.
    He all of a sudden needs me to send him money in Rome as he was injured while working. Says he lives in Bay city Michicagan his phone number is 989 455 0460 works for Sterling oil company. I have talked to him and skyped but something isnt adding up. His email is but the pictures dont match.

    1. Hi! Are you still in contact with this man? Has he sent you pictures? I’ve been talking to a man by this name since January 2019!

      1. Barbara I am talking to him at present. Omg! Thank You for posting this. I would love to compare stories with you. I found similar problems with his pictures.

      2. I have pictures I believe to be doctored. Please let me know how we can talk. I’d love to talk with you in hopes of helping others

  20. I was contacted by “Eddie” who had shown my profile and photo ( to his friend “Hans Fernberg” and I was to email Mr. Fernberg.
    I did, reminding him right up front that I was 17 years older than he (claimed to be), but that was OK, his late wife was lots older than he also. He says he is CEO of the Fernberg Construction Co. with HQs in NY and San Francisco. We emailed back and forth for about a week or 10 days, then he gave me a phone number which didn’t work with my simple cell phone, so he gave me another number which I used to call him from my landline (which I had not wanted to use) but he sounded so sexy (and German, maybe?). Said he was from Berlin originally but had been in US many “decades.”
    Had a son who was in school in Queensland, Australia; sent 2 photos of himself and son, about 20ish. Didn’t look exactly like the photo in the company website, but “love is blind” I guess. He never did ask me for money, but we were planning to meet somewhere public in my town. He said he lives in Bloomington IN not far from me, even gave the name of apartment complex which does seem to exist (I googled it). I had told my friend about him and she got suspicious and found his handsome face on this site. I’d advise anyone to shy away from handsome Hans.

    1. I also been involved with this man Hans Fernberg
      Exactly like Debbie, his employee Frank from make the connections,
      I been involved with this person since May 2018 until recently.
      As well been involved and engaged intimacy, he always ask me what I was wearing?
      John Lengend song said will be our song !!
      Make me feel very special and felt in love with him.
      Unfortunately I did send thousands of my savings, to help him out there for some many incidents he have at he’s contract with the African government!!then to finish and return, promise me will paid me back until the last penny at his return from South Africa to the States, call me many times a day and talk hours with me, and if I didn’t respond insisted until I respond or send me emails, pictures and romantic songs .
      He said is Catholic, very much soccer fans, and very much many interested like I’m !!

      I report everything to my local FBI online the way they instructed me, but they never responded or give me a case number, I know I will never recover what I send to him and thanks to him lost the trust of my family and friends I’m devastating because he manipulated so well and make me believe he was real and very much in loved with me and missed me so much, soon he will finish he’s job will return to the States and return the money I loan, I just can believe how horrible person like him exist in this world to rob you and also play with your feelings, shame of him, hate myself to be so naive and believed, sorry for all the ladies he manipulated and engaged!!
      Now I’m trying to contact FBI in South Africa, since here not help me out, and since, I got an address and phone number of there but of course,doesn’t mean anything this is organization they know well how to hide,
      He send me many pictures looks are the same person, but probably is not him, as well his really name, who knows , who he is?
      I wish FBI got involved and take more serious to find this criminals!!
      And hope soon or later they caught them
      HansFernberg Romance Contructions Company Scam

    2. Antonio Liverani…Italian Engineer working on oil rig Educated in Canada…Widow lost his wife and daughter 6yrs ago in fatal automobile crash…Has a 10 yr old son remaining in Canada with maternal grand mother ???


  21. My scammer I met on POF, Christopher Gulich from Bonair Georgia, with a girl Ellie 6years, said he is an USAF Veteran stationed in US Kaserne Katterbach. I had to send a mail to his captain Davis Morgan for an emergency leave of absence. Then I got a mail from the captain that in case of absence I would have to pay :
    (B)  2 MONTHS LEAVE DURATION:   $4,650.00USD
    (C)  3 MONTHS LEAVE DURATION: $6,820.00USD
    I refused. He got mad I blocked him. Then he contacted me with his friends hangouts account. Beging to unblock him. I did. Then his daighter got sick, was dieing. I was supposed to sent usd 800 with.Western Union to Barbara Stoess
    Country: United States
    Address: 3017 Crums Lane  Louisville, Kentucky 40216. I did not pay. Blocked everything.


  22. I met this guy Eric Kaiser on a dating site (pof).
    He didn’t post any picture in uniform. He said he worked for SOG (special organization group) only after a few days, He said he is from Montreal, used to live in Florida but moved to UK 21 years ago where his ex wife and son live. We spoke only on whatsapp with the excuse he wasn’t allowed to make outbound phone calls except for his son. The tel nr he gave me had a +1 and when I asked about it he said it was his work nr and with time I would understand. He said he is an aircraft engineer, well “spoken” and sounded like a very nice person with strong values.
    To cut a long story short he asked me for money when he was in Syria as he could not get access to his bank account to buy his return ticket to the UK. I tried to push back for a few days but in the end he convinced me to do it and I sent £400 via Western Union to “the pilot” in Northern Cyprus the first time and then £1000 the second time. He kept on writing to me afterwards but not on whatsapp but via email; last 1 on the 28th of December. He hasn’t been on whattsapp until yesterday when he finally read my last message and he blocked me. I can provide pictures of him to post on your website.


  23. Does anybody know this person ?
    His name is Jason Fernandez, pretending was born in Barcelona (or Firenze) , then after his dad died , he lived a few months in Barcelona with his mother and then they went to New York. He is an offshore ingeneer. When i met him in 2017, he was in Nigeria for work, he did everything to fall in love with him . Suddenly after 2 weeks he had problem, he didnt have enough money to pay taxes on.his pay check . His card is blocked , he was playing in theather got fed up of Nigeria . He was playing with my emotions , feelings …to push me to send him money !!!
    Yes i sent him a lot of money 9600 eur , but when sending last minute gave me the name another nigerian person who was receient of money srnding through Western union. …after sending money he got in touch with me, but on.hangouts! He should come to Slovakia, but he was deported to USA. When i asked him to give me back my money, sorry babe my bank account was locked out . Then his bank account was hacked:((( everytime was something . In june 2018 , he started working for offshore company in New York . He started chating with me on whatsapp on his new amerivan number, which doesnt exist , when trying call him he promissed me to start paying in January 2019 , but suddenly in Dec 2018 got sick, very sick , he has a chronic obstruct pulmonery disease….and without having insurance he must pay 5000USD to get treatment .
    He has only 1800USD ,and to can start treatment , he must pay 70%of treatment , 3500 USD. So he is short of 1700 USD , asking ne to send him .. i proposed him to by medicaments in Slovakia and send them to him ….no its not possible …he is doinh pression on me to send him another money !!!!! Pay attention this guy !!!!!


  24. Smart scammer, uses name Stevene Marck or Stevene Marckmarian from Chicago (originally Norwegian)?? Has nobody, all family members passed away. Quickly falls in love and asks for money and itune cards. Works on his victims for months, declaring huge love and devotion. Never wants to talk on video. Uses plenty of picture of a real person Marian Manciu (fashion designer, event organiser from his istagram and real fashion web)


  25. This man scammed me for 6000 in phones 3300+650+180+400 in cash. He even scammed another women and had the speakers she bought him sent to me as if i would mail them to him. He lives in Ghana Africa as tracked my IPhone there. phone is 3036320949.


    1. This man got my mother n law hea been sending her iphones n the mail an having her send them on to other people she doesnt c she is being scamed

  26. I met him (His name Richard Wei)on POF (dating website) as i live in Canada and he refered that he live in LA , usa. He said he has a construction company like lease equipment and bulldozers all his own. We start chatting on pof message then moved to Viber apps as we said that will be easy to contact between country. I accepted i was in love with him and so dumb to start sent money to him when he said he has a business with a company in Australia on 13 Dec 2018 ( we start to talk on 4 November 2018. Then 1 weeks after and he assumed he in Australia and he got robbed and lost all his money. and asked to borrow my money. For short brief I sent him 3 time between Dec 15th to March 2019 ,,, First : 1383 CAD , Second : 2360 CAD and Last 1263 CAD. Now you will see how im so stupid to send money to someone i never met. And i believed he is my real man. But all gone worst and destroy me.


  27. This man is scammer. Algerian. He can speak English and German. Vegetable seller.
    He stolen my money . He told me thst wanted overseas work and sturdy . And marries me.


  28. She contacted me from via a dating site, Match, and like other scammers went way to fast. Posed as an art dealer. Her scam had her travelling to Turkey to purchase art works. Eventually some trouble with a security agency developed. I was on to her long before that but wanted to play along to see how it would play out. In the end the security company wanted six thousand dollars which she didn’t have. She probably used a cell phone app to show the cell call coming from Turkey on mine. From the pictures she sent me claiming to be from Turkey I was able, with the help of Google and Google maps, determine she was actually in Lodz Poland. Needless to say she never got a penny from me.


    1. Hi . Thank you so much for putting this review of Michelle up.. I had recently seperated and was very vulnerable. She was indeed very convincing and like you say though she moved way to fast. Also played on emotional stories such as a dead husband and son. Just disgusting. Used the same Turkey art deal security issue as well. Nearly fell for it but had a little suspicion and searched google finding your article. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

      Kind regards

    2. Update – Michelle has changed her name to Ellerie More . Website she has created is Infinite Sculptures which is fake

  29. Actually talking to ths christopher gulich. Told me he is in Katterbach and his daughter Ellie 6 years old was sick. He needed a phone card but didn’t have the money with him asked me to pay fot the card…i didn’t. Wrote him that he is a fake and it all comes down to marriage and money but he denies still and keeps on writing to me and tries to phone me….

  30. Harry Cunningham +1(786) 250-1652 Miami Florida
    We matched on Tinder in Thailand. He was in Bangkok for a few days on assignment. Was allowed to go home quickly and go urgently to Saudi Arabia where he is now on secret assignment for 4 months. Have only one old grandmother who is in nursing home still alive. the parents are dead and a sister died of cancer but he does not want to talk about it. Has a house in Coral Gables but does not want to tell his address. Now want to get Caring Package from me but I can’t send it myself but he has to order it himself … but I have to pay. I offered to send supplies but no he didn’t want to. He fell in love with me after a day and went over to WatsApp straight away. He will now stop on a mission and build his life with me. God has brought us together and He prays for an hour each morning. He asks almost nothing about me and we can’t talk on the phone because of the security that makes him unable to call me. He uses his military equipment to contact me on WatsApp but when I call his number signals come out. He never takes mobile with him when he goes on a mission. Now he is hungry so he starves because the food is not good and he is afraid to get sick if he eats so therefore he wants to get care package from me paid by calling card so we can talk to each other … His base is Camp Blending in Starke, Florida and I just contacted them and sent him a picture. They answered me like this: “This person is a scam artist and is not affiliated with the Florida National Guard or Camp Blanding at all.

    US military officials are provided with all the food they need and their travel expenses are fully covered.

    v / r
    Will Manley
    Deputy Head of Communications, Department of Military Affairs
    (904) 823-0170
    DSN: 822-0170 “

  31. My grandma is being scammed by someone who calls himself Alexander Ferdinand. Email address is He has her send iTunes gift cards and even convinced her to buy and send him 3 new brand new iPhones. I need any assistance I can get. Trying to get more information but it’s very limited. He claims he’s from France but is working in Saudi Arabia for a company called Amoco.

  32. His name is Kelvin Matthew or Mathews. He looks white but speaks like a Negro. He is on deployment in USA. His wife died and he has a son. I need to confirm he is who he says he is.

  33. Who knows this guy? He says his name on Instagram is Xavier Abdallah from Saudi, currently located in Alabama. He is hot! Like OMG.. So Hot!! He says he is a fitness model. So nice to have some hot guy like this hit me up, but the fact that this hot man is no where on social media or if you google search his photo, nothing can be found, I am just afraid it is just another scam. Can anyone tell me who he really is? I would like to message the real one and maybe, who knows? hahahaha


    1. His name is Khaled_Mulhim. I found him on Insta. He is a Saudi Model, living in Saudi, not in Alabama as “Xavier” claims and “Xavier’s” phone number is a Pennsylvania area code. So, do not be fooled by smmmmmoooooth “Xavier”. He is most likely someone who just copied and pasted words from Khaled’s profile. Khaled Mulhim is real, not Xavier claiming to be Khaled. I hope that helps!

  34. Laura Santibanez, 34, from Paris, “stranded” in Ivory Coast. Very smooth, I have very good reasons to believe “she” is a very good scammer. So persuasive that me and my mother are out more than $8000.

    A lot of similar stories as above, a death in the family, stranded in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. One catastrophe after another. I twice bought airline tickets from Abidjan to Paris for her and her 4-year-old daughter.

    First trip to Paris, daughter caught malaria. Trip non-refundable, and more hotel rent/food money needed to be paid via Moneygram.

    Second trip to Paris, taxi got in an accident in which daughter died, Laura is still stranded in Abidjan, and I have no more money to give.


  35. Hi! I met an Italian guy who lived in British over 20 years in insagram. His name was Chris Gabriel. (When he showed me his a/c statement in the USA, his name was Chris Gabriel Wong~Italian with a Chinese surname) He claimed he was a civil engineer and he flied to different countries to get construction contracts. He initiated flirting with me. He told me that his wife was dead because of brest cancer. He has 2 young sons, Franklin and Travis. He told me a lot of sweet words which was so real to me. I fell in love with him very soon. In about 2 months, he said he would fly to my country after some business trips. Right before a week he claimed to fly over, he started to get trouble. He was in Turkey and his wallet was lost. He got problem with his luggage and his business. All his possible friends and colleague already lent him lots of money. So, he started to ask me for money… anyway he is an excellent actor, because of his despressed cries, I believed his ridiculos accidents and lent him money!! Not just once, three times! altogether about US4000. I was sorry for myself. In the end, of course I don’t get my money back and he has blocked me in WhatsApp 、IG. However, I am curious why he doesn’t abandoned all his phone number, I could still see his picture on one of his phone number(I used another phone to check) . In fact, he had used four different phone numbers with me during the good relation period.
    I learn a lesson with a cost of US4000! Nevter talk to a stranger online, even once,
    this man was the first and also the last one who I had responed!! Stupid!! Anyway I have already reported to the police. Let’s see!


    1. Thanks to your post for saving me both humiliation and financial ruin. This guy tried to scam me from November to January .. similar story with the two boys and an incident in Turkey … left me heart broken but I was on top of it due to your post .. because I googled his name.

      1. Sophie..this might be the same guy that has reached out to me..can you tell me anything? How you met? Where he is from and lives? Do you have any phone #’s. Anything you can tell me and a way to contact you would be great. I am having a hard time trusting anything and have a small child to you have any pictures? I would be very greatful.. Does he have a instagram account and this his how you met

        1. Hi Sammy, yes he friended me on Instagram.. travel with Chris was his account – it’s gone now. He said he lives in London with Two small boys – single dad .. civil engineer in London. All lovely for the first couple of months then he traveled to Turkey and issues started. He totally blocked me when I refused to send money. I hope you are ok not caught up in his web of deceit

          1. Same exact experience but with a different guy named JOHN SMITH. After blocking me, now all his accounts (bank, Line app, whatsapp) have been changed to JOHN LEE, different photo too. I’m assuming this will be the next guy to victimize people. Guess they are in one group.

  36. What HappenedGuy found me on dating app –
    Invited at once to Hangouts. Born 21 March 1962 (???). A lot of tatooes on his boby. Very attractive. Bold, with beard. I think that all pictures of him are fake. I have many fotoes of him. At once began to call me his wife, a lot of sweet words and calling names as “honey, qween of his heart, babe (I”m 59 years old) ” etc. Said that he is widower, has son 23 y.o. who lives with his mother in California. Told me that his wife died from cancer 3 years ago. He said, that he is a Head of James L Scott Energy Company specializes in the design and solar installation. After one month chatting he began to ask me for money, because he got e-mail from his bank that some organizations were trying to access his account and that the bank directors have decided to put a hold on his account until he appears in person, that he have a customs tax to pay for his equipments that just arrived and he needs money 3276 USD. I did not pay anything. I guess that he is not alone, for “he” can speak English and Norwegian. English fluently, Norwegian with mistakes.
    May be there are 2-3 persones who are chatting with me at the same time. I”m still chatting with him at the current moment. When I said that I live strictly on my social security, he suggestet me to think over how I(!!!) can earn money and solve his problems.
    His e-mail adress


  37. My scammer is Patrick Scoot. He said he is from France living in Côte d’Ivoire at the moment. He might call you on Hangouts but always refused a video call. He is now saying he is sick and he needs money for his appendix operation. Please be aware because he sent fake pictures of his operation bills and his itinerary ticket too. Almost every 2 to 5 days, he asked for money. His emails are: His number is +225 79 06 26 27

  38. My ex-wife was taken in by this man, he claimed to be Petroleum analyst, living in London, In 6 bedroom house, was calling himself Kevin King and had 2 grown up young sons too that lived separately from him in the UK. travelled internationally in his work, my ex over the course of several months fell in love with this man and she even video called him and he was the same man in the photo, He said he was Brazilian. He told her last week he was travelling to New Delhi in India on business, Private chartered plane from UK despite the Covid 19 lockdown, so we both did some checks and then expecting him to try and scam her we waited and the following day after he “arrived” in India he told my ex some BS story, could not login to his works account as it was a Different IP or something, she didn’t really understand so she asked me, so I had already done some checks on him but the guy was a “Ghost”, did not exist, I could find nothing on social media about this guy, nothing on his name, nothing on his work and I do Computer Forensics etc as a hobby, so I searched and nothing came up, anyway, he then says he cannot access his money and his sons will be without money for rent etc so he asked for £1000 to tide them over and she would get it straight back after the weekend when he could get in touch with his work.
    So she knew right then it was a scam and she told him so and he got very angry, said she was the Gold digger etc after him for his money and cars etc, but she is not like that, not materialistic in anyway.

    So he is going quiet and then abuses her, then goes quiet and comes back and says she is a whore, scum, etc and she even has a little “Stockholm syndrome” with this guy, and I try to snap her out of it but its difficult to convince her that this man is a scammer and wanted to make her fall in love with him as that is what he does.

    He looks very similar to the Thomas Potter mentioned in this page by Michelle Martin, November 26, 2018 AT 11:11PM.
    Despite the comment saying he is an actor in the photo Michelle posted they do have similarities in appearance, mouth, cheeks, ears, hairline, eyes, eyebrows are all similar but this guy she is talking to looks like his photo in the video call, he has clearly had Botox, bottom lip fillers, plastic maybe, it could be same guy.

    We’re now gathering evidence on him, messages etc which I will then send to the relevant UK authorities, Scotland Yard, Fraud squad etc, which ever Agency can use this information as I believe he has done this before and could well be a successful international conman and scammer.


  39. Good Morning!
    this person named Davidson Hamilton came to me on instagram saying he was looking for a friend and found me. We started talking because I found him interesting, very presentable, I had never met a person like that, (Instagram) also because in my profile I only have people I know. After we talked for 2 weeks, my friend asked me to do a search on the internet and when I did, I found him with the real name of Richard Paul Siemion, who had been married for 3 years. I also found it under the name Wellinton Festus. I sent an Instagram message with the story and they took his profile off the website and sent me confirmation. I also sent a message to his wife on the Facebook Messager. It was then that he stopped communicating. I had given my Whatsapp, so I blocked it.
    I have more photos and evidence if you need it. I would like to put it on the weab or on your list. Because he is a coward, a liar. Thank you! Note * I’m trying to send the photo and I’m not getting it, The photo is on my phone. If you have an email I could send it by email.

  40. Hola podrían por favor enviar foto del tal Hans…hace 3 meses tomó contacto conmigo un alemán radicado en Miami llamado Hans David, con una hija de 12 años en un internado en NY, me dijo que le salió un contrato en Brazil en temas de perforación petrolera y luego me ha empezado a pedir dinero. Podrían enviarme su foto por favor? Dice que su ex le sacó la vuelta y que sólo tuvo padre


  41. Anyone feel strange about this guy on IG? Mostly Chinese girls in his account but he said he lives in Texas, US. He will be very nice talking with you to get you trust his sincerity. Girls helps girls . Please advise.

  42. This woman goes by the name Melissa, I don’t know if that’s her real name or not. She will get to know you and the things that you care about and use them to scam you. This person can make you believe anything. She can make you think that you are the best thing she ever saw. It she told you that the sky is yellow she could make you believe it to the point that you yourself would argue with others that it is in fact yellow. She always has some type of financial emergency or needs money for transportation to get to you or something. But that day never comes.

    1. My brother was scammed by this woman, she sent him the same picture as Colby, she as a criminal record under the name Melissa Russum, her Facebook page says Melissa Walters . She is believed to be operating out of Mississippi.

  43. Does anyone knows this guy I think I am being scammed. Going by the name James Newton and is somewhere in the war zone at the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine. A lot of love bombing and asking for money. Did not give him anything just want to figure him out as my six sense is telling me he is fake.

  44. This alexander hilarry kim. Trying to scam me. He’s currently living in London. But he’s in china now. Because of contact signing of he’s project. He give me the information about he’s bank. So when i open he’s bank she told me to transfer the money to other person. And after 2nd attempt it’s restricted/blocked bank said. He needs to go back to uk for. Verification. Now he don’t have any cash to go back to london. He’s just want to barrow money from me.

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