Ann Angel

Ann Angel is an erotic model whose photos have been misused

Ann Angel was born in 1985.

Ann Angel

She is known for her erotic pictures. We don’t have much more information about this person. But she seems to have withdrawn from this environment and does not seem to have had any other known activities.

As in similar cases, scammers can draw from a wide range of photos available on the internet. Then, they use them to create fake profiles on dating sites. But also to make direct approaches on social networks.

They contact men and try to seduce them. Their goals are to have money sent to them by feigning a problem or a drama.

3 thoughts on “Ann Angel”

  1. The “Ann Angel” picture i recognise as an online scammer. Currently pertaining to be “Bridget Andrews” operating in “Ghana”, and operating with a live account on Google Hangouts. She / he operates using the following methodologies: 1 online cash transfer cards, Gift cards, telephone pin / chip top ups as well as cash transfers.

    Please take care with this person:
    Uses fake video footage and pretends it is live cam…. but it is not,,,, look for editing faults…. one obvious one with her was i interrupted the video call, and called her back immediately…. unfortunately the “video” was re-started at an earlier point that i had already seen hahaha – also interrupt the video with text replies and see if these are read and responded too visually by the recipient on the video. A normal person averts their eyes to read the text

  2. is this person photo is a scamner ??she has many pictures say stolen by scamers .some pictures say not a scammer. then why are u having her pictures on when she is not a scammer.that way when people see her ur rounung her repaitation..I know few women who are scammers

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