What to do ?

What to do when you’re a victim of an Internet scam ?

A fraudulent charge on your bank account? A purchase made on the Internet never delivered? Unfortunately, you suffered a scam. So now, what to do?

what to do ?

Try mediation.

Don’t think about it if you have been the victim of a scam by email or a romance scam. It would be useless because the scammers are just there to take your money. However, mediation can be considered if you are in dispute with a company, as a commercial website or Internet provided. These websites offer customer service that can be useful to find a deal.

Get your money from your bank

What to do to get a refund? Well, it depends on the law in the country you live and on the bank you are customer. Some bank offer refund if your credit card was used without your agreement. In some country, law makes mandatory for a bank to refund your money in case of some special scams.

Our best piece of advice is to check your contract with the bank or your credit card provider. We could see if such refund is offer. In any case, you should immediately inform your bank of such scam in order to prevent other fraudulent withdrawals.

Perform the appropriate paperwork

In case of scam such as phishing or use of your credit card data, it is important for you to complain to you local Police. Your case will be known by the Police and it will protect you against possible complications that may follow the scam you experienced. Indeed scammers could use the data they have in hands to multiply their misdeeds. By filing a complaint, you show the police that you are a victim and that you suffer the consequences.

However, it is true that if the crooks are on the other side of the world, there is little chance that the Police of our country succeed in ending their actions … You can also file a complaint by contacting the court near your area.

If you are in dispute with a web merchant, you can get closer to a local organization of customer defense. Again, this could be useful if the seller is in your country, but quite useless if the e-commerce site is based in another continent

Report and testify

What to do to help? Share your unfortunate experience so that others do not get trapped. It will weaken the crooks who conned you. Send us your testimony. We will share the best stories on our site.

We take this opportunity to thank all those who have already participated in the construction of this site by their testimony!

14 thoughts on “What to do ?”

  1. Hubert Mark, says he is from Poland has a 9 year old daughter, his wife died so hes a widower, he is working in Africa he said, When i said i was going out he said Ok.. naija to which i replied thats nigerian his reply was how you take nknow? which i didnt reply too


  2. watch out ladies this people are at it again, now in LinkedIn as Richard Tanc’o born in Brazil as soon as I seen his message I knew he was an scammer so he did not go far. at least not with me.
    However I have to admit that whomever is writing for this dude who ever the name is, writing is really good in comparison with the old scammer . find out through here the name of the person in the pic is Marc from Canada.


  3. for sure they makes me fear up to now am in fear but i may escape them just pray for me my friends. and i dont know where to report them.

  4. I have rest to believe that I have been a victim of a romance scam by the person listed below

  5. This guy pretended to be an oil rig worker in Alaska who needs money to complete his contract or he will lose his licence.


    1. Hi Jane,

      Could you maybe help me out? My MIL is talking with this guy – now going by David Rogers. She is interested in learning the following: did you send any money? did he ever say he needed money for his son? did he say he couldn’t come home until his contract was complete?

      Thank you!

  6. An Romance scammer find me in Instagram under name Sylvain.pertuiset7@gmail.com
    And he is using this email on Hangout as well ,presenting very attractive images and ensuring you about his love straight at the second day I found it bit odd and checked the images he sent me on Google ,finding out that belongs to Guillermo Zapata.
    It has been only three days I’m chatting with him online and I can see the typical sights of scam …he doesn’t answer my personal questions about him,but trying to get some from me.
    At this point ,he has my Instagram , Facebook ,email and phone number.
    Surely he is not going to get anything else from now and I’m making plan how to slip out .
    Should I be concern about the safety ?Would you recommend changing my passwords for those sites ? I wouldn’t like him to get any more of my personal details !
    Should I report him somewhere else? I already spread the message on another scam check web site.
    I believe there is many trusty ,naive woman that can believe those man and can be badly hurt.
    Thanks for helping all victims of those cheeky insincere guys !


  7. Scammer alias: Anderson Rowland

    Says he’s an Army Sargent deployed in Northern Syria. Preys on older gay men. Says he’s 39 and has a daughter. Chat’s it up over the course of a few days, saying everything you want to hear. Love bombing, praise, lots of realistic sounding stories. Says he hates liars and cheaters yet he is just that. Asks for gifts (i.e. iPhone) and gift cards. Has lots of great excuses as to why he can’t get these himself or will pay you back in a few weeks when he’s back in the US. Set off red flags when asking for stuff. Didn’t fall for it. Hope you don’t either. But had me going for a few days, like he might be a real person. Did a reverse image search with one of the photos he sent me. Popped on scamwarners dot com site. He works the dating apps apparently. Watch out for this one. He works slow and convincingly. Waits a few days before the ask and starts small.


  8. I have been chatting on IG with who I thought was Adam White or Whitman 6464.The person I’ve talked with uses very broken English and slang that I’m sure this very educated and professional man would not have used.When I questioned him about it he stopped communicating with me and has made it so he has to accept me again.If anyone recognizes this man please let me know.I ran his pics through a reverse image site and nothing showed up.


  9. Watch out for this fake pof profile Jamescorey9900
    He tries to say he loves you then said he lost his debit and credit cards. Alot of conflicting information. I cannot find anything on the names he gave me. His profile says he would a James 43 years old then in text says he goes by Michael and is 45. First told me his mane is Michael jacon scoory Lambert then told me. Jacob Michael scoory Lambert his email address is JMichaelSL@outlook.com. he is very charming so be aware

  10. I believe I am a victim of a money scam sending Amazon and Steam cards to Alex Mark on hangouts and Instagram.

  11. I recently found out my wife was involved in online relationships , when she shared the texts with me all the scammer bells and whistles went off , I immediately started traces and searches to verify he was about to ask for money, she had been texting and voice mail for about two months , The name he used was Jesse Mcgee , see picture. I caught this one just in time , however she revealed there was another one going by the name of Greg Harrison . He got over $6100 from her , all Itune cards etc that she charged to a credit card that i will have to try and pay off . Please beware of these two.


  12. A company came and dupe so many people in Nigeria by the name INSME
    Many people are frustrated now due to the fund invoked I am asking for your assistance
    to get the company and the owners arrested so that they can account to the people they duped

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