E-mail scams

E-mail scams appeared together with e-mails

e-mailThe best known e-mail scams are inheritance scam and lottery scam but variations of these scams are multiple. Note also the donation scams and scams following e-mail boxes hacking. All these unexpected e-mails are sent by people who don’t want to offer you money but in reality want you to give them money !

In all cases, the scams begin with an e-mail sent to your attention and turn in a request for money sooner or later.

  • In the lottery scams or inheritance scams, you will be required to pay fees or to give your credit card information before you hit the jackpot. But then, once the fees paid, you will never get any news of your contact !
  • In the case of donation scams, it is not money that they want to offer you, but a vehicle or a valuable object that the donor unfortunately can no longer afford. Again, you will be requested to pay an unexpected fee or whatsoever before you get the object.
  • Regarding scams following e-mail boxes hacking, it is not an unknown person that will send you an e-mail. This is one of your relatives. But unfortunately, it’s a crook behind the identity of someone you know. The scammer will pretend to be your friend and will ask you to send money urgently. You think you will just help a friend in a difficult time but in reality your friend has never been in trouble.

All these e-mails fallen from the sky are just scams

Be careful when you receive an e-mail from a stranger or relative who supposedly needs money urgently. Do not believe stories with money fallen from heaven. Unfortunately, it is indeed highly unlikely that an unknown bequeath you millions of dollars or that you have earned the same amount in a lottery that you did not participate.

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    May 29, 2017 at 1:19am

    recebi email de um senhor que se diz com câncer terminal e me escolheu aletoriamente a ficar com toda sua “riqueza” me enviou fotos dele num leito de morte em um hospital cercado por mèdicos e enfermeiros e depois de alguns dias recebi outro email dessa vez dizendo ser advogado do !infermo! querendo meus dados pessoais e numeros de documentos e tbm pediu pra nâo comentar nada com ninguem,imagina vcs receber de doação 3 milhôes de dòlares logo eu que nunca acreditei nem em papai noel e nem em coelhinho da páscoa,imagine que vou cair num golpe fantasioso desse, nunca quiz o que è dos outros,nunca fui gananciosa no que è dos outros e nunca quiz levar vantagem as custas de ninguem, eles que se cuidem porque eu sou esperta,comigo NÂO…

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    February 17, 2018 at 10:57am

    I received an email from IRS asking me to open a webpage . Then they asked me to give information to get a refund of $78. (and I did not see why)
    I did not click. It must be a scam, right ?

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