Bank phishing

Bank Phishing attempts using popular bank names are also very common.

When performing a bank phishing, scammers pretend to be a bank adviser in a major institution (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup, …) and send mass emails hoping that one of them hangs a victim. These emails are spam with very low returns but can really hurt an unfortunate victim that would be trapped.

Most of the time, the email you received did not even emanates from an organization in which you are client. In this case, you can easily guess that this email is a bank phishing scam. However, sometimes the email impersonates the bank in which you have an account. This time, it can be quite difficult to detect the scam.

Do not disclose confidential information even if the mail is insisting!

bank phishing

Fortunately, some clues to spot a bank phishing attempt exist. You can find out which by checking out the examples we have gathered.

Therefore, click on the links below to find these examples of bank phishing attempts fraudulently using the name of banks.

Once again, remain vigilant when receiving an email that appears to come from your bank. Remember that a bank will never ask for your credit card number. Even if the received email specifies that it is important and urgent, or on the contrary, that it is just a routine procedure, remain firm and does not disclose confidential information.

Even today when internet has become a tool used by all, your bank counselor will use a standard phone to contact you if there is a problem with your account or your credit card, especially if it is urgent to address.

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