E-commerce scam

Scams conducted through an e-commerce site are unfortunately common.

With the tools available on the Internet, it has become easy to create an e-commerce store to offer the sale of fictitious products and collect the money sent before disappearing.

How to spot these rogue e-commerce sites?

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    First element that should alert you: An exceptionally low price. A quick glance over the competition will allow you to know the average price offered by e-commerce sites. If a merchant site offers a much lower price than its competitors for the same product, it may be a sign of scam.

  2. Second element: Hosting place of the e-commerce site. Do not trust the name of the site. One can very well create a site whose name contains “USA” or “UK” but that is hosted abroad. Stay as possible on websites hosted in your country of residence, any action against the fraudulent site will be facilitated. To check the hosting place of a site, you can use “whois” sites.
  3. Third element: website creation date. Be aware of brand new e-commerce site, they are more likely to be scams than well-known and popular ones. Again, the “whois” sites will give this kind of information. Attention, we are not saying that all the recent websites are scams!
  4. Fourth element: With a quick search on your favorite internet search engine, you will find comments on the e-commerce site you are interested in, whether it is done by specialized sites or internet forums. Do not trust all the comments as they can be fake ones but trust the general opinion.

In summary, to avoid scam on shopping websites: Prefer the most famous sites, flee too “attractive” discount and try to buy as much as possible on websites hosted in your own country.

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    November 16, 2017 at 6:24pm

    woodworkingtools.us … some arabic bastards … your money, no goods

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