Order confirmation scam

You have just received an email about an order confirmation but you did not ordered anything. It is probably a scam

While you were checking your e-mail inbox, you are surprised by the one of a new email you have received dealing with an order confirmation.

The title of these e-mails can be “Your order has been accepted”, “Your order has been completed”, “Your order has been successfully processed” or “Your order has been shipped”.

You feel a little anxious as you are opening this email and you find out that this is an order confirmation with a fairly high amount of money. Without waiting, you now open the invoice attached to the email because as far as you remember, you have no clue about what this order can be. Unfortunately for you, you have just fall into the trap. By opening the attachment, you have downloaded a virus that will infect your computer

order confirmation scam

Credit: Petr Kratochvil

As a matter of fact, you did not order anything. This email is sent to thousands of recipients by scammers who rely on the fact that some will fall into the trap. To get there, the scammers put some fake references in the e-mail header (a fake reference of payment, sometimes a fake credit card number) and above all, indicate a significant amount of money in relation to this order so that potential victims are worried and rush on the infected attachment.

Below is an example of an order confirmation scam.

Your order has been accepted
Payment Data

Website: redstation.com
Payment reference: 417330634
Total: 320.00 USD
Payment method: VISA
Secondary Brand: Blue e-card
Status: Authorized

Please find attached your invoice reference: FC-408185 bill (File: bill-408185) in ZIP format.
Print or save this email for future reference.
Payment is processed by Ogone.
Ogone ensures that your financial information will be handled according to the highest safety standards.
For any requests or questions about ordering, please contact Prepaid Company.

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