Refund scam

Refund scam after a first scam !

We searched a long time how to call this scam : Fraud in support, money collection scam, assistance offer scam or even scam to scam! Finally refund scam seemed most appropriate

The scammers use forums with no or little moderation about the content of messages. They left comments in which they promise a refund to the people who suffered Internet scam. Those messages are most of the time made with a fake testimony of someone who pretends having been refunded.

refund scam
Credit : Merzperson

The contents are varied, but all messages invite to contact someone who pretends to be able to help, through an email address.

Refund scam is fairly easy to spot because email addresses to contact are not very serious. Interpol or Western Union do not use Gmail addresses!

However, we can see that some of the messages are written in fairly good English. They look serious enough to fall into the trap.

But do not be fooled! All these messages are approaches to scam you and these refund proposals will quickly turn into demand for money that you will have to flee immediately. These are scam attempts

Stay alert when someone offers to help you on the Internet, scammers are trying to trap people who have been victims of scams in the past. They probably think that people scammed once are easier to trap. Show them that this is not the case by not responding to such requests !

And unfortunately, make yourself a reason, the money you lost with these scammers is probably lost forever. Do not continue to squander your savings by paying money to find the one lost during a first scam. You would simply increase your losses and risk to put yourself in an even more complicated financial situation.

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