Fake Michael Kors websites

Many fake websites pretend to sell Michael Kors bags

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer, known for the brand he created using his own name. MK bags are among the best-known products of the brand, but it also makes shoes, watches and jewelry. Michael Kors bags are premium and ultra-fashionable products, so prices are high.

Some scammers took advantage of this, creating websites proposing Michael Kors bags for sale. But in reality, they will cash your order and never deliver any product or in the “best case” will deliver a low-end imitation.

Among these fake sites, we find brechtportoalegre.com and its strange domain name. It ranks in second position on Google with the keywords “Michael Kors bags cheap”. The ranking on Google can vary from one user to another, but it is clear that this fake website has an advantageous position on the main search engine.

fake michael kors websites

What are the sings of a fake website ?

Another fake website “selling” Michael Kors bags is laurasmidis.com and its “neutral” domain name. It looks like any other website, but hides in reality an e-commerce scam. In order to convince you, here are two clues, also valid to detect any fake website

  • Prices incredibly low : Almost 90% discount! This should alert you immediately. No real e-commerce website would offer so much discount, especially on fashion products.
  • The lack of legal information: On the first example, there is simply no such section. In the second example, the link “term of us” redirect to … another website !
fake Michael Kors websites

Promotional sales period should not be an opportunity for internet users to fall into scams. Always take time to check the key elements that betray a fake selling website. Prices too low, even during promotional sales, should alert you !

These fake websites are usually hosted overseas, so that lawsuits are difficult to engage, and most of victims give up, encouraging these scams to prosper.

37 thoughts on “Fake Michael Kors websites”

  1. Hello Everyone, is it true noridat.com?
    Mk bags 75 % 89% I hope noridat.com is not a scam. please reply if noridat.com is. They said if you ordered worth of 100 euros the delivery will be free. but until now there is no confirmation tracking or etc. I ordered 3 bags. .. for a birthday gift but until now nothing … even e-mail nothing there is no telephone number too. I use my credit card. 123 euros to avail free deliveries.

  2. Hello everyone!
    I ordered 3 Bags for 150 €. Paid by credit card but they were never delivered to me. Really a scam !!! Do not order over the internet! Especially when you see cheap bags. Can someone tell me what do I have to do to get my money back?
    Thank you

    1. I have ordered from them recently and never received anything!
      I’ve just raised a claim with my credit card company to get the funds returned

  3. I ordered a handbag and wallet from NR bags.com
    I haven’t received any emails nor has anyone contacted me I’m waiting two more days before I go to the bank I really hope they are not a scam

  4. I just ordered a pair of wedge boots and then it showed my credit card was declined.
    I thought something was fishy when they miss spelled words for A so called reputable website. I emailed them telling them I know they were fake and I will report them andI’ve gotten no response but my credit card also has not been debited.


  5. Korusoutletonline.com…. to good to be true prices , says site is secure but does not take PayPal has anyone heard of this site? I called my bank they said to avoid the site but everything looks so legit…. if anyone has any info please reply ….

    1. I placed my order but not received anything did u receive ur shipment I feel q it’s fake??

      1. I just purchased or thought I purchased but am afraid I’ll recieve nothing as an email for my order was never sent. I’ll notify my financial institution and after they investigate, they’ll surely refund me within a week.

  6. Somebody knows about this http://www.salemks.shop ?
    they are selling cheap mk handbags, and i already purchased one! 🙁 i have the feeling that i’ve been scammed 🙁 i think they are changing their website constantly so no one could notice they already been reported as a fake/fraud website 🙁 i sent them messages on their message box but I haven’t receive any response from them!


  7. Is mooebuy.com a scam site?
    They take PayPal but o don’t think that means anything… prices are good bit it looks like discontinued styles so I thought maybe it was legit. However, I noticed many of the same in stock quantities and no descriptions. Yet, some of the photos are the same as the actual Michael lord site.

  8. Is mkoutletonline.net legit. I place order but put it in the cart first coz I still don’t have the money then they emailed me that they saw my order in the cart and told me if I have problem with the payment I can contact them so they can help me

  9. Did anyone buy from mkbagscollection.com. Looks legit with the M appearing on the top of the web page just like the known authentic site michaelkors.com.

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