Fight scams on the internet with !

Welcome to this new website called #1 scammer cases has been created to introduce you to the various scams that exist on the internet. 1sc stands for “Number 1 Scammer Cases”. is a new website that will help you to avoid scams on the web.

These scams go from the modernization of old scams that exist before the internet to scams created with the world wide web and its democratization. Always be suspicious when you are on the net!

Besides the home page, the website consists of seven categories

These categories are detailed below. You can access them by clicking the link at the beginning of each line or enter them via the dropdown menu on the side.

  1. Phishing: Definition of phishing with general and detailed descriptions. What to do in case of suspicious movement on your bank account?
  2. Scam by e-mails: Principle of scam attempts by e-mails with links to examples of inheritance scam, lottery scam and more
  3. Scams on the web: Types of scams you may encounter on the internet : Romance scam, fake e-commerce websites, fake loan proposal, …
  4. Internet scam – What to do? : Description of actions and remedies for victims of scams on the internet. Useful section for anyone looking for help
  5. Gallery : A list of most common persons scammers pretend to be in order to convince you to send them money
  6. Your stories: Send your testimony that describes the scam you have suffered and share your story online. This way, you will prevent others from suffering the same misadventure.

We hope will give you satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments, or want more information, feel free to leave comments in the section provided for this purpose at the bottom of the various pages and different posts.

4 thoughts on “Fight scams on the internet with !”

  1. Yes I am very attractive to scams, I have so many.
    I do have lots of their pictures and names in my computer. I do take pictures of them. I want to do something about but I don’t know how to do. Also I am a bit suspect they copied my pictures. How I can found that if my pictures been used for scam ?

    1. Well he did the same with me. Callled and we had chat then he said I will send u gifts I didnt accept he got mad then I sent my address to him, he shipped the gifts but then I found out he is not romanian he is indian I asked him he argued and blocked me

  2. I met this man on Facebook n he said I am a single daddy of 5 years old daughter and he is staying single since last 2 years as he has seen my outlook on Facebook he fell in love with me and wanted to be in relationship with me but when I said to come on video call he denied saying he doesn’t have video call facility in his phone then after some days he said he has a surprise for me n wanted to send some gifts when I denied accepting any gifts and said he is a fraud he blocked me saying I don’t love him n blocked me if anybody knows about the pic which I have attached please let me know.His contact no is +447459589311


  3. This women is a scammer big time and I fell for it and ended up sending her money and she blocked me when I asked if we could talk on the phone. This person is a scammer and will keep asking you for money and if you keep giving it to her then she tells you she loves you and says its for her to move back here and the money is for her flight and luggage cost and meal cost. I’ve earned you so be careful because this person is a scammer.

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