Mauricio Mejía

Mauricio Mejía is a Mexican actor whose photos are regularly usurped

Mauricio Mejía was born on May 26, 1982 in “Ixtapan de la sal” in Mexico. His real name is Andrés Mauricio Mejía Guzmán.

Mauricio Mejía

He has appeared in several South American soap operas, including “Cuidado con el ángel” and “Ni contigo ni sin ti”.

But he is best known for his role in the soap opera “Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores”. He plays the role of Sergio Velasco.

Be careful not to confuse him with his namesake, the Colombian actor born in 1974.

Certains crooks also understood that they could benefit from the photos of Mauricio Mejía. They create false profiles on dating sites or on social networks.

The scammers have refined techniques

This is not the only Mexican actor to whom grazers have stolen photos. We can indeed name Omar Germenos and Moisés ArizMendi as well as Juan Rios.

Once the false profiles created, the scammers flirt with people looking for love. For this, they approach women on dating sites or on social media.

If women agree to start the discussion, it is that they were seduced by the images of Mauricio Mejía and think they are in contact with the man behind the photos. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but they do not yet know it.

The scammers will then pass the speed. They will try to seduce their contacts using rather aggressive flirting tactics. In general, they will flood their contacts of compliments, while presenting themselves as an “injured” of life in order to coax their contacts.

Once the contact is well established and that a romance was born between the 2 people (fictitious on the scammer side, you will understand) so the crooks will pass the last phase of their plan. They will pretend that a problem has happened to them. The only solution according to the scammers is that their contacts support them financially.

Above all, should not send money to a person met on the Internet and that you have never met.

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