Maurizio Aiello

Maurizio Aiello is an actor of Italian origin whose photos are usurped by scammers

Maurizio Aiello
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Maurizio Aiello was born on December 11, 1969 in Vico Equense in Italy. He began a modeling career at the age of 18. He continued theater studies in parallel.

His importance of importance arrived in 1991 when he played in the play “Six characters in search of author”. He then continues several roles in television series.

He interpreted in particular Antonio Ragusa in “La Piovra 7 – Indagine Sulla Morte del Commississa Cattani” in 1995. Maurizio Aiello distinguished himself by obtaining a youth Oscar for his interpretation in the role of Marco Sallustri in the series “Il maresciallo Rocca ”.

Multiple roles in theater, television and cinema

Maurizio Aiello also played the role of Alberto Palladini between 1996 and 2002 in the television soap opera “a posto al Sole”. If performance was praised by obtaining the Telegrolla d´Oro prize in 2001. In the year 2000, he won the prix for best actor at the Salerne Film Festival for his role in “Gioco Di Specchi”.

After playing a few second roles in the cinema in the 1990s, he finally won one of the leading roles in the film “Stregati Dalla Luna” in 2001. He runs in several films during the 2000s. Now “Natala in Crociera” in 2007 And “Anita – Una Vita Per Garibaldi” in 2008.

Maurizio Aiello has been married to Ilaria Carloni since 2010. They have 2 children, born in 2012 and 2016. Unfortunately for you, if you came across a person displaying a photo of Maurizio Aiello as a profile, you came across an impostor.

The photos of the beautiful Italian are regularly used by grazers. These are passing Maurizio Aiello in order to seduce people looking for relationships. He thus joined the list of Italian actors whose photos were usurped by crooks. In this list, we can note the presence of Flavio Montrucchio and Francesco Monte as well as Paolo Conticini.

Then, when the contact will be well established with their new relationships, the scammers will end up asking their corresponding money. We will never repeat it to you, you should never send money to people you have never seen in real life.

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