Andrea Zanchini

Andrea Zanchini is an Italian model whose photos have been usurped

Andrea Zanchini was born on January 9, 1969.

Andrea Zanchini

He began his modeling career shortly before his majority. Then he carried out a first advertising campaign.

Andrea Zanchini then directs his career towards modeling. This brings him to travel the world to participate in prestigious shows.

He then reoriented himself and participated in several advertisements for major brands.

Scammers started stealing photos of the handsome model to create fake profiles on dating sites.

Their goals was to seduce women looking for love. The scammers did not choose this person randomly. Andrea Zanchini is a handsome man, not sure that many women would reject him.

Once seduced and possibility in love virtually, women are more ready to accept any demand from their beloved contact. This is the moment scammers choose to pretend some issue on their side.

For example, they would claim that their fridge is empty. Another common problem is a health issue. Scammers would pretend they had an accident and are at the hospital.

Every time, scammers’ aim is to get money from thir contact. They will ask money to refill the fridge, or to pay the hospital fees.

In order not to get fooled, do not reply to anydody showing pictures of the itilian model.

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