Bruno Fernandes b2

Bruno Fernandes b2 is a Brazilian model and artist whose photos are spoofed on dating sites

“Bruno Damasceno e Souza Fernandes” better known as Bruno Fernandes b2 began his career as a model. While still searching for his way, he is spotted by a headhunter. The former invites Bruno Fernandes b2 into the fashion world. Everything then goes very quickly.

Bruno Fernandes B2

In 2009, he was selected to represent Brazil in the election of “the best model in the world”. The competition takes place in Bulgaria. He finished third which is a very good performance.

He retained a unique experience through which he could meet people from very different cultures.

In 2010, he participated in the election of Mister Brazil in which he represented the state of Sergipe. Less luck for him in this contest. He was not be able to rise to the rank of finalists.

Bruno Fernandes is also a recognized artist.

He is currently one of the best DJs in Brazil. He was trained in London by the best DJs and several of his performances are visible on Youtube.

Bruno Fernandes B2 is also a recognized businessman. He is notably the co-founder of the Brazilian clothing brand #ITALS, which has met with undeniable success. With more than 100,000 fans on Instagram and 20,000 on his Facebook page, this man is very famous in Brazil.

But it is much less so in Europe ou in the USA. Scammers have understood this. These romance scammers create fake profiles with the photos of the Brazilian model. They pretend to be a handsome man looking for love on the net.

The beauty of this young man being undeniable, scammers can easily seduce women on the internet. Once the victims are seduced, the scammers pretend to be a problem. Then he asks their contacts for money with remarkable persuasiveness

If the victims send money, then the scammers have succeeded in their scam. Trapped women will never see their money again. They will also never meet the beautiful Bruno Fernandes b2.

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