Tom Ernsting

Tom Ernsting is an American model whose photos are regularly spoofed by graziers

Former sales manager in a New York hotel, Tom Ernsting started modeling at the age of 56! He now lives in Florida where he is devoting his second career as a Model.

Tom Ernsting

In an interview with magazine he explains that his parents died young and that he inherited their house in Florida. After quitting his old job in New York, he moved to his parents’ former home in the southern United States.

He then grew a beard and his new look began to catch the eye. He then signed his first contract in a modeling agency.

Tom Ernsting’s success in modeling caught the attention of romance scammers

Tom Ernsting has also taken advantage of social networks to grow his popularity around the world. More than 150,000 “followers” follow him on Instagram, and this number is increasing every day.

Tom Ernsting

But Tom Ernsting’s photos also caught the attention of crookss. Many fake profiles have been built with the stolen photos of the handsome American model.

Tom Ernsting is conscientious of this and admitted in his interview that he received 5 or 6 messages every day from people who have been approached by an individual with a profile of his photos.

He maintains his physique by doing exercises every day. He also had to work hard to get back to the level of the perfect figure he sports today. A knee injury prevented him from playing sports for a long time.

Tom Ernsting also admitted his homosexuality, despite having been briefly married and having a son from that relationship.

If you come across a profile showing photos of the handsome American, be aware that unfortunately it is not him on the other side of the computer. Indeed, this is most probably a scammer, a specialist in romance scams on the internet.

Don’t lose time in discussions and don’t pay a dime when he asks for money.

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