Stephen Niese

Stephen Niese is an American model and actor whose photos are spoofed to carry out scams on the internet

Stephen Niese is a handsome man, in his fifties, salt-and-pepper hair, gorgeous smile. His advantageous physique allows him to occupy the profession of model. He has also managed to land film roles, notably in the films “life in flight” in 2008 and more recently “Top five” in 2014.

stephen niese

We don’t know much about this man. However, many of these photos can be found on modeling agencies in the United States.

Stephen Niese is an “ideal” man for scammers. Handsome boy, not world famous, and above all many photos easily accessible on the internet. It was enough for scammers to use his images to create fake profiles.

With these fake profiles, scammers will be able to try to perpetrate romance scam attempts. Indeed with the photos of this man, the scammers will be able to target their potential victims. We can easily imagine seeing them approach middle-aged women, who will be able to be charmed by the photos of Stephan Niese.

Unfortunately for them, they will not discuss with the handsome American. More likely, it will be scammers located in Africa who will try to woo them. But the ultimate goal for these scammers will be to extort money from these people. Once their victims are approached, the scammers will invent sudden difficulties and demand that money be sent to them.

If the victims give in, they will lose money and never find love. The handsome Stephen Niese will never join them as they were never in contact with him in reality.

We can never repeat it enough, beware of declarations of love that are too quick and above all, run away when it comes to asking for money! Indeed, never pay money to someone you meet on the internet!

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  1. There’s a scammer named Stephen Smith using Stephen Niese photos talking to my mom. He claims he’s an oil rig engineer/builder doing contract work, also claims to millionaire. He calls mom at night, heavy Nigerian ancient and is always mom for gift card money.

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