Fabián Ríos

Fabián Ríos is a Colombian actor. Scammers use his photos

Fabián Ríos was born on July 5, 1980 in Colombia. In his youth, he began studying acting in Bucaramanga, a city in Colombia near the Venezuelan border. At the same time, he did some modeling jobs.

Fabian Rios
Credit: Dulce Osuna

Some time later, he moved to Bogotá where he joined theater schools. He landed a role in the soap opera Seven Times Amada in 2002. It was thanks to his performance in this telenovela that his career took off. He is also nominated for the title of “Best young revelation” at the TV & Novelas Colombia Awards.

Between 2005 and 2016, he chained participations in soap operas in Spanish. Either for Colombian television or for Spanish-speaking American television.

He is married to an actress named Yuly Ferreira he met when he was a student. They have a daughter named Lucía and a boy named David. The whole family currently lives in Miami.

Hijacked photos for romance scams

As you will have understood, it is unlikely that Fabián Ríos will end up on a dating site. So, if you come across a profile that displays a photo of the handsome Colombian, you are nothing but dealing with a scammer.

Indeed, these romance scam specialists took photos of Fabián Ríos and usurped his identity. Armed with his image, the scammers tried to seduce women. By the way, note that they did not choose the most ugly of men.

Then, the scammers abruptly announce that a problem has just arrived. They go on to say that their only way out is for their contacts to help them out financially. Scammers use many techniques to convince contacted women to send money. For example, they will promise to repay as soon as possible and join their contacts to live a perfect love as soon as their troubles are over.

Alas, there has never been a money problem, never had virtual love, never had Fabián Ríos either. It was just an attempted scam. Never send money over the internet to people you know on dating sites or social networks.

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