Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is an adult film actress. Her photos are used by grafters to carry out scams with feelings

Valentina Nappi was born in Italy on November 6, 1990. She studied fine arts at the university and graduated in 2013.

Valentina Nappi
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In parallel to her studies, she begins to shoot erotic films. She is quickly noticed and decides to direct her career towards adult films. Valentina Nappi turns many films in the 2010s that mark the peak of her career.

She also appeared in several magazines. Thus, she made the front page of the Italian edition of Playboy in June 2012. Then, she is elected “Pet of the Month” of Penthouse magazine in November 2013.

But the success of the Italian actress has also attracted the scammers. Romance scam specialists used photos of Valentina Nappi to create fake profiles on dating sites or social media.

Then the scammers started to approach men looking for relationships. Armed with a few naughty pictures of the actress, easily found on the internet, they enticed their male prey. Then, once the men were seduced, they did not delay to ask them for money.

To justify their demands, the scammers most often use the same techniques. For example, they may claim that their fridge is empty, that they lost their means of payment during a trip abroad or that an accident has just happened. They will add that their requests are urgent and that you are the only one who can help.

Run away as soon as someone asks you for money on the internet, it’s a scam!

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  1. I was on Twitter/ X and I meet someone named Williams Sandra and she used Valentina nappi’s pictures as her own even a video & two pictures showing her naked body

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