Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate is a British adult film actress. Scammers use photos of her to scam men on dating sites.

Tanya Tate was born on 31 March 1979 in Liverpool, England. She started her career late at the age of 30 years. Naturally she is classified in the category MILF which gathers the actresses of 30 years and more. She won many titles in this category and while gaining recognition from her peers.

Tanya Tate
Credit: Gary

The decade 2010 sees the peak of the career of Tanya Tate. She turns in many films before taking a break in 2018. She also directs a few films during her career. It is announced precisely his return behind the camera in 2022.

Tanya Tate is also known in the cosplay world. She has participated in several Cosplay conventions, especially in the early 2010s.

Some scammers have unfortunately found a way to take advantage of the photos of the actress. Indeed, these photos are easily found on the Internet. These crooks then created profiles displaying the portrait of the English actress. Then they started to contact men on dating sites or social media.

Once the first contact was made, the scammers would then quickly make their contacts believe that solid relationships were taking shape. To back up their claims, the scammers may send pictures of Tanya Tate in her underwear. There’s nothing like this to capture the interest of the male population.

Then, the scammers quickly ask for money from their contacts, mainly through PCS cards. If the men comply and send money, then the scam has worked. We can’t say it enough, never send money to someone you meet on the internet before you meet them in real life.

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