Angie Varona

Photos of Angie Varona are fraudulently used to commit internet scams

Angie Varona is an American model and Instagram star. She is famous for her sexy photos posted on her official Instagram account.

Angie Verona

Angie Verona Angie Varona, born in 1993, has more than 1.4 million subscribers on the image sharing application. But it was not all easy for her as a teenager.

When she was around 14, her nude photos were hacked by an unknown hacker. Later, the images circulated on the Internet.

This event traumatized her. But she was able to bounce back and turn this painful moment into an opportunity.

Indeed, this incident made her a Sex Symbol on the net. Since 2019, Angie has been working on her modeling career. She maintains her popularity with her fans by posting professional and personal photos on the web.

Perfect shapes and an angel face

But scammers have also seized on the potential of her goddess physique. Indeed, many fake profiles have been created with the photos of Angie Varone.

Angie Verona

Angie Verona Browsers use these fake profiles to approach people looking for love on dating sites.

No doubt they do not have too much difficulty in attracting their contact with the photos of Angie Varone.

If the people the scammers contact respond, then the seduction game begins. But unfortunately, this one will end sooner or later with a request for money from the scammers.

Claiming a thousand and one reasons, scammers will try to get money sent to them. If they succeed, then their victims will have lost both financially and emotionally. They will never see Angie Varona on a date.

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