Danilo Roberto Quaglino

Danilo Roberto Quaglino is an Italian psychotherapist. Scammes use his photos

Danilo Roberto Quaglino lives in Genoa, Italy. He defines himself as a medical doctor and psychotherapist. He also details working with the police as a forensic psychiatrist and criminal profiler.

Danilo Roberto Quaglino

Information about this person comes to us via social media. Indeed, Danilo Roberto Quaglino has an Instagram account, but it is private. It is not possible to access these publications. He also has a twitter account on which he posts regularly as of this writing.

Finally, he has a Facebook account on which he shows his subscribers photos of him or his environment. But apart from these platforms, there is little information on this gentleman.

Crooks commit scams without his knowledge

On the other hand, what we do know is that these photos are usurped by scammers. They use these photos to create fake accounts on dating sites. Then, they come into contact with women present on these sites there. Given the profile of Danilo Roberto Quaglino, one can imagine that the scammers will target middle-aged women.

Scammers will most of the time invent a story around a difficult life in order to move their contacts. For example, they will say they have a comfortable financial situation but are widowed, with a sick child, they suffer from loneliness….

When they judge that the seduction phase is over, the scammers will then ask their contacts for money. Often, the narrative will tip over into drama. The crooks will then invent an accident story, such as a car accident or a serious illness. You then have to quickly pay significant fees.

A common variant is to have to pay unforeseen administrative costs, such as customs fees for example. Unfortunately for them they do not have the possibility to pay at the moment. They then ask their female contacts to advance the money against a promise of reimbursement.

If the women agree to pay this amount of money, then the scammers will have won. They will disappear into the wild with their winnings. Do not send money over the internet to people seen only behind a screen.

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