Sandro Cassiano

Sandro Cassiano is a Brazilian communication and marketing specialist. Scammers use his photos to commit scams

Sandro Cassiano has a degree in Social Communication and Advertising with a specialization in Marketing. He also has a degree in Business Management from the University “Trevisan Escola de Negócios” in São Paulo, Brazil

Sandro Cassiano

Sandro Cassiano has been working for more than a decade in the consulting, organization and production of corporate, academic, governmental and political events in the state of Mato Grosso.

Sandro Cassiano has organized events for multiple companies and public and private institutions in Brazil.

Communication specialists are professionals who help companies and organizations achieve their communication objectives by using effective strategies to convey messages to their target audience. They can work in a variety of areas, such as public relations, investor relations, marketing, advertising and media relations.

Sandro Cassiano has his own website and his Linkedin page has over 10,000 followers. From an extra-professional point of view, he posts many photos of himself on his Instagram which has 25,000 followers. On this platform we can see our man displaying his well-groomed body at the beach.

But it did not need more to attract the interest of scammers. The latter have taken advantage of the paradisaical photos posted on the social network. They have indeed copied some of these photos to create fictitious profiles on dating sites.

With these photos and with an assumed name, the scammers approached women on the Internet. Then they tried to seduce them with promises of great things. Once seduced, the women contacted were asked for money under some pretext. Never send money to an internet contact!

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