Dr. Garth Davis

Dr. Garth Davis is an American obesity surgeon. His photos are used to commit sentimental scams

Dr. Garth Davis was born on January 28, 1970. He specializes in weight management and is known for his recomendations for plant-based nutrition.

Dr. Garth Davis

Garth Davis was born in South Africa and moved to the United States as a child. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine with honors. Davis then completed his surgical residency at the University of Michigan. He was elected to the position of chief administrative resident.

Garth Davis then went on to hold various positions of high responsibility, such as medical director of the Davis Clinic in Houston, Texas, and medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital.

His photos used without his consent for sentimental scams

Then he became medical director of the weight management center at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. He established himself as an expert in obesity management. He specializes in bariatric surgery and weight loss.

In 2007, Garth Davis and his father Robert Davis had the opportunity to appear on the reality show Big Medicine, which featured footage of their bariatric surgery practice.

Then the bariatric surgeon became very popular in North America. He has helped many people, including a celebrity, lose hundreds of pounds using bariatric surgery in combination with lifestyle changes.

Garth Davis is vegan in his personal life and supports animal rights. Moreover, the diet he prescribes includes a strong emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

But the famous surgeon is also the victim of identity theft. Scammers have stolen his photos and created profiles on dating sites and social media.

The scammers then approach women pretending to be the American doctor and try to seduce them. After that, their goal is to send money under various pretexts.

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