Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian politician whose photos are used without his knowledge to commit scams

Maxime Bernier
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Maxime Bernier was born in Saint-Georges, Quebec January 18, 1963. He holds a Baccalaureate in Commerce from the University of Quebec in Montreal and a law diploma from the University of Ottawa.

while havimg dinner with conservative party Ben Harper in 2005, the latter encouraged him to come to the Canadian Federal Elections of 2006. It is a success and he won his constituency hands down. The same year, he was appointed Minister of Industry in the Harper government.

In 2008, he was pushed to resign following a case of leak of confidential information. In 2016, when he bricked the post of leader of the Conservative Party, he was announced as favorite until the last minute. But the day of the vote, he lost.

In 2018, he founded his own party, the Popular Party of Canada. His first objective is the 2019 federal elections. Fortunately for him, it is a failure, his party does not win any constituency.

His photos usurped by scammers

Certains scammers have decided to usurp the identity of Maxime Bernier. it is hard to do this in Canada where Maxime Bernier is easily recognized. on the other hand, the usurpation can work elsewhere where the Canadian politician is not well known.

The scammers have also used photos of other Canadian people. For example, Pablo Rodriguez also a politician, but also Marc Gervais, the Quebec speaker.

The scammers proceed as follows. They start by creating false profiles using photos of Maxime Bernier. Besides, these profiles are created in a hurry and are little informed. Then they contact women on social networks or on dating sites. They try to seduce them.

If the seduction operation works, so the crooks go to the second phase of their ploy. They will claim that an accident has arrived. Then they will ask their money from their contacts by pretending to reimburse when that will be better for them. Unfortunately, if the women contacted send money, then the scam worked … Do not send money to a stranger met on the Internet!

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