Jef Welch

Jef Welch had his photos spoofed to commit romance scams

Jef Welch

On his webpage, Jef Welch is featured as an author and speaker with decades of experience motivating network marketers and business owners to reach new heights.

He is also active on Facebook. Several thousand people follow his personnal account. He shares videos about motivation and self-confidence.

On Linkedin, Jef Welch appears as a mentor to leaders in the profession of Network Marketing globally developing the Global Prosperity Team of Elite Masters of the industry both in corporate and in the field of independent distributors. Experience in Network Marketing, Professional Speaking, and Training Executives for success.

Unfortunately, individuals specializing in romance scams have taken advantage of the photos of Jef Welch available on the internet. They created fake profiles on dating or social media sites. They impersonated Jef Welch by altering his photos on their profiles.

Once the profiles created, the scammers contact women on the internet. They then try to seduce them. Then, once the relationship has progressed far enough, the scammers pretend to face one or more problems.

The scammers then implore their contacts to send them money. If the victim gives in, then the scam will have worked.

Do not respond to anybody contacting you and pretending to be the man you see on the picture above. It is most likely an usurper who will ask you for money sooner or later.

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  1. just had a request from someone who is using your photo on face book. can’t standscammers.

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