Webcams of WOWChrissy are used by scammers to carry out scams with feelings

WOWChrissy has made many webcams in which she often appears scantily dressed. A godsend for the scammers. They take advantage of this to carry out scams on the Internet.


Here is their way of doing. First, they create fake profiles on dating sites or social media using photos of WOWChrissy. Then, they contact men pretending to be looking for a relationship. Soon, the scammers offer to make a video call with their male contacts. But instead of broadcasting their image, they will broadcast a recording of one of the young woman’s webcams.

To make it work, the scammers will pretend that their microphone is not working. This way, they will be able to communicate only by messaging. Precisely, in the videos of WOWChrissy, we regularly see her typing on her keyboard. If ever the men on the other side of the line notice an inconsistency between the appearance of the text messages and the video in which she is writing, the crooks will claim that it is a lag due to the quality of the network.


Men can be quickly seduced by the young woman. She regularly appears with few clothes on her, which can effectively attract men.

After a few days, the scammers claim to need money. This can be, for example, a sum of money to finance the young woman’s trip to meet her male contact. If money is ever sent then the scam has worked.

The men will never see the young woman in real life because they have never been in contact with her. They have been in discussion with the scammers all along, mostly located in Africa. Never send money to a person you met on the internet and have not seen in the flesh.

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