Bright-eyed scammer

Photos of the bright-eyed scammer are very common among fake profiles on dating websites

Bright-eyed scammer

The real identity of the bright-eyed scammer remains unknown. Indeed, sometimes the scammers choose to usurp the photos of not famous people in your country but wel-known on other continents. Examples include Juan Soler, Marcos Carrus and Marc Gervais. Sometimes crooks take a photo album of an unfortunate stranger. So we give them names.

Bright-eyed scammer

We are in this second case with the person we are talking about here. His real name is not known. But he’s known on the internet to be the bright-eyed scammer !

Indeed, scammers use his photos to create fake profiles on dating sites. Then they pretend to be this man and try to seduce women seeking for love on internet dating sites.

By usurping his identity, the scammers have a lot of photos that can make every woman dream. Photos of the bright-eyed scammer in the mountains, on the beach, at the Niagara Falls, in New York. Our man is a real globe-trotter.

Bright-eyed scammer

Yet the term “bright-eyed scammer” is inappropriate. Indeed, it is not the man you see who commits scams on the Internet. They are scammers who usurp his identity.

It would have been more accurate to call him “the bright-eyed man whose pictures are used for romance scam”.

Bright-eyed scammer

There are also videos of this person in front of his webcam. This is very useful for scammers because they can broadcast these videos on Skype instead of their own image. In this way, the scammers make their contacts believe that they are the bright-eyed man talking live with them.

If you meet a person who displays the photos of this man on his profile, this is definitely the beginning of a romance scam. So stop immediately all contact with him.

10 thoughts on “Bright-eyed scammer”

  1. I was victim of a scammer, he falsy portray some business man by the name of, Andy Halford from London UK, they used his pictures and I fell for the lie,, I never send them any money! But I was left feeling abandoned and lonely again! Because I refused to send money and give them my bank info. They disappeared, I’m from the US. This is people from Facebook! And they still trying with new photos etc. They won’t stop!

  2. hello, I also fell on this crook saying to be sylvester Cazarre from Dallas, texas.
    Real estate manager, fiscalist etc, lived in Polynesia in Papeete, so said to have accent; unfortunately everyone is dead around him, and his terminally ill dialysis sister is waiting for a kidney; he must bring her from Casablanca, it is expensive and he can not unblock an inheritance, blah blah…
    In short I stopped him; and I found by copying his photo on google a website informing he was polish guy !

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I need your help. Does someone could tell me if this person is a real one or a scammer? He attends for the name of Michael Derrick in Instagram. Asked me to follow me and atfer that asked to continue the friendship in Hangout. Very confident, gentle, and charming but the voice is strange. He says he lives in NY but the photos in Insta is from San Diego. With a lot of love promises, almost irresistible, but you know that ? I could see him only 1 time in the camera and in very bad voice quality. He says he is divorced and with 2 lovely kids. He is really convincent, but there is something I can’t trust. Does anyone knows him ? Please help me.


  4. Saya berkenalan dengan Aziz Omar dari London. Seorang pengurus syarikat oil and gas. Dia disyaki mengguna gambar golongan VVIP di Malaysia. Beberapa hari berkenalan, dia minta alamat penuh untuk menempah tiket ke negeri saya. Apabila tiba masa melawat, dia hanya sampai di Kuala Lumpur, ibu negara saya. Di situ dia beritahu yang dia mengalami masalah yang besar iaitu ditahan oleh pegawai immigration kerana membawa wang tidak diiktiraf dalam jumlah yang banyak. Wakilnya menghubungi saya minta 2 ribu untuk me lepas dia dari tahanan. Apa yang pelik dia masih dapat menghubungi saya walaupun jadi orang tahan. Merayu dan terus merayu hingga anak saya mengeluar kata-kata yang menyebabkan dia benci dan putus asa hingga mendoakan kami sekeluarga akan ditimpa musibah kerana tidak memberinya wang.


  5. Attention! His name is Allan Lopez. Finds women on a dating site. Introduced by a Builder from Michigan. Write letters, e-mail ( and Skype, confesses his love. He is going to come to visit. Then he asks for his Luggage, which he sent to the woman’s address. The woman must pay for the Luggage. The Luggage will be the usual garbage.


  6. hi,I also was victim of romance scammer ….I think hi use own picture but I’m non sure ….I meet him in Ashley Madison and after he propose mi to chat in Hangout ….His name is Giovanni Armstrong or Giovanni Amerigo and 56 years old ….he after 15 days start to ask money but I never send him….
    Hi said his Italian born but hi moved to Uk when hi has child and don’t speak Italian ….I’m Italian ….When I call in video hi never reply …i suspect and start to cheek some thing and understand hi’s a scammer ….In my culture the man never ask for money this the first signal for me…

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