Juan Soler

Juan Soler is an actor from Argentina whose photos are regularly used by scammers

Juan Soler

Juan Soler is a star in Latin America. He was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina in January 19, 1966. In his youth he was a good rugby player, which led him to integrate the Argentine national team. Later, he became a model and started acting in plays in Argentina.

In 1994, after participating in television programs in Argentina, he decided to move to Mexico. There he gets small roles in “telenovelas”. He plays in “Cañaveral pasiones” in 1996 which became the most successful production of the year.

Juan Soler

Then he plays many roles in Mexican television series, including “Apuesta por un Amor” which earned him a nomination for the Best Actor prize. He specializes in this kind of production, playing in “Marido en alquiler” in 2013 and “Reina de corazones” in 2014, in which he played the leading roles.

Juan Soler has a great popularity in Central America and South America, thanks to his acting skills and his good looking body. There are dozens and dozens of photos of this beautiful man on the internet, to the delight of his large fan base.

Juan Soler

But for scammers who wish trap internet victims, it is ideal. A handsome man with many photos available on the web. This is a scenario leading to scams feelings.

This is indeed what happened. But thanks to you all, we have received several reports of profiles on dating sites with photos of Juan Soler.

Juan Soler

Some of you have recognized him and deduced the scam in progress. Others were able to detect the scam attempt without suspecting that the person in the photos was a star in the Spanish-speaking America.

Scammers often use the same “tricks” in romance scams. A handsome man, widowed or who have been brutally dumped by his wife, raising children alone, entrepreneur … And who should suddenly go on a trip to Africa.

Then a pseudo tragedy happens and you are the only person who can help him, he needs money! Run away when you’re dealing with a similar story. It is nothing but romance scam.

16 thoughts on “Juan Soler”

  1. This has just happened to me.
    Someone saying his name was Donald Dicomo, age 49 from Lille, entrepreneur, widowed, raising young girls alone for last 8 years, contacted me through OK Cupid. For two months, we corresponded and he sent me lots of photos of who I now know is Juan Soler, his wife and two children, claiming them as his own.
    He wrote extensive love poetry which I have now found online. Trip to Dubai to inaugurate a huge commercial construction project, with a sudden trip to the Ivory Coast at the last minute with his daughters. At that moment I was warned by a friend about this scam so the “ask” was avoided as I cut the connection with him. Exchanges on Skype were handled by him saying his microphone didn’t work, and what I was actually seeing were videos of Juan Soler either off of Youtube of Twitterwebcam.
    This is an elaborate and sophisticated scam, so please beware.

    1. This scam was started happening to me. I was approached by Rob.8842 Instagram profile. Loads of texts through Instagram. Same story, widow with two daughters and businessman ready to travel to Burkina Faso. I asked him for a voice message thinking he must be a scam and his voice is not a French man who is supposed to live in Toulon.
      I am aware of the scams and I google search for the picture and there he was..
      Ladies be aware of this case still happening.


    2. Mir ist das gleiche passiert. Allerdings führte mein Scammer den Namen François Guillot (ebenso mit Fotos von Juan Soler). Ich war so dumm aus Unerfahrenheit viel Geld für eine unglaubliche Geschichte zu zahlen. Ich fand auf eigene Recherche heraus, dass ich 7 Monate mit einer schwarzen Frau in Afrika Kontakt hatte.
      Noch heute, 2 Jahre danach, bin ich immer noch zerstört und finde keine Ruhe mehr.

  2. I was contacted through Okcupid by a man claiming to be Franck-Andre Rousseau giving me his Skype and Facebook name.
    He contacted me through another account on Okcupid the next day and I got suspicious. His age on Skype and Facebook wasn’t the same. I Googled for fake profile and found lots of storys about this fake profile. I rapported his fake profile on LinkedIn Skype Google + and Facebook

  3. Contacted via Tinder. This guy calls himself Morten 47. Engineer at Shell Oil Company.
    According to him he is a Danish single father, living in London with a 12 year old girl who he has raised by himself after his wife died of Cancer. Phone number +4478-407-152-23
    He sends numerous pics of Juan Soler

    1. cette personne se fait passé pour RAPHAEL HUGO ,habitant CORSEPT ,a coté de NANTES ,il est architecte et papa de 2 filles ,veuf.et se trouve a BAMAKO pour son travail.

  4. Hi,
    I met him via dating site ‘Tinder’ as Morten Christensen, danish living in London, widower and a 12 year old daughter Jade. Engineer at Shell Oil Company and had to go to Nigeria for work. We started communicating via Whatsapp, calls every morning,…. Man it seemed so real.
    Stuck on a oil platform, attacked by somalian pirates,…. long story. Promised me the world, send several pictures, all listed here, send me even a booking from is flight ticket and document of immigration department of Nigera that he had to have at least 1200 USD travel money to be able to fly to Belgium. Stopped all contact.
    After a week again message via other phone number, that he arrived safe and sound in the UK, some days contact and calls again and than nothing anymore….
    Unbelievable that this imposter is already going on like this for years and nothing / nobody can stop this


  5. I also had pic sent to me by a men called Jean Charles Rousseau from France in Auvergne , i reported him on facebook and skype


  6. It happend to me as well same pics.
    He said his wife was dead, asked me to marry him and meet him at the airport, I said no as I don’t know him well enough talked to him on Skype as well it was this man I was talking to on the photo said his Miro phone was broken so found out in the end he was a scammer .But to be honest Juan soler has many vidio where he’s not talking so he should have stoped this he must know by know that a lot of women are being scammed as he is the top one these men are using to scam women so I told the man I was talking to I was going to report him to the police he blocked me I’ve also send all picture and message Juan soler on his face book waiting to hear ??????

  7. A new scammer going by the name of Philippe Dureau on Facebook, living in Brest and widowed is also using Juan Soler’s pictures..the photos do not appear on Facebook. They are sent later as a “hook” so ladies beware!!!!

  8. Got scammed by the name David Morris living in L.A. and widowed two daughters is also using Juan Solers’ pictures. Didn’t take me long of course after wanting ITune cards. Long story short he was really good but once we talked on Hangouts I knew right away. Yep. Red flag. Yes ladies beware!!!

    1. Hi Lucy, I am talking to the same man now! He is also called David Morris! I have been talking to him for about a month now.He told me he was a widow with two daughters, originally from Texas but currently working in Turkey on an oil rig. Has declared his undying love for me, very convincing, sends me photos of his daughters, himself and even his home! Alarm bells rang for me when he asked me for an Amazon gift card to finish his work project and to top up his phone! He wants me to buy them and send photos of the codes! I have spoken to him on the phone about 3 times as well and was actually planning on meeting him. He uses Juan’s photos, I only found this out after doing an Google image search.


  9. Just been scammed, or attempted scam by Daan Henk on words with friends. His profile picture is of Juan Soler. The conversation moved to hangouts. Instincts told me this was not right. I stuck with the chat for over a week as I don’t have a computer and you can’t upload images to google on phone/tablet. My brother uploaded a photo for me and it’s Juan Soler. He sent me numerous photos, all in different situations but all believable. He lived in LA, widowed, raising 2 young daughters, worked in the shipping industry. Sent photos of his home, absolutely stunning. I was ready to get on a flight lol i’m In the UK. I sent the photos from google images to him, so he sent me an actual picture of himself, young teenager, possibly Nigerian based. Blocked him sharpish.

  10. Hi! My name is Teresa, I’m Portuguese, 53 years old and I’m being scammed right now by a guy who claims to be “Emmanuel Lérant”, a French engineer living in Rennes, France, widower, with a 14 year old daughter named Océane. I realized from the first day we met 2 weeks ago on Plenty of Fish (POF) he was trying to fool me with a fake profile because I immediately searched his facebook profile and it’s fake too and clearly suspicious. Then I google-searched his photos and well, they are all fake too. He uses Juan’s pictures with his daughters on his facebook profile and he also asked me to videochat with him and I found out later it was some footage of Juan.
    He calls me several times a day on Gmail Hangouts and I’ve even spoken to his “daughter”, who I believe must be a woman who’s in the “business” with him. There had been two other scammers last year who tried the same with me and failed because I found out and so, this time I decided it was my time to play around, I want to see where it goes. This morning, I took a picture of myself with a paper heart close to my heart with his name and his daughter’s and I asked him to do the same and he sent me a picture of Juan holding a paper with my name! This guy is good! But I’ll report on him to the authorities no matter how long it takes.
    dear girl friends, the real handsome guys don’t need to fool women around, so be very careful with this kind of scumbags who are just after your money and don’t ever give them your personnal information, such as your cell number, address or account number. they don’t love you, they never will and they only care for easy money. watch out for youselves, your families and your money!!!!!


  11. Roberto Roudot contacted me through Instagram.widower, 53 living in Paris with daughters Alexandra and Valerie. Went to Mali with daughters, stabbed, lost money etc etc. Sent many photos of Juan Soler and even boasted that he knew he was beautiful!

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