Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen is a former English rugby player. Browsers usurp his identity

Ben Cohen was born on September 14, 1978 in Northampton, England. He joined the rugby club of his hometown at the age of 12. His progress was meteoric and he was selected in the England team in the year 2000.

Ben Cohen
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His biggest trophy was the title of world champion acquired with the team of England in 2003. He retired from sport in 2011.

He then created a foundation that fights against bullying and violence at school and in sport. In the mid-2010s, he also participated in shows broadcast on British television.

Known in England and by rugby fans around the world, Ben Cohen is not necessarily famous outside of these groups. Handsome, young, muscular, that should appeal to many women. This is precisely what led scammers to take an interest in the English rugby player.

The crooks then stole Ben Cohen’s photos to create fictitious profiles on dating sites or social media. Once the profiles are created, the scammers contact women present on their websites. They then try to seduce them, armed with photos of the handsome rugby player.

If women respond favorably to scammers’ attempts at charm, then scammers will pretend that something has happened to them. They will then ask their contacts for money, emphasizing the urgency of their request.

Above all, do not give in to these requests for money, they are attempts to romance scams.

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