Eliad Cohen

Eliad Cohen is an Israeli producer and model. His photos were stolen by scammers.

Eliad Cohen was born on May 11, 1988 in Acre, Israel. After graduating from high school, he served in the Israel Defense Forces in an elite combat unit for three years. Then he took up residence in Tel Aviv where he worked as a bartender and model.

Eliad Cohen
Credit: Aziyade Gil

His career exploded in 2011 when he was chosen to participate in a television show dedicated to the Mizrahi genre of music. The show became very popular around the world with fans of this music. And at the same time, the television show propeled the career of Eliad Cohen.

He is also the co-founder of Gay-ville, a global gay-friendly vacation and apartment rental network based in Tel Aviv. Gay-ville has become known through thousands of apartment ads in countries on all continents.

Eliad Cohen is also the founder of the PAPA Party which was launched in Tel Aviv in association with Tel Aviv Gay Pride. Since 2012, he has developed his concept internationally with events in various American, Canadian, European and Latin American locations.

Quite well known in gay circles, Eliad Cohen is much less so in straight circles. Some scammers take the opportunity to attempt romance scams by using photos of the handsome Israeli without his knowledge.

The crooks will thus draw from the many photos available on the internet. For example on Eliad Cohen’s Instagram account which has nearly 1.5 million followers!! Then the scammers will create fictitious accounts on dating sites or social media. They will then approach other people and try to seduce them.

The scammers will then pretend that a problem has just happened to them. They will then ask for financial support from their contacts. But this is a scam, no problem happened. You are not in contact with the one you believe, but rather with a scammer!

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