Johnny Sigal

Johnny Sigal is a Venezuelan artist. Scammer usurped his photos.

Johnny Sigal

Johnny Sigal was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1980. He graduated from Emil Friedman school where he studied music. At this time, he is already known as a singer, winning the first place in many festivals. He participates in parallel for a year and a half in a Latin band called “Son de la Calle”.

At 19, Johnny Sigal was chosen to be part of a project about recording modern versions (pop) music of the 70s in Spanish. 3 men and 2 women, aged between 19 and 23 years, were part of this band. The project was recorded in Miami in the United States. With this group, he participated in high audience TV programs broadcasted in much of Latin America.

Johnny Sigal

In 2003, Johnny Sigal participates in a reality show as a singer. A few months later, he recorded a solo album, signing with the “World Entertainment Group” label. This album included songs of famous songwriters such as Jorge Luis Chacin and Luis Enrique. But this project will not succeed.

He participated in the first album of the Tartara band, called “Trazos” and launched in July 2006. Their first single, “Dame tu cariño” (Give me your love) was positioned at the top of the music charts. It reached for 2 consecutive weeks the first place in Venezuela.

In 2007, Johnny Sigal started to prepare in Miami his first solo production.

Johnny Sigal

He worked with renowned Brazilian producer Marcello Azevedo, who has previously worked with artists such as Paulina Rubio, Chayanne, Julio Iglesias, David Bustamante, among others. The following year, Johnny Sigal released his first solo album. Amoun this album, singles such as “Quedo in Nada” (left with nothing) and “Sin tí” (Without you).

In May 2007, he also played the role of Jesus Christ in the Venezuelan version of the classic musical comedy “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. He was accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Caracas.

In early 2010, Johnny is the guest artist during the concert of the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias on his tour in Venezuela. In parallel, he pursues a national tour with the comedy “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

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    He would be separated from his girlfriend who lives in Italy with her 9 year old daughter. We first exchanged by mailbox and then by Skype and the photos he sent me (so-called) from him are photos of Johnny Sigal. Suspicious, because this person makes a lot of mistakes and his way of expressing it suggests that he is a stranger, I went on the internet to do research and I searched for a while before finding who owned these pictures. I also suppose that it is not just a person but a group of people who are behind this profile.
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    I put some of the photos he sent me on my mailbox and Skype.

  2. I do not understand why this Venezuelan singer Johnny Sigal, does not react because he lets these people usurp his pictures to rip off women.
    It is time for this singer to take the necessary steps to avoid any scams. Johnny Sigal must have the opportunity to stop these scams instead of posting new pictures of him. He is not aware of the damage that this causes?
    I was scammed by a man who usurps the photos of this singer, he sends me recent photos. I told him about this woman who is at his side, he told me that her name was Ornella and that Esmeralda Ulgade was her 2nd name and that her family was famous. He owes him 15 thousand euros and he is counting on me to send him this money following a succession for the death of a member of my family. He asked me $300, I refused. I have not heard from him for a week or 15 days, it’s been 17 months that we talk together but today I decided to remove him from my contacts, I find him dangerous psychologically, very charming, very guilty, answers to everything or else he does not answer or changes subjects. He has several identities.

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  4. Je souhaite rester anonyme.
    Je suis toujours en relation avec cet homme. Il écrit très bien le français, il lui arrive de faire des petites fautes mais rien d’alarmant. C’est un homme que je considère comme dangereux, manipulateur, il sait retomber sur ses pieds à des questions embarrassantes ou sinon il les ignore. mais son but récupérer de l’argent et le comble, on peut lui envoyer de l’argent en 2 fois. Actuellement, il demande un 1er versement de 150€ et le 2ème virement au bout d’une semaine. Il souhaite des sommes beaucoup plus importante partant de 600€ à 15 milles euros qu’il devrait à sa femme Ornella pour son 1er prénom le second Esmeralda Ulgade.
    Je lui ai mis des photos, des vidéos pour qu’il comprenne que je ne suis pas dupe. Je lui ai fait parvenir toutes ses incohérences à travers des photos et vidéos, la réponse qu’il me donne est celle-ci “je veux plus parler de photos, de vidéos”. C’est un échappatoire pour lui mais pas pour moi. Aujourd’hui, je ne ferai plus rien pour lui démontrer que ce n’est qu’un imposteur, peut-être un brouteur. Je fais ce signalement pour les femmes sensibles, fragiles.


  5. Fake profile Instagram

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    His reply was hello
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