Marc Gervais

Marc Gervais is well known in Quebec, Canada. His photos are used a lot on fake profiles

Marc Gervais

Marc Gervais is a renowned lecturer in Quebec, Canada. He even has its own website. On this website, he is described as follows:

Marc Gervais is one of most sought professional speakers in Quebec. Author of five bestselling books and former policeman, he talks to his audience in a direct language and with a kind of humor he only has.

Marc manages to thrill his audience in a very special way and leaves no one indifferent. To date, he presented his lectures to over 500 000 people.

marc gervais

Less known outside Canada, many women looking for love on the internet have already been scammed by crooks who used photos of Marc Gervais to create fake profiles on dating sites.

It starts with a trivial contact to a lonely woman from a man seeking for love. Then a more or less period of seduction begins. Once seduced by the fake Marc Gervais, victims are asked to send money under the pretext of an accident or sudden drama. This is a typical romance scam process.

Once again, scammers have chosen to spoof photos of a man between two ages. A man able to seduce many women looking for love. Specifically Marc Gervais smiles on almost all his pictures, which inspires confidence and the joy of living of this man.

Many pictures of him and his daughter are also circulating.

marc gervais

His photos are an asset to the crooks who can play the history of a man abandoned with his daughter by his ex wife, or a widower who is raising his daughter.

But in both cases, the scammers play with the feelings of their victims by involving the one who is probably the daughter of Mr Gervais, the real one.

So if someone has contacted you with such pictures, be sure that this is a scam !

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  1. 4/24/16
    I am on and someone used Mr. Gervais picture to setup profile. This person communicated with me for 2 weeks and sent me 6 pictures of him and his daughter. Also, he wanted to extort money from me using the guilty/romantic fillings but he didn’t succeeded. Today I checked and there is new profile with different name using again Mr. Gervais picture.
    I reported this to and local FBI office.


    1. I have been contacted on intagram , there he used the name Harry Winward , from Southhampton UK , We were sending mails about 4 days until i felt it is suspect!! I deleted evrything , the whatsapp messages and whatsapp calls . The profile on instagram is blocked and I have left a message to instagram aswell .

    2. I was approached by him recently ….. never once did he ask for any money … but was very sweet


    3. Sammy Mike Walker, viudo con una hija de 12 años, Jane. De Estados Unidos, residente en Italia. Su hija tiene un accidente y necesita dinero.
      Desde el principio estaba claro que era una estafa. Demasiado guapo como para necesitar las redes para buscar amor.

      1. contactan conmigo por instagram, durante 15 dias intentan conquistarme y me envian fotos de este señor marc gervais, el supuesto estafador se hace pasar como JEAN PIERRE DEFFARAD, de liege-belgica, viudo y con una hija de 12 años llamada klhoe, restaurador antiguedades y propietario de un anticuario sito en LA BATTE EN liege-belgica, UTILiza fotos y videos trucados con la imagen de marc gervais, afortunadamente le descubri antes de estafarme.

    4. Soy de argentina fuí contactada por . @marioandersón5000, utiliza las fotos de Marc . Era muy sospechosoa la necesidad de amor que tenia, su hija me mandaba audios llamandome mami. Me mandaron videos de días de campo y cuando iban a navegar. Dijo que era de Arkansas, se dedicaba a la construcción y actualmente vivían en Londres . La característica del telefono de contacto era 44 de UK. Quería viajar urgente a verme con la hija, averiguó los pasajes y eran de 1700 dólares para cada uno. Entonces aprovechando la ” supuesta buena relación que tenía con su hija” me pidió que pagara los pasajes de ella, obviamente no los podía comprae desde aquí, tenía que enviarle el dinero Lo bloqueé en instagram y en wapp. Cuidense mujeres. Tiene muchos videos de Marc y la hija. Es muy creíble. Saludos


    5. I have been talking to this scum for two week in the Eric from Whitehaven Cumbria thought something was wrong when he told me he love me after a week I have reported


  2. long887 approached me on match with a picture of Marc and I reported it to Match. The guy sent me photos of Marc and his daughter, said he was widowed, and then when I saw his photo was fake, found several profiles on Google Plus. Andre Richard Bolt on Match, Damien Rousseau, and other names on Google.
    Marc has a ton of photos on his page.


  3. I have been talking to this guy for the past few weeks.
    I had a feeling something was not right. He suddenly got called away to South Africa for a construction project, he took his daughter, he gave me a story about how she lost his luggage full of electronics and how he really needs them for the sake of his project. Today he asked me if I could pick up the things and send them to him and he would in turn pay me for them. Ha I immediately went to search the email address and found all the information in regards to this scam. I would never have sent anything like electronics to a total stranger I am glad he asked me to do that because that is exactly what made me search even more.

    1. He has been lovingly spinning my emotional wheels since Nov 5th as Richard Gallant from Nashville Tn.
      Thankfully God protects me so and I was able to search and find this was a scam. How cruel for others to play on emotions of the innocent. Keep your heads up ladies… we are all valuable and deserve much better. Be safe.

      1. This picture was used to scam and elderly lady I know over 150 thousand he said his name is Antonio and has a daughter named Rita

      2. I had the same scanner that says he got called away to Cape Town on business and his daughter lost his carry on. I knew the picture looked very familiar so for the week I was talking to him and asked him multiple times to video call me which he did not. I had a feeling it was a scam but then 5 days after talking to him twice A-day he started saying I love you. Yeah that’s when I knew I needed to take him down. So I said I need your address to ship it he gave me his name, address and phone number. dummy… Contact was made on plenty of fish. I did a search on Facebook with his real name and a married couple came up and said self employed? I’m sure both of them are scamming people! I feel sorry for the lady that said she lost her life savings, million dollars! ouch!!
        First Name: Bulelwa

        Last Name: Mbune


        Phone number: +27 65 177 3345

        1. OMG I have dreaming with our “first” get together in 3 weeks.
          Names from Thomnson Scott and even “the daughter” spoke to me in Google chat. This time, same pictures of Marc Gervais, was in TikTok where I went just for jokes and with ONE photo. I became so involved that I dreamed with the guy mostly every night. It was very bad for a senior widow, but I will make it.

          1. I also have been chatting with Thomson Scott on Google chat also chatted with Lilly his daughter. He is very convincing the pictures for various profiles are really Marc Genevis the author and speaker.

      3. Recently scammed me under the name John Laker, an engineer from Flint, Michigan. Never got to the point of asking me for cash but he was still in the seduction phase when I became suspicious and blocked him after he asked me to move the conversation from Instagram to Google Hangouts.

    2. This Man know as Peter Scott. We got to know each other for months.
      I fell so much in love with him, He needed money he lost id’s trying to get from South Africa to get to me. I sent him money and then said he was arrest due to a broken contract. I sent money again for court fines. And Plane ticket, Then he told me after not hearing from him some guy used his cell claiming he was a Doctor asking what was his lastnight. I paid hostipal bills for him to leave the hostipal. Due to where he had fallen with bad headaches i had to see him more money for court fees and for staying on a hotel cause he wasnt allowed at his property.
      I spend ovwr 25,000 or more . Then i sent money where i sold everything in my home to help him because he said its only material things then I will deal with him I didn’t need it you also told me to leave my job now I am out of work I have nothing in my house i am so badly in depth and have to file bankruptcy.
      I have tried suicide due to i have so much stress and when he got the last of what i sold to send him he blocked me like i was a nobody. My life is ruined by this Peter Scott who promise me the world. I don’t know what to do. I recevied a message from anonymous text message saying he goes by Peter Scott and his name was Marc. When i sent him the pictures and ask him whats going on i didnt hear from him after.
      I have borrowed even so much money to send to him. I am so hurt and my life is ruined. I have no one to turn to


        1. The scammers use the profile name John Harry. He also used Mario Janse, Thomas Gary and Marcus Antony. He is actively operating on facebook to lure woman on dating groups.


        2. Scammers are now using the name Dr. Simon Philippe Arthur for this man whose real name is Marc Gervais. They say he is a cardiovascular surgeon working for the first UN in Yemen. I knew from the first day that this is a scam. They use the name Anne for his daughter. He has a fake fb blog.

        3. so sorry to hear that Rose, I hope you have recovered some.. Luckily I ws able to end this scam after only two weeks. He contacted me as Richard Orid, Brazilian in the us, an environmental petroleum engineer, who wen to Malaysia for an oil spillage contract and needed itunes cards to get online (go figure!).
          Beware sisters! The person using Mr Gervais’s image is real scumbag.
          So Not good.
          Take good care and deeply love yourselves! Rosa

        4. A shame that scam people try to be this person and make women feel like they’re a princess in the world sucks that they get away with it and no one tries to get the people that do it does it


      1. I cannot believe what happened to you but that’s the reason these guys keep traping women, there are the ones that send money, I wouldn’t give money to a man with a knife in my back and if I had to pay for sex would get a 40 years old. I felt for this guy too, OMG I have dreaming with our “first” get together in 3 weeks.
        Names from Thomnson Scott and even “the daughter” spoke to me in Google chat. This time, same pictures of Marc Gervais, was in TikTok where I went just for jokes and with ONE photo. I became so involved that I dreamed with the guy mostly every night. It was very bad for a senior widow, but I will make it.

  4. A man named Andre Hummels sweet talked for 2 weeks now.
    Sending me photos of him and his daughter, but my son said I must be very careful of catfishing, then I checked the photos against the internet and found that I was scammed…


    1. I have met the same man April 11, 2018 , he reach out to me on Facebook. He is going by the name Hajiah Roland , say he is from Chicago Illinois. But is away on business, engineering in oil there. In Russia. Tells me he can’t send pictures to dangerous there and been asking me to claim his box from his job. Never asked for money for he knows I been scammed before. But tells me he loves me and want to marry me. Tells me his daughter is back at Chicago in a boarding school, his wife died in a accident at her job. Everything I want to hear he told me. But now I see he has got to alot of woman on here. My heart is breaking but my soul is strong. One more time for this, you think i learn from the last time. Sad that a monster is doing this to us woman

    2. Hi
      I just want to know how you checked this guy out on the internet? I think he is trying to scam me, so I want to check him out. Thank you.

      1. Dropping them for over 2 weeks did the same thing to me said he was born in Russia came here in Georgia had a daughter in a boarding school in Georgia that was 12 years old same picture with the little girl telling me that he’s going to come and get me when he’s done in September of getting off the oil rig petroleum engineer broke my heart just looking for man on my life to love me the way he said son of a b**** needs to be in jail breaking of the women’s hearts and mine I hope the person that he stole his identity beats the s*** out of him and Susan for all he has

        1. I have been contacted recently by this scumbag in the name of Edward Andrew, as soo as I saw the pictures he sent me I realised that is seen them before, so I googled Tineye, it’s a site you can check photos to see if they are anywhere else on the internet, sure enough there they were, I was contacted last year by another guy also using Mr Gervias’s photos, his name was Richard Campbell, but once he tried to get me to transfer funds from a US Account to mine I deleted and blocked him.
          The poor man is dead and these bottom dwellers are having a field day with Marc Gervais’s photos, They need to track the scum down and shoot them on the spot, maybe that would deter others from scamming innocent people!!

        2. Ik heb die leren kennen in 2018,zijn naam was Randy William, zijn dochter noemde jubilee, die kon het goed meewerken met Randy, hij zou met mij trouwen, hij was verliefd op mij ,maar hij moest mij niet hebben geld, de 13 maart heb ik hem nog aan de lijn gehad, hij belde met Whatsapp, kan daar niemand aan die man iets doen, die houdt nooit niet op ,asjeblieft straft die persoon dat hij ophoud met geld te vragen.

  5. Yo también tengo varios meses de conversaciones con una persona que se ha hecho pasar por el verdadero Sr. Gervais con sus fotografías y las de su hija, en mi caso su nombre era Antoine Guillou, yo soy una persona muy sensible a las necesidades de los demás, y después de tantas horas de conversaciones y buenas palabras, he caído en su trampa enviándole varias cantidades de dinero para diferentes situaciones de aparente necesidad para él y su hija. El me buscó en Facebook. Quiero hacer éste comentario para advertir a posibles víctimas, que no confíen en nadie y qué se lo piensen muy bien antes de entablar amistad con un desconocido. Gracias por darme ésta oportunidad para contar mi experiencia.

  6. I have also been chatting with this fake person POF with these pics.
    Did not get around to asking for money yet. Spoke with him, definitely Nigerian. Claims to be a widow called Roland, raising a 12 year old daughter called Sharon. A lot of romantic BS!


  7. Realmente, Marc Gervais en su tiempo libre, y para ganar dinero hace este tipo de estafas.
    Yo hablé directamente con él vía skype y sí he comprobado que es el Impostor. Nadie creería que este tipi, usa su físico para jugar con los sentimientos de los demás. Así mismo juega con la vida de su hija.


      1. This guy got in touch with me through Facebook calling Joseph, 52 age, engineer.
        He came from Italy, but lived in USA. He sent me photos from him and his daughter. He told me that he was divorced and he wanted a serious relationship with a responsible and good woman. I noticed, he was faster talking about love. According to him, he felt in love with me after second day we were talking. Even he called me by skype once, for some minutes, until his Internet conexion failed, according his words.
        Well I could see a guy similar to the one of the pictures, but I would swear he isn’t exactly the same guy. I always felt something extrange in all this, but I continued talking to him until he asked me for money with the excuse, he had to travel to Turkey for work and he didn’t have enough money. I searched on the Internet with photos he sent me and I discovered the photos were all on the Internet, thanks to God, I didn’t send him money. I blocked him. Thank you all the women that tell their stories.
        I am so sorry for the bad experience, they are helping other women.

      2. I talked to him on google chat with video. He looks like the picture. I could not hear the voice and it was a quick call I didn’t fall for it but I have been playing to see where he was going to take it.

    1. Some scammers make fake videos and set them on skype, I never send money to anyone and its very easy to discover them if you pay attention about what they are telling you.

      1. Buna ziua! Am fost si eu inselata de un barbat pe nume James Rosa de 50 ani care ia murit sotia in accident rutier si a ramas cu fetita de 10 ani pe nume Eva! Care e nascut in Germania Hamburg este doctor militar de profesie si este plecat in Siria prin contract de munca pe 5 ani. Mea cerut ajutor ca sai trimit bani pentru ca ii este dor de fetita ca ea e bolnava si il cere pe tatal ei acasă, fetita lui Eva in care se afla in internat, prima suma iam trimis 1600 euro pentru documente perfectate apoi a cerut 3600 euro tot pentru ceva documente apoi a cerut 8550 euro pentru un doctor de inlocuire si cind a cerut 15500 euro atunci meam dat seama ca e o escrocherie , toti banii au fost trimisi pe diferite familii de turci turcoaice pe Monygram dar toate cecurile bancare pozate si trimise pe general.scotmiler12@gmail. com sau pe jamesrosa866@gmail. com am primit 18 poze de a lui Marc Gervais si cu fetita lui. Doamne atita sinceritate era in persoana data cite promisiuni de dragoste, eu nu pot sa imi vin in fire ca am atita stres de la un escroc. Fiti atente dragi femei! Acuma trebuie sa lucrez mult pina voi intoarce datoriile.Mam imbolnavit de la persoana data !


    2. Como comprobaste que el verdadero Marc Gervais Es el que esta haciendo eso. To tambien lo creo. Las voces son identicas. Porfavor contedame. Gracias

  8. Same thing happened to me.
    Been talking with “Randy Woodland” for two weeks. Found him on pof and he started telling me he was in love with me after 3 days.. red flag! He was widowed and had a 12 year old daughter named Sharon. He had his own company which got hacked into, that’s why I couldn’t find it in the internet. Red flag! He had two other profiles on pof and I created an alias account with a different pic, he contacted me twice with two different profiles ! Red flag !! I confronted him on it when I sent him the pic of Marc Gervais. He deleted me instantly.


  9. I have been scammed by a man called Herve DEMARCO using this same picture of MARC GERVAIS.
    I have unfortunately just found this out. He has been scamming me for the last nine months. I am devastated. He says he is now in France. He contacted me on Facebook, then moved to messenger, then to Skype. I want to warn all those poor victims like myself.

    1. Hi Marlene
      I think it is a gang of people doing this scam as the messages sent to me are not consistent as in sometimes the grammar is better than others and the person often calls himself the wrong name.
      Did you report this to anyone?

      1. hi alison, i reported it to action fraud. also facebook.
        my case seems to differ. it is more consistent. always seems the same person. intelligent. good french. articulate. i have also made it clear, no more money, but still persists. swears undying love and wants to come to my home.

        1. He is in facebook underthe name of Aaron Addison. He is a widower witjh a 7 year old named sharon. He scammed me too but I became suspicious when he said his daughter was sick and needed medicine. I am a nurse and knew the illness and the treatment.

          1. this guy contacted me and he also goes by alexander frilito. he doesnt have otger friends on his facebook page and he personalized his facebook picture to say my name byt i found him here on goggle and i looked because he keeps asking for money, like who would anyone give money to someone they havent even seen, i know some have fall for it and im very sorry cause i really liked him myself but thank goodness i looked him up. please everyone, always pay attention to your gut and if its too good to be true, is too good to be true.


        2. I think I was also scammed by this gang.
          Mine went by the name Marcos Anderson. He claimed to be from Brazil, but now I believe he could be French. I also felt stupid, but I he was very convincing. I’m currently working with the bank I sent the money, which I know I will never get back. I also reported him to INTERPOL and the Malaysian Embassy, I would really like to sue for all the scammers profiles they allow on the site. Anyone with me?


      2. This face is not the real person you think you are talking to.. the person or person’s that are using this mans face to act out a role of being someone that there not… I had this done to me
        . These scammers are disquesting pieces of trash….. low life
        Worst of the worst. There scum
        Nobody falls in love over the internet by a picture. They say there in love with you
        .They don’t even know you and you don’t even know them.

  10. Omg! I just found out a man calling himself Greg Walter using Marc Gervais’ photo’ has been scamming me for 10 months! He met me on Facebook & quickly moved to texting. I am out over 45,000.00. I feel stupid & hurt.


    1. Cheryl, please don’t feel stupid these people do this for a job and are good at it. did you report it to anyone

      1. Dobrý den dnes je tento pan znovu zneuzivany na podvody pod menom CUSTER CAMPBELL!!! Kĺudne mi napíste poviem Vám viac, Alena Brza

    2. i reported Demarco to action fraud here in britain, but they do nothing
      he is back in abidjan…….. i got sucked back in, but have given no more money. i just wanted to see how far he would go. i have not seen any other reports of herve demarco, but plenty of other names. he is very very believable. conversations in french, very well educated and intelligent.

    3. Had is contacting me now and I want to turn him in. He requested me as a friend on Facebook 3 days ago and has since deleted his Profile. Says his daughter must have signed on too many times with the wrong password. It’s obvious something is up with this guy.
      His photo of Marc and his daughter looks so real. I don’t even see it on the internet.



      1. Hye..I got a mail from the same man on instagram. He called himself David Janssens. Called me on whatsapp…gave me an adress of the UTC in visit him. ..but didn’t ask money yet. When I tell him to Come and visit…he is nervous. I live in Belgium. He is still talking to me on whatsapp. Sended me picture of him self with daughter emely 14 years old. Told me he is contractor in Londen. He follow more than 600 woman on instagram. What so I do best?

  11. Help, Marc Gervais pic is being used by someone who is going to try to scam me, alarm bells rang after a couple of days so I done a picture search on the photo as nothing came up for the name, I have informed the police and they have said to keep the conversation going while they collaborate any info from other sources, they basically need to know if it’s worth investigating.
    Thing is it’s getting near to the time for him to ask me for money as he has left for his [business trip to Ghana] from reading everything here I know whats coming and won’t be able to stall him for long. He has closed his facebook account down already.
    I want to get this scumbag caught, who else can I get to investigate this???

    1. i want my scumbag caught as well! I took the account information and immediately filed a report with the FBI Internet crime reporting site. Even though they got nothing from me I was able to do a email search to find the IP address for the computer where the mail was being originated from. Bank account and email were both in the US!


      1. I also met a man on WWF in Sept 2018. Right away he fell in love. His name is james brooks and email As we chatted he said he was a widower and has a daughter named Jane. He said he was a independent contractor in the oil well business. He said he was picked out of 3 people to go work on a rig in South africa where he would make a lot of money. Of course asked for money and said he was working with a lawyer and since he was off shore he couldnt get money needed for his job. Lawyer sent me power of attorney papers and everything supposibly needed. I sent what he needed so the money he was making would go into my account. One thing after another and more and more money was sent. I should have known better. He spoke of all love poems he could muster. Please girls beware of this scammer. After I realize this wasnt true I did a image reverse and nothing came up on him. I have contacted police and FBI. Oh and the lawyer hes not real either. His name was philip Taylor.

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  12. Bradley Pathrawan is a fake Architect in San Diego CA. Who befriended me on Facebook.
    Tried to use my emotions to extort $60,000.00
    For his funding of a project through William Power Architecture out of Escondido, CA

    Company is a hoax!
    A lady named ” Luella Scarborough” is the account holder of the bank where he requested I deposit funds!


  13. Bradley Pathrawan on Facebook.
    This is a hoax photo of him and “Ashley”


    1. Oh ladies this man is good, when I say good he’s starting to grow slower forgetting his game. This is Albert FREDERICK. Alias Albert Morris as of 2 days ago. How many times I. Hear honey , my wife,baby.
      But he’s not that good I have no harsh feelings for him, only for the next victim. And she’s coming real soon. He was German wife died, daughter get this boarding school in Very proper watch yourself he’s not by any means ignorant in speaking of conversation, situations etc…
      He ask me for 1500.00 for his daughter a violin. How he weeps so easily then game me “his Account” because of trust to transfer 34,000.00 from his bank in Miami. For ink by the way he was a super on a oil rig off shore by California. We did face chat called me at home many ordinary people would do. Far from ordinary this Southern Belle turned into Southern hell within seconds. He will often lay low about asking for money or iTunes cards. He lost a lot of that snap the last 2 week’s. I knew it he did too really.
      the dont: send money, give him any reason to become angry , allow your guard down youre history. hes a fast talker when hes caught up in lies confrontations a no no. he is i feel a little physcotic tebnds to be needy and is the most common form of whatever his mind wants him to be. his focus is work , safety, and love of course. rid your self of this bipolar asap. hes got the gift of gab and looks he thinks. it took me 4 long months to find out, he actually had it made “he thought”. i started oh poor baby come home bs. it worked like a charm. i told him i was flying to cali i think that was the first time he actually studdered. so what ill ssay im free of lies waking up to talk 3a.m. please ..
      and he actually posted some really sick pictures and what. I had said to him that will haunt me forever. He’s not a man he’s a worthless piece of substance that I’ve run across in yrs. He’s out there TODAY FISHING bite the hook he’s your problem he has a charm and wit that will stay with me for awhile. he doesnt love you, hes always scamming, the only things he wants and loves is money and himself. He’s a real joke but be aware he can put a world of hurt on you withoutOwhatever name he goes by he’s in a world of S___. Let not one person steal or allow yourself to give up a part of yourself …..check yourself if he’s too nice promises you what you need STOP its the man straight from HELL .

  14. This is a hoax photo of Bradley Pathrawan from Facebook. He sent it to me prior to it showing up on his Facebook profile. He was very charming, made me think that I am the most wonderful person he has ever encountered (that should have been a red flag!) a very healthy man, he had a very nice voice with a french accent that I found irresistible, initially I was angry thinking this was a husband/wife team scamming people until I searched for Mr.Gervais, the owner of the photos and realized he is a victim also.


  15. i always check my mums facebook as she’s had a couple of people trying to scam her before and at 67, shes quite naive about these things.
    As of right now, this man is claiming to be antonio giorgio and i am actually watching the converstaion he is trying to have with my mum on messenger right now. all im waiting for is for him to try the usual crap and ill take over the conversation but beware this name if anyone comes across it. UK

  16. Use in Germany the name Johan Willem
    Daughter Jenny 12 years old, Just in Ghana to visit African with 12 years what for joke. Living in NY Manhattan. I am on Skype with him , knowing he is a scammer


  17. I was targeted 2 months ago, by a guy who called himself Francis Gilbert,,,
    but because I was on a language app HelloTalk, I thought I was paranoid. The red flags were there in the first chat, but I was not aware of how to search images at that time. He wanted to get my email address, and chat off site (red flag!) claimed to be a widower with an 8 yo daughter Tessy, he said he works in the military UN and lives in Germany. His German was inconsistent, and at times I felt like I was speaking to more than one person. He declared feelings for me within a few short days (another red flag!) and the emails he sent felt like a well rehearsed bunch of lines.
    Every time I asked him for more info, he told me that he would lose his job at the military. Things heated up a few days ago when I tried to arrange to meet him. He told me that he would love to meet up but has trouble paying for his daughter’s tickets (this time he said she is 11 year old), and I was to forward money to an “agent” Cynthia Shaw at Fly Safe- not a real travel agent, but an personal email account (major red flag) He got very angry and accused me of not trusting him when I asked more Q’s.
    I feel so gullible and naive. ..couldn’t believe I ignored my gut instinct from the very first day, but kept hoping I was wrong. I’ve learnt my lesson


      1. Facebookのメッセンジャーから日本にメッセージが来ました。


  18. I had my dog’s picture to my profile and he started saying that I look lovely in my picture :))).
    That’s a red flag right there. The account is something new with only one picture. He said he is from Atlanta, he is an engineer, a widow and has a 9 years old daughter. He sent me an email that sounded to good to be true and like a standard generalized email. After that I did a picture search with Google and I found about all the fake account used with the same picture. Anyway, I reported the profile to Facebook and they closed the account. No chance to extort money from me.


  19. My scammer was called Herve Demarco, supposedly from Paris, but operating out of Abidjan, Ivory coast west Africa.
    He also uses Marc Gervais photos, and his daughter. I am still being pestered by this evil individual.

    1. I’ve been through a lot of stories right now. What he wrote to me is very similar to your story. Also a cat divoire, Abidjan. I think it’s an acting gang of African scammers because he or they used a lot of phone numbers of this country. When I blocked them, they started using new numbers. It is a pity that these scoundrels who have deceived so many women cannot be punished. They continue to use Mark’s photo. Bastards.


  20. Further to my blocking my scammer herve demarco, i have been getting notifications of the real man, Marc Gervais, on my facebook page, and messenger.
    A fake profile has been setup, of this poor inocent man. They are advertising his books and selling tickets for his confences. On the site. I was asked to send 100 dollars for a book via Western Union transfer. It was then i became alerted to the scam. Marc Gervais is being hounded.
    How can these evil people get away with it, without being caught?.

  21. I was approached by “Charles Andres” on Instagram.
    He was using Mr. Gervais’ picture. We started chatting and talked for 4 months. During that 4 months, he went to Turkey to purchase real estate. He asked me for a total of $1500 and got nothing. His Instagram handle is Charlesandres29. He also has two instagram pages with the name “Charles Moor” and “Charles Andres”. I’m glad my investigation paid of and I didn’t lose anything but time.


  22. En el Ecuador también aparece su perfil como. Edwin Eric…. utiliza las fotos de Marc Gervais…

  23. He contacted me on Facebook under the name of marc Gervais. Says he and his daughter, Sophia 11 years old, were born in Germany, but moved to London in 2015 after he lost his beloved wife. He is a Marine Engineer and was hoping to get a job in Malaysia. When he goes away for work, Sophis stays with a good Friend of his named James. Says he is “down to earth” and a very HONEST person and It upsets him when someone is not honest.


  24. I know this man as Marcos Anderson.
    I communicated with him for 5 months. He said he was living in my home town and when we were ready to meet, he had to go to Malaysia for a contract job as an engineer. When he was ready to come home he needed money to pay his taxes as his salary transfer was already in progress. He sent me a copy of his wire transfer showing his salary of 750K. His wire transfer kept getting held up due to many certificates he needed to pay. He is very convincing and wanted a relationship with him when he returned. Please don’t fall for this. I have more information if you need it.


  25. He also contacted me on and has been reeling me in for two weeks.
    All that sweet talk and charm can really make some people believe him. Me and my friends started trying to find his name (Richard Andre Gallant) in the town he said he lived in but could never find it. We also googled Cornell University Alumni and the name did not come up. He said he attended there. Then he gave the story about having to go to South Africa for a project and his daughter lost the carry on bag with all his devices in it. I was waiting for him to ask for money but he hasn’t gotten around to that yet.
    I have let him know that I am on to him but wanted to post it on here.


  26. I begin to speak with a Mark Axel.
    Use pictures of Mark Gervais and daughter. Daughter is Abigail. Say he is from Manschester but working in Glasgow. He is doing underground cabling. He said he is originally from Germany. Few weeks ago he said his mother pass away. He said he has a contract in South Africa. Promise every time he would come, but then something happen. I was also a fool to believe him. Lost a lot of money. Be careful.

  27. I was scammed on POF dating site by someone using this mans photos.
    He used the name Mark George. He told me his daughters name was Jennifer George. I was told that he was going to be 59 on Sept 30. He told me that he was stationed in Syria on a peacekeeping mission for the UN. He was a mechanical engineer in the army commissioned by the UN. After many romantic conversations he asked for me to buy him a $100.00 iTunes card so that he could update the firewall on his computer. That is when the flag went up so I reverse searched the photos he had on the dating site. (I should add that he removed the profile the next day after we started talking off site.) He told me god sent him a beautiful woman! I was fortunate that I did not spend any money- and only spoke with him by text for 5 days. He had all the answers for every question.
    Very hurt and amazed at the Jerks in this world. But I still think this man Mark Gervais is very handsome!!


    1. I found out yesterday that I,too, am a victim of this vicious imposter. He contacted me via Instagram as George William, age 54, of Chicago Illinois. He said he was working for the US Military government (!?) in Syria as an orthopaedic surgeon. He claimed to be a single father of Eva 14, who was going to a boarding school back home. He told he was a widow and that his parents had died in a car accident.
      As soon as I checked on his ig account (williamgeorge477) it troubled me that the posts seemed to locate in Chicago, were quite recent, although he said he had been in Syria for more than a year already.
      Another thing that I wondered was how he was posing with her mom in one photo, taken with a smartphone, although he had lost his parents 11 years ago… And many more strange things occurred, for which I claimed an explanation and he was insulted by my suspicion.
      I wanted to believe he was real because he was so smooth with his way of texting to me. In a matter of only two days he started calling me dear or darling and told me I was a charming woman. He also asked me if I was willing to come to live with him when he’d be back in Chicago. In less than two days he asks a question like that!
      He sure had chosen a very handsome man to imposter. I’m sorry for Mr Marc Gervais for having to put up with this kind of ruthless scamming.

  28. One week ago I got to know “Brian Parks” alias Marc Gervais from our German Platform called “lablue”and although I met already two men and they were real, I payed attention with “Brian Parks “at the phone….
    He always told me how beautiful I would be and that I should become his wife-after one week lol! He sent me about five pics…alone and with his 12years old daughter called Allen and his mum from Sweden. He would be a business man working in the construction area and would travel a lot….
    But in a way… I felt this voice didn’t fit to this man! He had a kind of an irish or Scottish accent and he was getting me on my nerves telling me always he would love me…
    Today i found out, he is a scammer and i thought so cause I once had an experience with one from England! The next call will not shock him but it will ahow that we women cooperate and fight against those bloody damned men/or women who are playing with our feelings.
    Sue from Germany

  29. This guy met me on facebook. He used Marc Gervais photos.
    His name was Jose Martinez Ricardo with a daughter named Kathie, 9 yrs. old. We had been talking for almost 6 months. I had some red flags but i tried to believe that he is telling the truth. Even when my friend said she found these photos on the intnernet as stolen photos but i chose to believe him. He was originally from Austin , Texas and after a month that we had been communicating he went to Belgium for a project. He was able to get some amount from me because of what had happened to him until such time that it seems like already impossible and had my 2nd bank account closed because of him depositing a fraud check. I just hoped i used my brains not my heart but it was too late.


  30. The man named himself Matthew or Matthieu Spencer, originally from Marseille / France.
    He wrote me about Instagram three weeks ago. Thanks to the pictures of Marc Gervais and the impassive spelling of the cheater, my little heart was already higher. After 2 weeks of intensive chattens he had his big deal. 3 days later he fly to Nigeria. We talked great.
    He wanted to visit us Christmas and we took him and Lisa next year in the summer. Everything sounded so perfect. In Nigeria, he announced his credit card there would not work. to buy building material he would need an account there. The opening would cost 1000 dollars, which he does not have now. He asked me! I thought briefly and then, thank God, decided against it. I asked him to send me a photograph of himself in his hand holding a note with my name. The photomontage was made so cheap, which one immediately saw it.
    Then I realized immediately that I would have fallen on a cheater. I immediately blocked him everywhere and went to war with the police. Unfortunately they have no interest in my story. Too bad, because something has to be stopped!


    1. I cant believe that authorities have not caught these criminals yet! It’s awful. Posted my story on here too. It happened to my mom.


  31. Soy otra víctima pero por Instagram. Dice llamar Garnieth Bonnnet. Parecido un francés y español medio mezclado y traducido por Google. Te escribe cosas románticas de copia y pega, letras de canciones, poco original. Se indigna por tu poca confianza. A mi me dijo iba a Marruecos por una flota de autos. Y lo golpean. Esta en hospital y pide ayuda. Pero ojo, no le robaron el móvil. Su hija sola y no lo quieren atender. Tiene el valor de pedir dinero 2500€, y depositar a nombre de KoneDrissa. Le voy siguiendo el juego, hasta que al final me amenaza. Me preocupa veo lo ingenua de la gente y que aún creemos. Debe haber forma, de advertir. Debe ser un grupo con 30 teléfonos y cuentas falsas. Los teléfonos eran de Francia y Costa de Marfil.


  32. Observo que tengo 2 fotos que no están registradas, las publicó para que las suban. Me preocupa la estafa amorosa y como queda esa gente y la económica junto la extorsión. Creo aún queda gente buena y esto es una estafa emocional. Hay que hacer campaña. Luego que nos amenacen, o usen nuestras fotos para estafar a otros. Gracias.


  33. He let go of flirting, saying he would visit me.
    When I discovered this was a scam, I warned and he sent me this photo. But it is false because the face does not fit the body. I sent him the facebook link of Marc Garvais and Now he deleted facebook.


    1. I too was scammed by this guy. Although he went by Martin Andy Savaldor. Said his daughters name was Angela and that she stayed with her aunt while he worked on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. We have been talking for about 7 months. He got $2400 and I was so stupid.

  34. Hi,
    i’ve been talking to this marc from april bullshitting me since day 1. got r60 000 zar out of me. He calls himself heinrich laurenz. came to SA in july if i remember correcly stayed for 3months to work did not belief him he never want to tell me where in ct he stays or give me any info. he calls his daughter Abi and he says he stay in glasgow and she stay with his mother in manchester. He is so fake!!!!!!!!!

  35. Auch ich habe mit diesem Betrüger Kontakt seit 3 Wochen,aber es kam mir sehr seltsam vor ,weil er Deutsch sprach und angeblich in Hamburg wohnt und er sei Selbstständig ,seine Tochter 19 Jahre sei und in USA zur Schule ging seine Frau starb an Krebs ,er sprach sehr gebildet und hat mich jeden Tag auf Whatsap angerufen und auch über meine Mail Adresse geschrieben,ich habe vorweislich eine Mail Adresse gegeben die nie benutzt wurde .Ich wurde Misstrauisch ,als er sagte er fliege nach Hamburg zu einer Konferenz ,da gingen bei mir die Alarmglocken an,denn er würde garantiert nach Geld fragen.Ich hatte ihn auf Facebook kennen gelernt aber nicht angenommen ,rein Instinktiv,nur über Messender .


  36. This man contacted me 2 months ago claiming to be a widow with an 11 year old called Emily.
    He was very charming and said he was falling love with me. This felt uncomfortable the last i heard from him was his dad was ill in Mali Africa and he had to go and see him. My daughter found out he was a hoaxer. I immediatley blocked him off messenger and facebook.
    He always used messenger and his facebook had no friends or photos. I also found a second profile on facebook the both had different contact e mail addresses. When asked about this he told me he didn’t use the other account. He is using photos of a man called Marc Gervais from Canada. Beware ladies.


  37. He contact me about Facebook under the name Frank J Ogala Breidenbach (photos from Marc Gervais)
    His daugther Vanessa is 8 years old – he lost his wife at an accident and his parents in a plane crash. At a time he wants money. He do not be afraid of blackmail.


  38. He contact me under the name “Martins Lawal” a widow , lives in liverpool.
    Please, be carful! I didn’t take the friend request. After I wrote him a unique letter in facebook, I was blocked. his profile is probably gone.

  39. This man contacted me.
    Claimed his name was Gary James. He is definitely a smooth operator. Pushed all my buttons. My faith in God is very important to me and at his suggestion we prayed together nightly. Looking back, this makes me so angry that he used my faith against me. Anyways, we texted, called, and emailed for about 1 month. He was a “civil engineer” who was doing one last contract to retire. He supposedly got the contract, was going to fly to Atlanta, then fly to me in NC so that we could me in person. That is when it all came to a head.
    His 12 yr old daughter was supposedly sick and he needed $3500. I then played my own game, and went along with it. He sent me the info to wire the money, to which I gave to a friend whose hubby is an SBI agent. He did not get money from me, but he did play my emotions.


  40. I was contacted by a man calling himself Harrison Stankiewicz on Facebook about 3 days ago.
    He immediately moved the conversation to private texting and said he was in South Africa on a contract for 18 months and has an eight year old daughter looked after by his mom while he is away. Also said he was widowed. After chatting to him for the first day I felt very uneasy, my gut just said no. So I began searching and now everything is confirmed. I’ve reported the profile and blocked him on WhatsApp. Whoever this is needs to be stopped!

  41. This is one of the photos he sent me using Marc Gervais’s photo. Told me his daughter’s name is Harley.


  42. someone using this man picture on lds pals with the name of travis9, says he’s a widower with a child living in texas. Be carefull…..he can play your emotions so tender.


    1. I know him as Gregory walker with his daughter lucy. I have been whatsapping for 2 months now and he need money urgently. he had a car accident in which his daughter lucy was killed.
      who is the man in the photo,s? and does he knows that they are used for this kind of things?

      1. This guy is still at it….using the name John Hunter and contacts on WWF. Loves me! Sure. So thankful I caught it when I did.

        1. Since January this year. 2019 through June went by Peter Scott. Now has since contacted me a Marcus Gervais. Piece of work. Parents died several years ago and had an evil brother who tried to kill him over inheritance. Oh and his wife died with no children. Currently in Syria.

  43. I have met him on the datingsite on the 11 th of December 2017. He was very charming.
    And he told me that he is an engineer in roadconstructions. But he had to leave from is finished job in Holland to travel to New York, because of his daughter Alexandra (14 years) and after that he would go to South Korea for a job and would take his daughter with him. After a while he told me about a family treasure that need to be transported from England and since he had no one, cause he is a widow, he asked me to help him and I was so stupid to help him
    I now know he is a scammer and how can I get my money back, cause I still have contact with him, but he does not know that I am on to him.
    His email address he uses is what is the best way to catch him in the act. Can some one help me?


  44. I know this man using Marc Gervais’ images to be James DS Rowland.
    Email also claiming to be a widow with a daughter called Ciera. A hydrogeologist recently moved to Cape Town. He didnt get anything from me thank goodness.
    Beware this scamster is very complimentary and plays on your emotions with flattery.


  45. Hi. I’m from South Africa and my mother was scammed by this person or persons! He also goes by the name Wilson Cosby McCarthy.

    My mother has been a widow for over 10 years and I decided to create an online dating profile for her, hoping that she could find a companion as the conventional way of meeting people had proved disappointing.

    Her story sounds identical to everybody else’s on here! The guy claims to be a single dad, an engineer, is constantly on business trips and had asked her several times to help him with his bills! Additionally, he claimed that his daughter had undergone a heart operation in the UK, that once she had healed and recovered, he would arrange to visit her in South Africa where he would then buy them property to live in as he wanted to marry her.

    I’m glad that my mother never sent him any money though there were times when she almost did! I’m just sad that I’m the one who got her mixed up in this mess! I had no idea it would turn out this way!


    1. This same man played with me as well.
      I became suspicious when dates, times and ages were not adding up. He was so smooth. I played along, but when he proposed after only 5 days, I knew not to trust his photo. I uploaded it to Google Images, and found this website today. This is the same picture that I uploaded by a man named Damian Ryan, from Dublin Ireland. He was widowed when his daughter was 2, and for 8 years, yet his daughter will be 8 in November. His explanation over poor math did not set well with me, and he couldn’t keep his facts straight. I even accused him of being an identity thief, which basically he is….just not mine. And I actually thought he was a cute man, sincere and genuine. HAH!

  46. Got to him on instagram as Peter Hofmann with his daughter Daniela, 14.
    Had a few really good weeks with him, perfect in words, polite, well educated…said he has his own gallery. Then traveled to Turkey where he didn’t get out because of the customs amount and asked me for money, but I didn’t give him any. Was then annoyed and said I wouldn’t trust him – absolutely right.
    Feel sorry for the real Mr. Gervais who seems to be a happy and friendly man that he is used this way.

  47. He has been contacting me on Only for a few days now. He said his full name is Richard Andre Gallant. A woman on tagged me and said her cousin was very interested in me and asked if I would email him. Something seemed off from the first email. He said his mother was English and his father was German. He is a civil engineer in Atlanta. He tried to get my full name. He started asking me things such as what city I live in, how often do I work, what is my full name, what type of car do I drive. This guy is a professional scammer.

  48. Hi!

    As you can see in the picture they continue use this man. I’m a greek woman and I receive an invitation from him for interchange languages. Immediately, I understand that something isn’t going well because he couldn’t write very well english. I search on internet and I found that this man has diferent name and surname.


  49. I was also deceived by this same guy, who used the name of Eugene Wilson.
    Our conversation started a month ago by the Tinder application and then by whatsapp. The story is the same as all of you. He is a widower, has a daughter called “Sandy” of 11 years, his mother is Anna Wilson and his grandfather is Luciana. He said his mother and grandmother were Brazilian. He calls himself an oil engineer, has profile on facebook like Eugene Wilson. He says he has his own office, and on facebook, he appears to be working at the Institute of Drilling and Petroleum Engineering in Nigeria. The interesting thing is that the phone he used to communicate is also from Nigeria (+234 814 615 0425).
    He called himself an American, but when he sent me audios his English had a different accent. Then he sent me a video, where he spoke French. But all the photos and videos are from the then Marc Gervais, who claims to be the author of books, but who did not find any criticism or comment about this author. Well, here in Brazil, he said he had a friend, who made it easy for him to get to him. His name is RAZAK NURUDEEN MUSTAPHA. This person owns a bank account at a bank here in Brazil. Denounce to the Federal Police, the FBI, the anti-money laundering bodies of the national financial system.
    Let’s put him and cronies in jail!


  50. I was contacted by this man on dating site. He was using the name of Jacob Silvia. Also a widow, but told me his daughter was 23 & he was supposedly from Brazil. Pretty much the same story, flew to Malaysia for work, he was supposedly an Electrical Engineer. Then needed money to get paid, which of course makes no sense! I am still being contacted by a Dr. Kamal Morris, who is supposed to be his project manager. Oh & now Jacob is in the hospital, right!!!!


  51. Me contacto igualmente, haciéndose llamar Giovanni Patrick (Instragram), and Lorand Patrick (Facebook), dijo ser ingeniero y trabajar en una plataforma petrolera. Divorciado y que se ex-esposa fallecio despues. Con una hija de 11 años de nombre Jasmine, y que viven en Texas.


  52. Auch mich hat er im Januar 2018 auf Facebook kontaktiert. Damals hieß er Avid Becker. Er käme aus Liverpool, verwitwet, Tochter 11 Jahre alt. Spricht mehrere Sprachen. Ist im Telekommunikationsbereich tätig und wollte auch schnell Geld. Ich habe von Ihm eine Handy-Nummer mit einer englischen Nummer. Das Konto Avid Becker gibt es nicht mehr. Jetzt findet man ihn unter Thomas Becker (2mal), Ich habe Facebook schon informiert, aber leider bisher ohne Erfolg.

  53. I made the mistake of talking to this person.
    He claimed to be Jason Kevin ‭+1 (504) 684-2855‬ that’s the phone number he used. I just talked to this person last night. I have stage 3a Uterine Cancer endometriod adenocarcinoma grade 2. I don’t need this. He claimed to be working in New Orleans on the oil and gas platform. He said he was from Germany he lost his parents when he was 10 from a car wreck. His wife died in a car wreck 4 years ago. His daughter was named Kate who was 13.
    I bought into his lies. Mr. Marc is handsome no wonder why us ladies fell for those romantic text. I still had my doubts. I’m so grateful for loving friends who watch out for me.


  54. Hier offenbar der Neueste. Als ‘Santos Yarbrough’ aus Albany, Kalifornien. Ich wurde misstrauisch als er eine Winterjacke im Juli in Kalifornien auf einem Foto getragen haben will.


  55. I was chat up by a man who called himself roland macchathy, complete with good fake us passport. Nr 100003107, says he has yacht repair shop in houston. Uses houston phonenumber 17139009477 and businessnumber 18326390877. Needed to travel to turkey suddenly, loaned money from strangers in Turkey in Exchange for his passport. Has to buy it back of course and Guess what…..
    Says he is divorced and his daughter lives in Phoenix with her grandmother. Speaks with african accent, writing in english is not very good. I also got the photos of who i now know is Marc Gervais. Looking at all the Posts this man is very busy with his nasty scams.

  56. Same story, this time his name is roland macchathy from Houston, daughter living with grandma in Phoenix. Suddenly has to go abroad for a project etc etc. All photos used are of marc gervais. Uses houston phonenumbers and fake passport.

  57. Beware, this scammer is using MARC GERVAIS photo in LINKEDIN as MICHAEL OORIE, as an Environmental Chemical Engineer. He requested connection, subsequently suggested communicate via email. I was suspicious but I just wanted to confirm my suspicions. The first email he wrote indicated that he is attached to an oil rig in Malaysia. that he is a widower with a daughter staying with the grandmother in the USA.
    Most scammers will usually claimed that they are either widowers/divorcees with a child. He also forwarded a few photos, two of which showed a young girl. I double confirmed by searching the website and noted the photos belong to MARC GERVAIS. I immediately reported it to LINKEDIN and block him from email.

  58. He is now using the name james benjamin rosa I’ve been talking to him the last few weeks .Not been scammed by him but I just had a gut feeling it didn’t add up

  59. I’ve been talking to this guy for a few weeks
    He added me on Instagram not asked for any money yet.going by the name of James benjamin21.

  60. Hello! Én Katrina vagyok. Ez az alak engem is be akart palizni, nagyon vigyázni kell. Nekem azt mondta, hogy a lánya Gabby, 15 éves, és a felesége megcsalta, s utána meghalt, egyedül élnek.
    De első perctől nagyom gyanús volt, szerelmet vallott, stb, soha nem láttam, mert nem beszélt velem a videón. Vigyázzatok lányok!!!

  61. He has been contacting me under the name of Lambert Blake. Says he works in a military base in Serbia and is a medic. He said that his wife left him and his daughter is in military school. He has not asked for any money or has not asked for anything but was in the wooing stages of building a friendship.


  62. A man approached me on Instagram and said he would like to get to know me better.
    He claims his name is Lambert Blake but upon further inspection I saw that he was using MARC GERVAIS’s photo. He did not ask for money but was trying to build a friendship with me. He is very smart and charming, but the way the words are used it sounds like someone from Nigeria or possibly Russia. Please be careful of all friend request no matter if it’s male or female. These people are very skilled at trying to worm into your psyche!


  63. I was not scammed but Marc Gervais photo has showed up on my facebook as a friend. Handsome man so I friended him as Mark Whaley from England. He then used a different photo of Marc and friended me as Christopher Banwin from New Jersey then again as Williams Robert.
    He did try to get me to send him phone cards but I called him out on it. Same story wife died , raising daughter Anna. This man using Marcs photos is from Surat,Gujarat. Phone calls were coming from New York.

  64. He now has new profile David Direek
    I got this address out of him he is “waiting” for me to send him a package I told him some story after he tried to send me a package from UK and wanted me to pay R4800 to collect package told him I need invoice first which ofo course I didn’t get then I told him I want to send him something I need an address to see what haopen luckily I saw through him
    Name:- M. John Address:- Shop 29 Lambton Court Cnr. Webber and Beacon Rds, Lambton, Germiston, 1401. +27671701101, honey send it to this address


  65. These scammers also used Marc Gervais pictures going by the name Robert Scott.
    Contact me through POF Same story he was lonely and his wife died in a car crash. Have a 10 yrs old daughter name Jordan that he raised and want to get Mary and Jordan and him needs me in theirs lives. Bunch of lies I can sense something is weird when the weekend he supposed to fly here to meet me was when his proposed contracts ask him to leave to South Africa and it’s a 12 million contracts.
    He needs to get bank loan on his home. And a lot more love promises. I told him I do not believed any of what he told me. That’s when he stop emails and text and calls . Thank God I figured it out and not loose any money. I hope somehow these crooks will be caught and behinds bars for doing this to women.
    I feels sorry for the Marc Gervais he is also a victim In many of these scams.


  66. Sigue en el mismo estilo sólo que ahora captura por el Facebook, cuenta que su madre está enferma..
    Y está con su hija y está viudo, y quiere enamorar a mujeres a mi me llego hasta el hospital no dejé que me pudiera dinero.. En serio no se puede hacer nada?? Se hace llamar William koffi o William laurel Dimitri koffi. Sigue utilizando el francés y el. Pésimo inglés y está aprendiendo español. Ahora busca españolas ojo!!


  67. Stefan lambeth instagram oszust z nigeri podszywajacy sie pod marc gervais .chce odemnie 1000 euro i mnie zastrasza .pisze z roznych kont swoich przydupasow tel.+33 7 56875501 m.innymi


  68. He contacted me on Instagram , send a few messages , and asked very quick , if we could go on with the chat on Whatsapp . I agreed , so he sent a lot of messages via Whatsapp and called even every day , was sending fotos and lovesongs .
    His profile name on Instagram was Harry Winward , his story: he is divorced since 3 years and living with his 78 years old mother an his 9 years old daughter Tracy in Southhampton / UK , working as a car dealer . We were just sending messages , he never asked for money , but we just were writing 4 days. After that I was very sceptic , because he started to talk about love , deep feelings …..because of that , I start to find something on web about him , could not find anything .Everything seems more suspectly to me , and I was reading first time about scamming . After that , I checked the fotos he sent me , 6 fotos , and I found this here !! unbelievable! Nothing happend to me , I blocked him . This should just be a warning to other women , be careful!!

  69. Deze man heeft contact met mij opgenomen als Tom Jones werk bij een olie maatschappij in Schotland
    Is weduwnaar met een dochter sari en zoals bij ieder ander zegt hij dat hij verlieft op mij is en naar mij toekomt ik heb hem foto gestuurd van de echte Marc gevais en gevraagd hoe dit kan maar hij blijft volhouden dat dat allemaal leugens zijn dus oppassen voor deze man

  70. Tried to befriend me on fb asOwen Zachary, Dallas TX. Photo is of Marc Gervais, Jesuit priest who died in 2012.


  71. Meni se predstavio kao WILT SCOFFNIS, radi kao doktor preko UN u Siriji. Posle odredjenog vremena htio je doci da se upznamo , da dodje u moju zemlju. Dao mi je podatke , mail Un i dalje kontakte da mu posaljem 2500 dolara da bi bu dozvolili odmor.Sve mi je bilo jasno i rekla sam da sam plati….Na internetu sam vidjela ista fotofrafija Marc i on…..prevarant..
    kazala sam da cu ga blokirati….poceo je da preti….nisam se brinula…blokirala sa ga.Povukao se je sa G+
    treba zene upozoriti…necu da se trosim na prevaranta

  72. Lubica
    Dear, I was clear from the first moment … you are a deceiver and I did not look for a male, a man
    I was playing with you …..
    I’m not stupid

  73. I have been communicating with this person on Instagram. He is going by the name of George Watson. He claims he is an orthopaedic surgeon with the government, stationed in Syria or Sweden. His story changes a bit. He is a widower, has no parents, and has a 13 year old daughter in a boarding school in Virginia. He was supposedly born in England.
    He asked me to add him on Hangouts, so we continued to communicate on that app. I have questioned him a number of times when his story seemed sketchy, or he talked about being in love within days of chatting. He is the 13th scammer I’ve had the misfortune of being contacting by, and I don’t think he was very good. We have tried to talk on the phone, but the connection was poor. We also tried a video chat, but of course I couldn’t see him. His accent sounded South African. Yesterday he claimed he was attacked & injured by terrorists. As a result, he is concerned about his government benefits. He asked to have his benefits sent to me. When asked what this would cost me, he told me $3,000.
    I’m not sure why, but he agreed to another video chat. Again, the connection was poor, but I was able to see briefly that he looks like a youngish African man.
    I blocked him on Hangouts, but just went back to unblock him, and our conversations are still there.


  74. I am being scammed by the same guy.His name is GEORGE WATSON and is on Instagram.I have been scammed twice before so now I check out guys I meet on Instagram.We have only been talking about 4 days.I knew he was a fake when he called me and tried to talk to me.He also had his so called daughter email me.I deleted everything.I lost about 1500 dollars on the other guys.BUT NOT ANYMORE.I LEARNED MY LESSON.I CAN’T BELIEVE there are people like this!!! He used the same pictures as above.

  75. I too have been contacted by this so called Mark Robert, he found me on Instagram. He is under mark61666 or markRobert….just in the past week every night txts and asking questions, silly me at first was the nice person I am…confiding and talkative…arghhh….and most of the photos on here I was sent and one on a motorbike… luckily my intuition kicked in tonight and told me to just google him and funny enough here I am. I have now deleted all contact and he asked me to download a google chat app. He told me he was in Turkey for work on an oil rig and his daughter in Florida at boarding school. Wife left him blah blah blah now and told me he was looking for love and wanted to get married. Wanted trust and honesty been hurt, told him my story which I wish I hadn’t now, talked about our kids, omg… he makes me sick. Luckily he hadn’t gotten to the stage of asking for money, and I would never have given it……just to good to be true. No man speaks like he does he’s a piece of work….blocked and deleted. If he emails me ill block that too. stay away from him.

  76. Guys i live in Ukrane, and someone named James Marcus contacted me using the image of this man, he wanted to buy the camera i was selling on ukrainian site olx (maybe europeans know this site, but it’s irrelavent), so the number was nigerian, but the man said he was in Vietnam and he wants to buy this camera (Canon 600D) as a present to his cousin who lives in Nigeria, and gave me his adress and full name, so i could send it through post, he sand me fake letter from a bank, which is obviously fake, and i want to contact syber police as i think i found real person on facebook using that info he gave me


  77. OMG I met a man on my instregram account over the last week or so with the same pictures of Mr Marc Gervais, giving me the ” your beautiful ” and would you help look after my 14 year old daughter who he says is in a boarding school in new York ( I’m from the UK) as he works as a surgeon working away in Yemen saying he’s with the UN for 27 years he has told me his wife died, we talked alot about things which started of like I had found the man of me dreams. He told me he loved me and ask me to marry him ( which stupidly I said yes) lucky I started to realise something wasn’t right about him, he was asking me if I could send money so “our” daughter could eat ( which to me is strange as he’s a ” surgeon “they Do make a lot of money I’m guessing? And the fact I’m sure boarding schools don’t let children starve. He said he couldn’t use his bank account in Yemen. I was lucky though as I’ve googled ( thank God for Google) the pictures he sent me ( we did start talking on hangouts mostly) and found out it was a fake account. I feel so sorry for the man he’s using his photos of, I was starting to really fall for this” man” I’m so glad I found this website, I’m so glad I didn’t send money, and I nearly forgot to say he wanted me to send him either $100 or $200 he wanted me to buy a amazon gift card so he could get a app so he could get out of his contact in Yemen so we could be together ( he was alway saying he loves me which I have to say pulled at my heart) these vile discusting people need to be locked up or something, I’m sorry for all the woman this peice of S_-# has conned out of money and feelings. I hope all the lady’s he’s hurt are ok and found the ” REAL man ” of their dreams please be careful out there. I’ll never look for a man online ever again, I just glad I did a bit of digging before things got worse for me

  78. This guy by the name of Maxi Wales approached me on twitter and started talking like he was my best friend. We talked for over three weeks twice a day like clockwork, After the third day he was telling me that he is falling for me/ As flattered as I was I felt the same way. He knew exactly what to say which after three weeks I had already fell in love with him. I sent him 2 steam cards. He said he had a daughter names Robin and that he lost his wife in a car accident. She asked me if she could call me mom.She called me twice a day. He wanted to marry me and make us a family. Said he was Kentucky. I found out he was a scammer told him how I felt. He still texts me and calls me. The phone number is from Canada. He used Marc Gervais photos, He broke my heard


  79. Whoever is behind this profile contacted me with the story that he was a drilling engineer, working on a contract in Turkey, and would be home in a month. Was born in Romania, has a daughter, and his wife died in a car accident. He came on strong and was very romantic, stating he had strong feelings about me, early on. I was smart enough to not give any personal information except my first name, and even set up a temporary email address that I could quickly shut down if I learned it was a scam. However, I did fall a little bit, because the person did a great job with romancing me. I was enjoying the romance, but still had the thought to google this, and found my story was the same as so many others, and I feel badly for the one that gave money!


  80. ALERT Vincent Copper using Marc Gervais’s photos and also with his daughter whom he called Mary, is an alias used by a scammer who contacted me through LinkedIn who stated that he worked for Turner Constructions. Told me that he was looking for a business partner and came across my name while looking for this fictional woman whom he said was Pauline B Harrison and then later Pauline Wendy. The surname changed. He then asked me to go onto Google Hangout which is how I’ve been conversing since.This scammer, has been chatting with me for over a month. He is very charming and sweet offering up loads of compliments and poses as a caring man. So my experience of his story goes like this. They supposedly lives in Orlando, Florida. Highly questionable possibly Nigerian, as they appear to be the major scammers in Australia. He told me that his wife died of cancer 2 years ago. Oh and I look like her. Another red alert moment. He has no siblings, Dad died 18 years ago and Mum died 8 years ago. Said he was moving to a town near where I lived in a couple of months as his uncle has cancer. Another red alert, although saying he had lived here for several years, when questioned on where his Uncle lived only on the 3rd time did he actually provide a suburb. His fav season in one chat was spring, then in another it was summer. If they sound to good to be true, then they probably are. Trust your instincts. Women please be aware, if you come across this photo or any of the others provided here with his daughter or not, whoever is using it are fake and you’re going to get scammed by these assholes. He hasn’t asked for money yet. Looked up several of the photos used in and came across this site and another that had a photo previously shown here of him (alias Marc Gervais, a legitimate man from Canada), who is being used by scammers, or on a lounge in a suit with a white shirt. Please do not engage with this poor excuse of a human being.


  81. Lo conoci en Instagram como Jean Ma..y tambien en Whatssap Yo le pregunte cual era su nombre y me dijo Antonie Michel Faure Sami..Me dijo que sus padres habian muerto, tiene una hija Angela 13 años me dijo que trabaja en comprar y vender carros y que viajaba mucho que su esposa lo dejo por otro hombre porque ella era muy materialista, y se divorcio de ella..nos seguimos tratando y para los ultimos de Agosto nos hicimos novios, un dia estaba viendo el perfil de una señora y mire los amigos de ella y me encontre el perfil de Sami pero con otro nombre,le dije que porque tenia otro perfil y con otro nombre que si el era un estafador y me dijo que no era el, que esa persona era un estafador y que el si estaba hablando dijo que el se puso el nombre de su papá Marc Gervais porque el era muy famoso y que el tuvo un accidente y mejor se dedico a vender y comprar autos ahorita segun el esta en Costa de Marfil
    Abidjan,Africa ,porque fue por negocios y en cuanto se cumplan las dos semanas que viene siendo el 23 de Sep. el hiba a venir a California para verme en mi casa,que su hija me quiere conocer y que me quiere mucho. Queria que fueramos mis hijos y yo a Francia donde el vive, La verdad no puedo creer todo esto,parecia tan real, hasta ahorita no me a pedido dinero,ni tarjeta de ITunes…Que desepcion, era muy bonito todo para ser verdad…

  82. He used all the photos scam me for approximately one month I caught on fast didn’t send them a dime another alias of his is Christopher Brownlee! He said he lived in Miami Florida had two houses he had a daughter named Jordan! He had to travel to South Africa as he was chosen to do a project upon arrival his daughter lost his laptop his iPhone and a whole bunch of electronics and wanted me to send him money or replace them and he would pay me back!

  83. I am just writing with a Jean Jean and that is Marc Gervais. I talked with him already a few weeks ago and facebook deleted him but he came back today 1. Nov 2019 on messenger and asked me if i forgot him and send me his foto i knew right away who he is as i have a girlfriend and she knew him already and send me before his fotos and who he is
    he didnt ask me for money yet but he loves me and want stay with me till end of our life. He told me he is working in Belgium and working in a coffefirm there.and we are talking on whatsapp. i still will wait and find out what he wants i dont give him money or something else, i got scammed 2 years ago from another man and so i am not stupid

  84. I was contacted by Jackson Morgan from the Plenty of Fish website using these same pictures. He contacted me and asked for outside email because he was in rural Tennessee and POF isnt reliable. I immediately spotted errors in his story versus profile. I just deleted him. He never asked for money and was very polite.

  85. I was approached on POF his name was Eric works on a oil rig in Belgium, wife passed away in a fatal car accident has a 13 year old, he fell in love with me after 4 days of talking that was even before we met we did talk on the phone that’s where he told me he was French but his English was good, we face time and he said it would be a bad signal but what I saw was a picture of the man that looked like it had frozen due to signal and I could hear him clearly, a friend showed me how to check his photo where genuine online because I was getting suspicious and then I saw the scam so I confronted him and I was block, reported it to whats app

  86. As of Jan 2020 he is still at it, using the name Jason Marc Robert, found him on POF actually I have found two scammers there the same day and both using others men’s phone. Neither have asked for money yet. Jason had many read flags for me real quick and only lasted about a week and then I told him to move on. He was from San Diego and his wife died 3 years ago of breast cancer, and he has a 8 year old daughter. These ppl make me sick.

  87. Ich lebe in Deutschland, wurde kürzlich von ihm betrogen und habe ihm noch kein Geld geschickt, die Telefonnummer von Elfenbeinverwaltung (+225 69 46 91 72)


    1. I also ran into these scams. I will not list the names under which they wrote. They act as good psychologists, very well know the weaknesses in the female character. After a month of correspondence, began to tell stories that he allegedly went to Ivory Coast. There he was attacked by bandits and he was taken to the hospital. He needs money for treatment. You can write about this correspondence for a long time. He went missing, then reappeared. This lasts for a year and a half
      N tel. 225 50 17 67 80, 330 650 17 67 80, 225 48 97 11 22, 225 78 45 32 98, +1 605 307 13 94, +44 74 00 289 822, +225 48 92 47 90, +225 78 45 32 98, +225 48 97 11 22, +225 46 75 44 90, +44 798 557 97 49,+44 759 104 09 39, +225 47 15 27 85


      1. hay mas números desde los cuales está intentando estafar como: +33 7 74 91 01 01 ; +33 6 44 68 25 52 ; 33 7 55 99 22 87, cuidado

  88. Betrug auf Instagram, Er wollte Geld, um seinen Vater in Mali zu heilen, aber zum Glück fand ich heraus, dass es Love Scammer war


  89. Alguém com essa foto me mandou mensagem tbm como Jackson Smith dizendo se receberia os presentes que iria me mandar inclusive dinheiro mas que eu teria que depositar 3,000 mil reais pra retirar a caixa com essas mesmas fotos ele e a filha dele estou descobrindo agora nesse momento que não é essa pessoa e sim um golpista se passando por ele.


  90. I get all kinds of scam calls, but today I received a call about lowering my interest rate on credit cards. He tried his best to get my birthdate last 4 of my SS number. He gave me a case # and a warrant #. He said his name was Erick Young his badge # is dc12577. He said I would be arrested for fraud that happened in Texas. I live in NC. This call was unusual because he gave me his info. which I’m sure is fraudulent.

  91. A person calling himself crammed me out of more than 25,000. He said he was Scott Barnes..from Phonix AZ who was a contractor having a job in Atlanta, GA. After about 3 weeks if calling and praying nightly on the phone at his insistence the real scam game started. Because of Covid 19 wasn’t able to pick up up equipment from customs in Atlanta so required a wire to an agent to her personal account of 23,000 to secure equipment from China. He then wasn’t able to get to jobsite as trucking co.shut down…After that he was begging for bitcoin for food purchases which I sent him another 2000 for food sent over course of about 3 months. Calls stopped and I couldn’t contact him.. i went on website again and he apparently forgot what I looked like as messeged me. I reported him to site and his profile was removed. The pictures here..many were sent to me. He was using another name and profile different..

  92. hola quiero contar lo que me ocurrió.
    hace aproximadamente dos meses, me contactó por facebook un perfil falso con el nombre de david popov jeffery, con la fotografía del señor marc gervais, que yo no conocía hasta ese momento. me dijo que era ingeniero petrolero de shell y me ofrecía su amor, me contó que tenía una hija, me enviaba fotos de marc gervais con su hija y yo creí que era verdad, en un principio. hasta que luego de 15 días me comenta que su hija había tenido un accidente y me pedía 1000 dólares. por su puesto no le creí y comencé a buscar hasta que descubrí que la foto era de este prestigioso escritor.
    lo bloquee de hangouts y le envié un mensaje a la página de marc gervais contándole lo sucedido. por su puesto no obtuve respuesta no se si lo vió. y yo no sabía que podía comentar lo ocurrido en este sitio.
    mi duda continuó y pasados dos meses vuelvo a entrar a hangouts y oh sorpresa veo que este individuo que se hacia pasar por marc gervais, continua con su cuenta de hangouts activa. entonces me acerco nuevamente a el le mando mensajes y compruebo que sigue con su engaño y usando fotos de marc gervais. me pide que le compre un teléfono iphone12 y que le mande 5000 dólares. por su puesto me dí cuenta de la doble estafa que intentaba. por eso me alegra saber que puedo comentar este situación lamentable, porque juega con los sentimientos de personas que estan solas y buscan un buen amor.
    aqui subí la foto que me envió hoy. 16/01/2021


  93. aqui envío el archivo cuando me pide que le compre el telefono ifhopne12


  94. I’ve been contacted by this gentleman who said he’s David Jeffrey same face same daughter little girls 12, wife in a car accident he was an orphan brought up in Germany. His mother died and his father died came back to America to Georgia to go to high school and college now he’s on a oil rig in Malaysia I’m coming home in September who wants to be with me. Fell in love me after 2 days Resident in Georgi and Washington DC


  95. I cannot believe that this man is who he is pretending he is a gentleman with his little girl I am sick to my stomach I should have known better I called and wants on it and he denied it all even Skype me but I can see him very clearly and could not hear him told him he had to come up closer to the camera this time I want to see if he’ll do it if not that’s okay I got him


  96. I have been on POF for about a year and a half now. I don’t interact often because every time I do the individual is ends up being a scam artist. I provided my email to this individual at his request because he isn’t on POF often, nor am I. Well much to my surprise this is what I received.

    Thanks for giving me your email. I feel honored
    I just thought you should truly know who I am .Here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be?

    When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending?…No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own. Wife and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime. A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. I live in Miami, Florida. My Daughter is 10 years old.

    I just thought I’d share my background with you to enable you to know me more. I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. I come from a middle-class background, I was born in Florida January 20 1965 My wife died four years ago along with my younger cousin whom I took as my brother Mark and his wife in a motor accident on their way to a friend’s wedding. It was really a year I will never forget in my life. Losing three loved one’s in a day was like the end of the world for me but time has passed and I think I have to move on with life. I am the only child of my parents, My dad is partly from the UK and Germany. I grew up in Italy and Germany. while my Mom is from here….

    My father has worked a variety of jobs, But he ended up in construction before he died when I was 3 years old. I decided to take after my father in construction but in a different style and manner(Architecture/Construction/Building Engineering).

    My mum was working as a medical biller for the government, she bills claims and medical stuff, she died 8 years ago. I spent most time with my mum and was very close to her. When my dad died, we went back to Italy and later relocated back to Germany when i was 15 years old, most times we traveled down to the UK for Holidays. Then I started schooling in the UK so I have a little bit of an accent.

    I have not felt the love of a woman for long time now and i really miss it, to be sincere, am scared but just want to be bold, like i said, am a one man to one woman relationship type and when i love, i love real hard, i listen to my partner and understand a lot.. distance is a thing of the mind that can be countered by good communication. I will keep in touch. I will maintain a very good communication as it is the soul of a good relationship. We can work this out if we put our heads together for it is just a flight ticket away.

    Some day I hope to help people make healthier, more loving decisions with their lives. Perhaps as a kind of counselor. In the meantime, I’m happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference.. I love everything about building and construction, I love to create new things everyday, am into building houses, hospitals, construction of roads, building of structures for companies and underground laying of oil pipes, i hardly get angry because I do believe that energy and time should be put into something good.

    This will be all for now and thanks for reading, hope that you find nothing offensive in what I have written, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hold back to ask and would like to know more about you. I’ll like you to send me a pics please

    Cheers and a big hug from me to you


    Obviously, this is not Marc Gervais the well known lecturer from Canada. I am so over trying to date in today’s society. This has happened to me every time I have attempted to chat or interact with anyone on POF in the past year and a half. Dating today is horrible! So, I hope this may help someone else who is also interacting with this Steve individual who is falsely using Marc Gervais’s photos as himself.

  97. Me quisieron estafar de la misma manera que usaron con las otras mujeres,. En mí caso uso el nombre de David Wapp y su hija de 12 años llamada Sandra diciendo que es un ingeniero en sistema, en una empresa llamada KCA DETAC AGENCY, me pedían que les deposite una suma de dinero con urgencia, me mandaron los datos de la cuenta donde tenía que depositar,

  98. Hi Eva, these fake pictures are still circulating. It got used by someone named Ritchie Fergus, saying he works on the rigs, a widower with a twelve year old daughter, wife and oldest daughter killed in car accident 3 years ago in Austin, Texas. I knew something was up when I started researching and couldn’t find anything in the obituaries. I challenged him and he said that I was doubting him and what was wrong with me. I said you are lying and using another man’s indentity!

  99. Cześć właśnie prowadzę rozmowę z panem o imieniu Paule Jane Manez który twierdzi że jest właśnie Marc Gervais i że ma córkę o imieniu Patrycja mieszka we Francji ale obecnie wyjechał do Afryki w interesach nie powiem jest bardzo miły ale zapaliła się czerwona lampka gdy pierwszy raz poprosił mnie o finansową pomoc oczywiście zaczęłam szukać i znalazłam bardzo dużo profili i zdjęć pana Marc Gervais o różnym imieniu i nazwisku bardzo to jest smutne że ktoś kto ciężko pracuję aby osiągnąć sukces jest okradziony przez oszustów

  100. Cześć fałszywe zdjęcia wciąż krążą niestety nie ma mocnych na te szumowiny mówią że kochają i chcą spędzić całe życie z tobą ale musisz mu pomóc wysyłając pieniądze Mój Kłamca twierdzi że nazywa się Paule Jane Manez ma 10 letnią córkę Patrycję mieszka we Francji ale w tej chwili przebywa w Afryce w mieście Wagadugu i potrzebuję pieniędzy aby się z tego wynieść ostatnio prosił o pieniądze bo nie ma co za co kupić jedzenie biedactwo pozdro wsztkie szumowiny ❤️

  101. August 15. 2022 He was Derrick Anthony just yesterday. Contacted me on Instagram but I found him under the same name on Facebook. He was instantly crazy in love with me and wanted to move the conversation to Google chat. Pop any photo into this link.
    Over 50 photos of MARC appeared instantly, This guy has served time in jail. I blocked him early on. He is big trouble.

  102. A man calling himself Roland Felix contacted me through FaceBook. He said he did contract work on an oil rig in Stockton, CA. He claimed to be from Berlin, Germany, and was a widower with an 11 year old daughter. He said he was an only child and both his parents died when he was 8 and an uncle brought him to America. He said he had been married 16 years, and his wife was killed in a car accident six year ago. He said his daughter, Lisa, was in boarding school in Missouri and he had a nanny who took care of her. We chatted on FaceBook Messenger for a couple of days, then he said because of security reason due to working on an oil rig, he wanted my phone number. I refused to give it to him but gave him my email address. He contacted me on google chat where we have been “talking”. I became suspicious and google searched “his” picture, and it came up as Marc Gervais whose pics are apparently used quite often by scammers. They even use pictures of him with his daughter. Such scum!!!! Luckily, I found this out before we had progressed too far with our chats.

    What a scumbag! If any of this sounds familiar, beware. I only chatted with him a few weeks and have since blocked him on all my social media accounts, gmail, google chat, etc.

  103. Estamos em 2023 e eu estou conversando com Eric Osborn, e é a foto do Marc, revelei a ele que sabia que ele não era quem diria ser mas ele jura que é ELE mesmo, mas eu sei que não é, só este mês foram 5 scammers entraram pelo Facebook, Instagram e Messenger, eu não aceite a amizade deles mas eles agradeciam por te-los aceitado já fiz uma denúncia junto a polícia local mas dizem não poder fazer nada,precisamos ficar atentos

  104. Bende dolandirildim bu kişi tarafından para gönderdim ve hayatım mahvoldu kredileri ödeyemedim hasta oldum çalışamıyorum bile bunun bir yolu olmalı paralarımızı almak için LÜTFEN SESIMI DUYUN HAYATIM BİTTİ

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