Lia19 – Leah

Lia19 is a sexy model whose photos are used to scam men on the internet


Lia19 is a young lady also known as Lia Leah. She stands out for her sexy photos available without too much difficulty on the internet.

Her real name would be Ashely Ryan and she would be born on June 6, 1983. (unverified source)

There are many “soft” photos of this young girl. Soft sexy photos where Lia19 wears light but decent outfits. Half-open blouses, rather short skirts …

But there are also “harder” photos where Lia19 does not hesitate to show herself naked, in lascivious poses.


Some of these photos with other people are even classified in the pornography section!

We don’t know much more about this person. If her age is true, then she is approaching 40 years old. The photos you see on this page must have been taken several years ago.

These photos are an asset for scammers who carry out romance scams. They did not choose to usurp Lia19’s photos by chance.

Just like Raven Riley and Josie Ann Muller, scammers can seduce their victims with soft photos.

Then, as the exchanges progress, the crooks make people believe in an intimate relationship. They can then send hot photos. their contact then think they have seduced the young woman, the latter not hesitating to reveal her privacy to them.


But the reality is quite different. Then a problem arises and demands for money, the unfortunately classic process of romance scams.

If you come across a profile displaying Lia19’s photos, stop everything! It is inevitably an attempt of seduction carried out by a romance scammer who hides behind these photos!

If you decide to continue your discussions anyway, then you will lose you time and possibly your money as well. The person you are in contact with is not the cute girl on the images.

3 thoughts on “Lia19 – Leah”

  1. Yes, I have been scammed by photos of Lia 19. The first name was Belinda Whyte, on Whats App and then the name was changed to Belinda Slim on hangouts, using the same photos. She claimed to be a nurse, used the money she made from making porn movies to get her through college to qualify.

  2. Ik ben al zeer veel geld kwijtgeraakt aan deze vrouw en ze beweert dat ze zal komen naar mij maar ik denk dat ze een grote oplichters is dat aan alle mannen geld proberen te te oplichter ik ke ze nu al 8 jaar toen ze in Afrika was

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