Alizée Marques

Alizée Marques is an Instagrammer whose photos were stolen by scammers

Alizée Marques has an Instagram account with more than 50,000 followers. She broadcasts many photos of her for the pleasure of those who follow her.

Alizée Marques

But scammers hijack her photos for dishonest purposes. They create fake profiles on dating sites pretending to be Alizée Marques. Another technique is to create profiles on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Then they approach men on these sites. Next they seduce them by telling all the men want to hear. Easy given the pretty face of the young instagramer.

Then they try to establish a virtual relationship with their contacts, so that the men become attached. Once the men are hooked, the scammer will sooner or later ask their contacts for money. This is called a romance scam.

One of the best-known techniques is to ask to finance a trip that will allow the so-called young woman to finally join their male contact. But it is impossible for men to make a reservation for train or plane tickets directly. What the pseudo young woman is asking for is money!

The reason is simple. It is not the young woman who asks you for money. They are scammers, specialists in this type of romance scam. The scammers would indeed have nothing to do with a free train ticket. What they want is money that will be used to finance organized mafias, most often located in Africa.

Never send money to people you meet on the internet and you haven’t met in real life. These scams are a scourge that still claims many victims around the world today.

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