Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is a Swedish model and blogger whose photos were spoofed by scammers

Anna Nystrom was born in 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden. She created her first Instagram account in 2013 and quickly became a meteoric success. As of the date we write this page, she has more than 8 million subscribers.

Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom has always had a passion for creating. From an early age, she immersed herself in dressmaking, arts and photography, which led her to study design and fashion.

Unfortunately, a health problem forced her to abandon his design studies and put her dreams on hold. But this led her to take even better care of her body and her mind: She began to study nutrition and training.

Anna Nystrom has become a certified personal trainer. She quickly found a clever way to combine her creative side with this new passion: social networks.

By sharing her journey, she was able to inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which motivated her to keep aiming higher. With consistency, patience and hard work, she has steadily grown her account over the years.

Today, Anna Nystrom has an incredible community with millions of “followers”. She runs two businesses and she works with her social media platforms. In 2018, her dream of creating and designing her own brand came true.

Unfortunately, the scammers were quick to profit indirectly from the beautiful Swedish. They copied Anna Nystrom’s photos and created fake profiles on dating sites or social media. Then they tried to seduce men in need of love.

Their goal was to get money from their contacts on the pretext of some problem. Scammers have to seduce men until they get virtually in love and be ready to help monetarily who they think they see on the picture. Do not start discussion when you see profiles showing Anna Nystrom’s photos.

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