Annika Duckmark

Annika Duckmark is a Swedish presenter whose photos are used by scammers

Annika Duckmark was born on September 17, 1971 in Borås, Sweden. She made a name for herself by winning the Miss Sweden competition in 1996.

Annika Duckmark
Credit: Daniel Åhs Karlsson

She then continues with the election of Miss Universe 1996 where she represents her country. She begins the competition by passing the first selection with flying colors. Annika Duckmark indeed finished 4th in the preliminary competition.

She then finds herself among the first group of 10 semi-finalists. Finally her journey stops at this floor. She finished 10th in this semi-final.

She then steered her career towards television. In 1998, Annika Duckmark presented the film review program “Wide screen” on TV1000.

Swedish Lotto Draw TV Host

But what will go down as her longest stint on television is the Swedish Lotto draw. Annika Duckmark indeed presented this show for 10 years between 2000 and 2010.

Some scammers did not hesitate to use the photos of the beautiful Swedish woman to commit scam attempts. To start, they go on the internet and download pictures of Annika Duckmark. Then, the scammens go to websites that allow them to get in touch with other people. This can be dating sites or social media.

They then ask to get in touch with men and try to seduce them. Remember they do this by impersonating the former Miss Sweden. Charming men doesn’t have to be difficult for them.

Once the men are conquered, the scammers will then slowly but surely start asking them for money. This may be in the form of a request for money to buy food. But it can also be a more complex request by pretending to be an accident that involves significant costs.

In any case, never send money to someone you meet on the internet, at least until you have met them in real life.

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