Marin Burcea

Marin Burcea is a former legionnaire whose identity is usurped by scammers

Marin Burcea
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Marin Burcea left the Foreign Legion in 2018 after spending five years there. But many photos of him were stolen in 2017. Even today, these photos are used to commit scams on the internet without the consent of the former soldier.

Indeed, scammers, specialized in romance scams, used the photos of Marin Burcea to create false profiles on dating sites or social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, hundreds of profiles in his effigy exist.

Many soldiers have seen their photos be used without their knowledge. Most of the time, these were unknown soldiers, but some better known personalities also experienced this sad fate. In particular, Chris Heben and Douglas Malcolm Fraser or Jan a man.

Hundreds of false profiles created with his image

Then the crooks approach women and try to seduce them. The task of scammers is facilitated by the advantageous physique of the legionnaire. The prestige of the uniform also plays in favor of the crooks. The latter will then openly “flirt” their contacts in order to hang them as much as possible.

Once the contact is well established, the scammers go to the second step. They will claim that a drama has happened to them. Being in a military environment, most of the cases, the crooks will claim an injury. Then, they will ask their contact to cover medical costs. The scammers will add that they urgently need this money and that their contact is the only person in the world who can help the legionnaire in distress.

Unfortunately, this whole speech is just an attempted scam. If you come into contact with a person who displays the photos of Martin Burcea, run away! It’s a scam attempt.

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