Massimo L.

Massimo L., also known as “the Italian”, is a person whose photos are very often used by scammers


Some pictures used by scammers come from famous people. But others come from anonymous who have had the misfortune to see their personal photos stolen. This second scenario is the case of Massimo, also known as “Italian”.

This man holds the (sad) record of the most usurped photos on the internet. We ranked it number one of the most stolen photos on the internet to commit romance scams.


In fact, for several years, we have been regularly receiving testimonials from web surfers having been scammed by someone using these photos to seduce them and ask them for money.

Our research has led us to Italy, where this man probably comes from. His real name is probably Massimo. We will say no more so as not to add to the ordeal that he must live to see these photos used fraudulently by scammers for years.

Some of the most usurped photos of the internet


Because if you have been contacted by a person displaying these photos, it is in no way Massimo seducing you. But in reality scammers, mostly based in Africa, Nigeria or similar countries.

The people who cowardly hide behind these photos to commit their scams did not choose this man by chance. A handsome man, brown hair, with a tanned skin, a broad smile and happy look. Our man has everything to please!


Since our ranking in 2015, the scammers have not changed their attacks. There is no week for us without receiving comments from victims of scammers behind the photos of Massimo. The scammers have several photos and even videos of Massimo. They will show them on Skype by making you believe that you are communicating live with the beautiful Italian.

If that’s your case, unfortunately, stop everything. And above all, do not pay a penny when he asks you to help him financially!

2 thoughts on “Massimo L.”

  1. Hi, I’m italian 41 years old woman.
    He added me on facebook 10 days ago; he started soon to talk with me. he told about his tragically life events: about his origin family and his wife and son. A very unforturtanetely man i’ve thought! His facebook profile was created the same day, and the same day he cancelled his profile, but he told me to add on skype. And i‘ve found his name Michel Maurin on skype and I added him.
    We started a loving relationship on skype, confidenc, love , hopes for the future. He had lost his his wife and son six years before. then i wanted to see him on webcam. And we saw at webcam, but its imagine was blocked for bad connection he said. On tuesday he left napoli, where he told me he was living, but he was a franch manager of used car in est africa. He had to have a trip to Costa d’avorio, when he arrived there he asked me to send 300 euro to pay food and hotel, because his credit card were stolen.
    I wanted to believe and stupidaly i sent him 250 euro. But the day after i start seriously to doubt and i’ve tried to find something on internet about costa d’avorio bad marketing, and then I’ve found this article. He said that i was his princess, i’ve also saw him on webcam, even if not well, but i’ve never heard his voice. A real delusion.


  2. I was contacted by the famous Massimo on meetic.
    He called himself John DEREK, a widower living in Sacramento CA. he has 4 Facebook pages under this name. I saw it on skype for 10 days. Each time he had a different outfit.
    I saw so blind. The microphone did not work and we exchanged in writing. I was totally in love even though I was surprised to receive a marriage proposal after only three days. I quickly returned to reality when he left to Nigeria, he asked me $850 because his card was blocked. I did not give any money.

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