Massimiliano had his pictures largely usurped by scammers

Massimiliano Massimiliano is a beautiful forty-something Italian man, with brown and gray hair. Before we discovered his real identity, we called it the “hilarious” man. We gave him that nickname because he is almost all the time laughing on his pictures.

On his pictures, he exudes the joy of life, to the point we could almost feel that they are taken from a model promotional book.

MassimilianoOn these photos, Massimiliano is cycling, reading a newspaper, in a car or in a Jacuzzi for instance. Each time, he is smiling and seems to enjoy life like is there’s no tomorrow.

Scammers have probably understood that Massimiliano’s images were ideal to seduce women looking for love on dating sites. His photos can inspire desire to hurt women, looking for cheerfulness after a separation, divorce or bereavement.

MassimilianoWith pictures of this man, scammers create fake profiles on dating sites. Then they attempt to seduce their victims by posing as the beautiful Italian Massimiliano is. These scammers spend whole days in front of their computer screen to perpetrate romance scams.

However do not confuse Massimiliano and Massimo. Massimo is another Italian man with brown hair. Massimo’s pictures are also well-known on for being spoofed on various occasions by scammers.

MassimilianoThe real Massimiliano is a professor in a university in Italy. It is not easy to get information about his real identity. But he continues to regularly feed his official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

So if you are in contact with a man who displays photos of Massimiliano, please note that there is a lot of chance that this is a fake profile! Our advice would be to stop immediately any contact with this man.

However, if you wish to continue, please do not send money to that man, even in case of emergency, it is a scam ! The man behind these pictures is probably not the real one.

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    Nadine Norris

    July 14, 2016 at 2:33pm

    i have been scammed, i have said in the past, that any women falling for these scheming, lying, no good wasters, deserved it.
    But after being befriended on facebook by a so called “widower with three kids”, two weeks later, after being sucked in all his lies, he is looking for money. No alarm bells went off until i sent him 300 euros (not a fortune i know), but then more lies and things weren’t making sense, looking for more money. A friend of mine checked out his photos, which turned up on the scammers websight. I am too ashamed to oust him on facebook and have everyone i know see what a vain, stupid woman i’ve been.
    I do want revenge, i feel so hurt. I have loads of photos

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    Nadine Norris

    July 30, 2016 at 1:45pm

    I have not only been scammed once, but twice in the last 6 weeks.
    The first time was by a Jean Claude Glerget from the north of France, i left a comment i think it was here about it and he was blocked from my facebook, i was stupid enough to fall for all the lies and the photos he was sending me of him and his twins (which of course were really of Massimilano Titone) and ended up sending him 300 euros.
    He tried to get me back with different names but i recognised the photos and ignored him …… But then, i thought i had found the real guy in the photos (the picture of M.T. blowing a kiss to the camera, i traced him to «Hangouts» and got talking to him and he was very sympathetic and said that he knew of a way to get my money back, but it would mean i would have to send him 100 euros !
    He played me just like the other guy did and i just couldn’t believe that this was going to happen again, so thinking i would get my money back, i sent him the 100 euros. Too late i did some more research and finally found the real Massimiliano, he has nothing to do with this scamming and these scammers are using his profile for their own ends.
    Now this second guy that scammed me goes under the name Charles Edouard Leroy and even though i have blocked him, he is still operating from the «Hangouts» and seems to have hundreds of followers … i know because i decided to check to see if he was still in action. I hope that something can be done about this and he needs to be blocked from this site before anyone else falls for his lies. I have written this in the hope that my identity will not appear on facebook, i couldn’t bear the shame

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    Manuela Schenk

    July 27, 2017 at 9:17pm

    Hallo, leider ging es mir jetzt genauso. Bei mir hieß er Sébastien Giroud und hatte auch Zwillinge. Ich hatte wirklich gehofft, endlich den Mann für´s Leben gefunden zu haben. Er wollte zu mir nach Deutschland kommen, nur musste er vorher in die Elfenbeinküste und hat mir von dort einige Notfälle erzählt, wofür er unbedingt Geld brauchte. Leider habe ich ihm geglaubt und ihm dieses Geld geschickt. Er hat mir zwischendurch einige Fotos von sich und seinen Kindern geschickt, die ich kopiert habe.


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