Danielle Delaunay – Danielle FTV

Danielle Delaunay was born in 1988 in Louisiana and then moved to Arizona as a teenager. Around the age of 18 she started taking pictures for a local website, called FTV.

Danielle Delaunay

She quickly became the star of this site and became known as Danielle FTV.

With success, she freed herself from the FTV site and took the name of Danielle Delaunay in 2013.

The scammers understood that the photos of Danielle Delaunay could serve them in their misdeeds. They use these photos to create fake profiles on dating sites. Then they proceed to romance scams

Then they “hunt” men pretending to be the American actress. They thus hope to seduce their prey by playing on the charms of the young woman. It is indeed easier to entice men with a few naughty photos. And precisely, it is easy to find photos in undress of the American actress.

Once the men are hooked, the scammers will ask them for money. It can start with a small request like paying for a phone plan or paying to fill the fridge.

A great classic is also to ask for money to finance the trip that will allow the so-called young woman to join their male contacts.

These requests are just scam attempts! Never send money to someone who has contacted you online

7 thoughts on “Danielle Delaunay – Danielle FTV”

  1. Actualmente tiene varios perfiles en Facebook Dating, la mayoría de Francia, se hace llamar Edithe Alvar y su teléfono es , 33 7 80 94 19 06

  2. They have been using her photos and passing them on sites as being a nursing student. In Accra Ghana passing her name as Catherine Hull from Miami .
    So her real name is Danielle Dulaunay your saying ..

  3. These were recent photo that were sent to me. They have been photoshopped and redone totally fake jobs

  4. I had 2 people trying to scam me using Danielles stolen pics. They are going by the names of Carolina Boyle. The email address is carolinaboyle846@gmail.com. The other is using the name Danielle Martinez. Email is surfiamartinez10@gmail.com. She also has an Instagram account. Look under @ issalovadann and you will see many stolen pics. I hope this info is helpful. Danielle Delauney is a beautiful lady and I am a fan.

  5. she is every beautiful woman and a real down to earth person. would love to meet her

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