Eduardo Leite

Eduardo Leite is a Brazilian politician. His photos are spoofed to seduce and scam women

At the time of writing these lines, Eduardo Leite is currently the governor of the Brazilian state of “Rio Grande do Sul”. He was elected in 2018 at the age of 33. He thus became the country’s youngest governor.

Eduardo Leite

Prior to this, he was mayor of the town of Pelotas, in the south of “Rio Grande do Sul”. His performance was very well received by the population, but he did not seek a second term.

Eduardo Leite is young, handsome and little known outside of Latin America. The scammers understood that they could easily find many photos of the Brazilian politician. Scammers use them on dating sites to create fake profiles.

Then they approach women and try to seduce them. These scammers are experts in the art of seduction remotely. In general, they flood their contacts with compliments. Sometimes a little too quickly, which arouses suspicion. But it works in a few cases and the women are under the spell.

Finally, the scammers ask their contacts for money on the pretext of a problem. This is when the scam happens. If the women agree to send money, then the scam worked. Obviously and unfortunately for them, their victims will never meet Eduardo Leite in real life.

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