Santo Barracato

Santo Barracato is a Belgian singer, whose photos are regularly misused.

Santo Barracato is a singer of Italian origin, born in Sicily in 1963. The majority of his songs can be classified as love songs.

He was particularly known for his interpretation of “caruso” during the French TV program “sacrée soirée” in 1989.

Santo Barracato

Santo Barracato also distinguished himself in his participation in the third edition of “the voices”. He is also the brother of the singer Frederic François.

Santo Barracato is also a handsome man, a born Italian seducer. Many photos of him are available on the internet.

It did not take more for the scammers. They quickly used the photos of the handsome singer and created fake profiles on dating sites with them.

Then they tried to seduce women. Once conquered, the victims were asked for money to solve an unexpected problem. Often, the scammers promised to pay back their contacts. They played on the heartstrings, asking to trust them.

If the women they contacted agreed to send money, then the scam had worked. The scammers would then disappear with their loot. Another possibility is that the scammers find another reason to ask for money. They would then start begging for money again using the same techniques.

Do not contact us if you find profiles with Santo Barracato’s pictures on them, they are attempts to scam you.

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