Andreas Moravec

Andreas Moravec is an Austrian television presenter with photos being spoofed

Andreas Moravec was born on June 30, 1982 in Vienna, Austria. He is very well known in Austria where he hosts several television programs

Andreas Moravec

He hosted the program “The Great Austria Test – Moravec undercover” and “ATV Sport” on the Austrian television channel ATV.

Together with Volker Piesczek and Kerstin Ruhri, he also presented the early evening magazine ATV Life until 2013.

In the summer of 2011, he took part in the reality documentary “Andi Extreme”. In this show, he had to complete viewer-defined tasks.

Previously, Andreas Moravec also collaborated with the Austrian television channels Puls 4 and MTV (Austria). He also hosts the Kronehit radio station. In 2017, he moved from ATV to ServusTV.

If you meet a person on the internet who displays photos of the handsome Austrian, know that it is an usurpation. The photos of Andreas Moravec have been stolen and scammers use them to create fake profiles.

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