Chris Hassett

Chris Hassett is an American singer and songwriter. His photos are stolen by scammers

The third in a family of five boys, Chris Hassett grew up in an Air Force family and discovered a strong singing voice early on. His music-loving father brought home stacks of records.

chris hassett


A resident of San Diego, California for more than 30 years, Chris Hassett gave his first benefit concert to benefit local AIDS support organizations in 1987. This performance marked the beginning of a series of “Friends and Lovers Concerts” which continued through the mid-1990s. They later featured other well-known local musicians including Peggy Watson and Kay Etheridge.

Chris Hassett is known for his expressive, warm baritone and his ability to bring old standards and folk-rock classics to life. Gradually he introduced his own compositions into his concerts, providing a continuous commentary on his life and on the problems of his community.

Some scammers have understood that the photos of the American singer could be useful to them. They did not hesitate to create profiles displaying the portrait of Chris Hassett. Once the profiles are made, the scammers approach women looking for relationships.

Then they try to seduce their contacts. No doubt the scammers are targeting senior citizens, perhaps widows looking for companionship. Scammers also take advantage of the fact that older people are traditionally less familiar with the internet and its dangers.

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