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Do you have any testimonies to tell us? You are in the right place ! We have a specific form available to you below.

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This form is intended for long testimonies. When we talk about a long story, we mean around twenty lines minimum. If your experience is shorter, we invite you to leave a comment at the bottom of one of the most appropriate pages on the subject that concerns you.

If, on the other hand, you have a complex story that cannot be summarized in a few lines, then use the form below. We will learn about your experience. If it is of particular interest in the fight against internet scams, we will publish it as a full page under the “your story” section.

We will try to be as faithful as possible to your story. This is with the aim of reproducing the text, but also the feelings that you wanted to convey. However, we may make some changes. For example, corrections, deletions or additions if this is beneficial to the story.

Many people have already sent us their stories. Sometimes in a comical tone, sometimes in an unfortunately sadder tone, each story has its own interest.

NB: You will not receive a response using this form